My Books For Your Reading Pleasure

My Books For Your Reading Pleasure
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Sunday, December 8, 2019

TOUCH THE SKY - a short story is now live on Amazon

TOUCH THE SKY - a short story

is now available exclusively on Amazon.

TOUCH THE SKY is one of my many short stories
that dares,
like Daniel,
to stand alone.

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Touch The Sky -- my latest short story release

I'm excited to tell you about my latest short story release.   The title is 'TOUCH THE SKY' and it will be available exclusively on Amazon within 72 hours of this blog posting.

Nothing can be more painful than losing a child.   Melanie is their world.  The lives of Gloria and Marvin become robotic; nothing matters anymore; communication is non-existent; love is hiding in the shadows.

Thirty years later Gloria makes a decision; one that transforms their lives.

I love writing short stories and, for those of you who enjoy reading short stories, I hope this is one you will want to read.  

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Also watch for my newest novel titled The Observer - His Eye is on the Sparrow.  It's coming soon and, like all my publications, will be available exclusively on Amazon.

Thursday, November 21, 2019

MOOSE ROAD, a Canadian Tragedy free in the Kindle Store

This weekend on November 23rd and 24th, one of my novels, MOOSE ROAD - a Canadian Tragedy is free for your reading pleasure in the Kindle Store.

This book is currently #73 in Drama on  But on more than one occasion this story has enjoyed 'Best Seller' rank on Amazon.

It is about a tragedy that impacts the lives of all the residents of Moose Road.  More than that, it is a story about the tragedy that results from the original tragedy.  The story is told by each resident; each person has his own perspective, his own ideas, his own judgments.

Mostly it is a story about very ordinary people and the challenges they face; a story about social issues current in our hurting world.

MOOSE ROAD - a Canadian Tragedy is available exclusively on Amazon in paperback and kindle formats.  The audio book is also available on Amazon, Audibles, and iTunes.

Beautiful cover design is by Susan at

Audio book is narrated by the talented John Carter Aimone

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Sunday, August 18, 2019

Kindle Edition of "No Place to Lay Her Head .. a handful of moments" is live on Amazon

The Kindle edition of  "No Place to Lay Her Head ... a handful of moments" is now live on Amazon.

keywords=Audrey+Austin&qid=1566181525&s=books&sr=1-25    is the link that will take you to my most recent book on

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Paperback edition will be available very soon exclusively on Amazon.

My 20th Book -- No Place To Lay Her Head

Today I submitted for publication my 20th book. Its title is "No Place To Lay Her Head .... a handful of moments".
This story is my journey through the grief of losing the love of my life. I began writing this story in September, 2017, one month after Brian's transition, and I finished today, August 18, 2019; eleven days prior to the second anniversary of his death. The writing of this story is cathartic but it is my deepest hope and desire that, for those of you who have also lost someone very near and dear to you, my writing will be of benefit and comfort to you. For as long as we remember them, they are not far. Life is good and life goes on. 
This book will be available for purchase exclusively on Amazon within a few days. My author's page is
Thank you for your continued encouragement and support.

Remembering my Brian
Malcolm (Brian) Fletcher
December 15, 1933 - August 29, 2019

One of the good guys - the love of my life ♥

Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Book sales and readings

I look forward to this event.  I'll be there with my books and will do a reading from one of them. 

Hope to see you there. :-)

A social evening for book lovers ...

The North Shore Writers' Group is offering an all-day workshop at the curling club on Saturday September 14th.
The Friday evening prior, September 13th, there is a social evening in the lounge at the curling club from 7 pm to 9:30 pm. I will be there, along with other writers to, hopefully, sell some books. I've been invited to do a reading from one of my books. This social evening is free. Mark your calendar. I hope to see you there.
Thanks for supporting local authors.  
For further information contact Luc Rivet or Susan Kerr

Saturday, July 6, 2019

About some of my books ....

