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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Welcome Author, Goldie Luckey -- special guest on Calling All Writers ......

I'm very pleased to welcome special guest author, Goldie Luckey,  of Round Hill, Nova Scotia.  Her short story titled "Burn" is included in her book of short stories, The Adventures of Goldie Maxine


Goldie Maxine woke up to sunshine positively radiating through her sheer white frilly curtains.   She loved her bedroom so much, especially since Mom had bought her beautiful white and black bookcase bed and matching dresser.  Her pink radio, acquired after much begging and groveling, assured that she had the hit parade at her almost teenage fingertips twenty four hours a day.  The exciting news of this morning was the temperature would actually reach seventy five today, a tropical day in Newfoundland.  She had a plan, one which depended solely on how receptive her mother was with it.

Meanwhile downstairs in the kitchen her mother was making toutins and the aroma was wafting up the stairs.  Fried bread dough slathered with plenty of butter, life couldn’t get much better!   Her stomach continued to grumble, a reminder that she hadn’t eaten supper the night before.  Mom had not been impressed with her detailed description of the menu and bed had come rather early, before the streetlights came on actually.

She tossed the bedspread over her semi made bed and rushed to the bathroom to gave herself ‘a cats lick and a promise’, as her grandmother always said.  After the day she envisioned, a bath would most certainly be in order and one a day was more than enough in her opinion.   She didn’t want to have too many baths!    Rummaging in her closet she found her red, white and blue beach bag.  She found a large towel, one of her mothers’ old ones, put on her old blue swim suit and finally headed down for breakfast.

Her mother looked up from her newspaper.  “Goldie Maxine, what are you doing in your swim suit and sunglasses at seven o’clock in the morning?”  


 “I am going out to get a suntan in the middle of the backyard.”  She inwardly cringed as she was well aware that their backyard was not an ideal place to sunbathe. 

“All you’re going to get out there is fly bites and germs, there’s not enough grass to put a tea towel on!”

  Hummm she thought, this is not going well, but on the other hand, she isn’t saying no outright.  Maybe if I don’t say anything else, she’ll reconsider.  I don’t want to seem ‘bumptious’ as my teacher always says.   Concentrating on her cereal bowl she sent positive thoughts to her mother.

After what seemed like hours her mother continuedOk, you can go out in back yard, but stay off that roof like a good girl, that ladder is too high for you to be climbing.”

A little later, her mother lowered her and her heavy beach bag from the bathroom window as the yard didn’t have a door.  One wasn’t necessary really, as the yard was only used for hanging out clothes on a sunny day.  If her father wanted to paint or tar the roof, he walked around to the next street and entered through the gate.  Such a waste of time she thought.  Finding the flattest part of the sloping plot, furthest away from the ditch, she spread out her towel.   She then slathered herself with baby oil laced with iodine, lay back and closed one eye; the other one watched her mothers’ progress until she disappeared downstairs. 

 Finally, sure that the coast was clear, she picked up her towel, baby oil concoction and gargantuan bottle of Kool-Aid, shoved them in her bag and skulked towards the ladder.   Her deadly fear of heights was overshadowed by how she imagined she would turn heads after a few hours spent lying on the hot roof baking in the sun. 



Goldie Maxine’s last memory was of the beautiful cloud that looked exactly like a roaring lion.   Waking up moments later, or so it seemed, she had trouble turning over.   Her body was stuck to the roof with molasses!  No wasn’t molasses,  it was soft tar and it was in her hair, on her swim suit and all over the front of her body including one side of her face.    Now I’m in for it she thought. “No, Mom, I wasn’t on the roof.”  Right!  Maybe I can walk around to the front of the house, sneak in and get a bath before she sees me.  Climbing gingerly down the ladder so that it wouldn’t squeak, across the yard and slowly lifting her short legs over the fence, she plunged to the ground.  After wiping off her knees, she crept down Goodview Street, over Livingstone Street and up Lime Street, hugging the buildings.  Good!  She thought the street is empty of nosey parker neighbors! What a relief! 

The silence was broken by “Oh my goodness!  Look at you!”   It seemed she hadn’t quite made it, her friend Jeannie ‘of the loud voice’ stood with her hands on her hips, mouth open wide enough to swallow a cod, while trying not to break into inappropriate hysterical laughter.  “You’re pitch black on the front side my dear and red as a beet on the back!  Your mother is going to have your guts for garters!

With an academy award worthy devil may care look she wordlessly waltzed away up the gallery stairs.   She then tiptoed down the long hall and yelled downstairs to her mother “You were right Mom it’s filthy out there in that yard.  I’m going to get a bath.”

Locking the bathroom door, she took off her blue and black splattered swim suit and looked in the mirror.  Jeannie is usually master of the exaggeration but not this time, she thought. I look just like a lobster, a tar covered lobster.   After filling the tub she covered herself in Sunlight soap and started scrubbing at the sticky mess. It wasn’t coming off; the strong soap wasn’t even moving it!   Plus, it was now all over the bath and everything else she’d touched.

With her heart beating out of her chest, she wrapped herself in her towel and trudged down the stairs to face the music.  As soon as her mother came into view, Goldie Maxine started to wail “I disobeyed you and went up on the roof Mom, I’m sorry.  It won’t come off even though I scrubbed and scrubbed.  Am I going to grow old still covered with tar?”

“Come here you dirty little thing” her mother said, wiping her tears and giving Goldie Maxine a hug “we’ll get if off.”   She knew full well that removing the tar from sunburned skin would be punishment enough.  Covering her daughters body with Good Luck margarine and then working it through her long curly hair she smiled to herself.  She was remembering another time years ago, when another little girl also had a run in with a similar sticky substance. 

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