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My Books For Your Reading Pleasure
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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Mall Collapse in Elliot Lake .....

It happened this afternoon in Elliot Lake.  I thank God my daughter, who works in the mall, had the day off.  I am also grateful that none of my family members were in the mall at the time of the disaster.  My heart goes out to all those who have been hurt in any way by this terrible event.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Ellen and The Hummingtree ........

Thanks to Susan Ruby K. of the wonderful cover design and all the illustrations which will be found throughout the novel, Ellen and The Hummingtree, have been completed. They are amazing!

And now I work on what I hope will be the final re-write.

Susan and I hope to celebrate Ellen's Elliot Lake launch  in the fall of 2012 in plenty of time for Christmas gift-giving.

To learn more about my third novel, Ellen and The Hummingtree, visit my website.   And while you are there thanks for taking a few minutes to sign my guestbook.

cover design: Susan Ruby K. at

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Sara, a Canadian Saga on

I apologize for the late notice but I've just learned from my publisher that my first novel, Sara, a Canadian Saga is being offered FREE until midnight tonight on

Hope you enjoy the read. :-)

Happy Father's Day!

To all the Dads out there I wish you a Happy Father's Day.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

WynLit 24 monthly short story writing competition

I was pleased to learn today that my entry last month in the WynLit 24 monthly short story writing competition was short listed.  My story was titled The Last Ember.  This writing competition is offered each month by Wynterblue Publishing Canada.

If you also like writing short stories check out Wynterblue's website.

I entered again today with a short story titled No Stone Unturned.   I hope this story will also do well in competition.

I plan to enter the Alice Munro short story writing competition.  Registration info I have posted on this blog.  Perhaps you will want to enter your story too.

And though it seems a long way off, it will soon be time to register for the 3 day novel writing competition.  This is much like the WynLit 73 novel competitions offered annually by Wynterblue Publishing Canada which I have entered three times.  Twice my novellas were short listed.  It is, indeed, a fun challenge.

I like the personal challenge of competition writing.  Creative writing is a joy.

Saturday, June 9, 2012


Registration is now open!

35 Years and Still Notorious

Sign up now for the 35th Annual International 3-Day Novel Contest

Labour Day Weekend, September 1-3, 2012
Registration and Full Details

It began as a dare, became an act of defiance, and today, 35 years after its birth, the 3-Day Novel Contest still reigns as one of the world’s most maddening, compelling and exhilarating challenges for writers.

Register now and commit yourself to this brain-bending creative experience. Whether you’re a first-timer or seasoned 3DNC veteran, you won’t be able to predict where the contest might take you. What you can count on is a literary workout that will push the limits of your imagination and kick the heck out of writer’s block for 72 full hours.

Early-bird registration deadline: August 15 ($50)
Final registration cutoff: August 31 ($55)
Contest date: September 1-3

Take the leap and join us for our 35th anniversary event! Need a reason why? Because it’s there. (Also for the thrill of creative experimentation and for a shot at the top prizes of cash or publication.) Use the links above and to the right for rules, fees, prizes, FAQs, chat links, survival tips and full registration information. We hope you can join us!

SHORT STORY COMPETITION ...... Huron Arts & Heritage Network

Huron Arts and Heritage Network is hosting a Short Story Competition as part of the Alice Munro Writers and Readers Festival in Huron County. Deadline for entries is August 1 and there are two categories … Teen and Adult. Full details at

Many thanks,

Karen Stewart,
Event Programmer - Huron Arts & Heritage Network.


Sunday, June 3, 2012

Tree planting and creation of a Memorial Garden for The Dudley

We spent this rainy Sunday morning planting a Lilac Tree and creating Dudley's Memorial Garden. 

"I needed you and you were there ."
Thank you for sharing the journey, Dudley.
When my time comes I know you will meet me at the Rainbow Bridge.
I love you always and forever.

Remembering HRH The Dudley .... always and forever

Remembering The Dudley

Our little old man passed away Saturday, June 2, 2012 at 4:30 p.m.

Sleep well little one ..  we will meet again.

Feeling at peace and warmed by contentment we sit side by side together on the backyard swing. The fragrance of the lilacs, the graciousness of the robin to serenade us with his song as he balances gracefully on the overhead power wire and the caress of the morning sunlight dancing across the backyard patio combine to make us grateful and blessed in our life together.  

He is adorable as he sits in his bed on the deck.  Every once in a while we reach out to pet him.  He has grown old along with us.  His handsome white face, once a soft brown along with the lumps and bumps that have disfigured his once fit and dapper Jack Russell body give us the realization that our little beloved pet is aging more quickly than ourselves; more rapidly than we truly want to recognize.

A chipmunk scampers across the deck and we are reminded of a time when The Dudley would jump to his feet and race like popping corn to ban the critter from his realm.  Today our little fellow simply raises his head and warily watches with eyes shadowed by cataracts as the chipmunk fearlessly enjoys his short sojourn.

Osteoarthritis took up residence in our little dog’s legs.  Often we ask him, “Are you in pain, little one?”   Of course he cannot speak but lack of the English language does not prevent him from responding.  He perks up ears that are nearing deafness, wags his tail and licks my hand as though to say, “No, I’m feeling fine.  Will you take me for my walk now?” 

And, yes, he still takes great pleasure in his daily walk.  Where he used to walk for hours he is now content with the occasional short walk through the little woods on a trail that has been an integral part of his home for many years.

Today we sit together and enjoy this summer afternoon.  We try to prepare ourselves for the day that we know will arrive when we will sit together alone without our little Dudley.  As he journeys toward seventeen we do all we can to ensure his comfort and happiness.   Yet all that we give to him is as nothing compared to the wealth of knowledge, wisdom, tolerance and unconditional love that he has shared with us.  When he decides, and we pray it will be his decision, that it is time for him to journey to the Rainbow Bridge we will be devastated.

And so we treasure this day.  Feeling at peace and warmed by contentment we sit side by side together on the backyard swing. The fragrance of the lilacs, the graciousness of the robin to serenade us with his song as he balances gracefully on the overhead power wire and the caress of the morning sunlight dancing across the backyard patio combine with little Dudley snores to make us grateful knowing we are blessed in this life we share together.  

Rest in peace, dear Dudley, and dream your doggy dreams.

Thank you for being there for us throughout all the years.. we love you always and forever.