My most recent writing adventure includes a short story titled The Man On The Bench; a metaphysical delight. You will aso want to check out DRAMA - a Novel Idea which is a boxed set of my most popular novels: Moose Road - a Canadian Tragedy; Ellen and The Hummingtree; and Sara, a Canadian Saga. While individual novels are available in both paperback & Kindle formats; DRAMA is available in Kindle format only.

Simply BE is a collection of inspirational thoughts, quotations, and sayings, that I hope will offer the reader inspiration and guidance.

Other recent publications in both print and Kindle format include my first book of poems titled "Poetry From A to Z" and a short story anthology titled "The Silent Star Plus a Dozen Selections."

"Dinner At Seven" is, I'm excited to announce, my 15th book but also my very first romance novel.

Also new on the scene is Crabapple Court; a novella. Susie Donnelly is missing. Has she run away? Is it a kidnapping? A murder?

Beyond The Blue is a coming-of-age novella in which a child finds a magical, mystical way to deal with bullying. This novella is also in both Paperback, Kindle, and audio book format.

"When God Gives Us Spring" is a story of love, hate & revenge that takes place pre and during civil war in the U.S. This novella is available in paperback, kindle, and audio book format.

Recompense is a recent novella that explores "older" people in the "new world" of chat room dating. A bit of a farce this one provides some enjoyable reading.

Prior to these publications I was kept busy with the creation, compilation and publication of a trilogy of anthologies containing short stories which Ralkeep the focus on social issues. 

The books are titled SOCIAL STUDIES - Book One - Dying To Be Popular; Book Two - Shattered and Broken; Book Three - Weaving Alice. These 36 stories will make you laugh; make you cry; and certainly make you simply wonder at the human condition as it is experienced by many in our modern contemporary world. 

I'm very excited to announce that "Keeping It Simple", the trinity of meditation, the 7 major chakras and psychospiritual therapy, is now available in both Kindle and Paperback Format on all Amazon sites.  It is my hope that one day I will have learned enough to narrate this book and transform it into an audio book.

Summer of 2019 I am celebrating my 12th Writing Anniversary. 

My first novel, "Sara, a Canadian Saga", is available in paperback and kindle formats but has now been released as my first audio book; written by yours truly; narrated by Falon Echo; and the cover design by Susan RK of This audio book is available on Amazon; Audibles; and ITunes.

I'm thrilled to announce that "When God Gives Us Spring" is my second book to be released as an audio book. This audio book is written by yours truly; narrated by Earl Sewell; and the beautiful cover design is by Susan RK of It is available on Amazon; Audibles; and ITunes.

Earl Sewell has also narrated Beyond the Blue and this coming-of-age novella is added to my list of audio books available through Amazon, Audibles, and ITunes.

Reawakening is also released as an audio book beautifully narrated by Kendra Murray and Ralph Scott.  This cover and all the audio book covers are created by

Moose Road, a Canadian Tragedy is now an audio book, dramatically narrated by John Carter Aimone.  This audio book is also available from Amazon, Audibles, and Itunes.

Ellen and The Hummingtree is currently in the process of being transformed into an audio book narrated by Falon Echo who also narrated Sara, a Canadian Saga.   Ellen and The Hummingtree, currently available exclusively on Amazon in paperback and Kindle formats will soon be available as an audio book and it will be my pleasure to have it added to my collection.

Whether you choose my poetry; or an anthology; one of my novels, a novella, or a short story I hope you enjoy your reading experience.

Thank you to my readers. I much appreciate your encouragement, your support and your positive reviews are very welcome.

You will find my author's page at

Ellen and The Hummingtree free in the Kindle store

To celebrate my 12th creative writing anniversary, I offer Ellen and The Hummingtree free in the Kindle Store for your reading enjoyment Sunday, July 6, 2019.

Ellen and the Hummingtree
Audrey Austin

A strong woman of faith, Ellen sits beneath her Hummingtree and talks to God through the yellow quartz rock.

She gifts us with glimpses of her life and shares the import of her personal relationshipwith family, friends and with God.

She allows us to witness her vulnerability and invites us into her heart where we experience her joys and sorrows.

In a few instances the author has drawn from her life’s experience but, in essence, Ellen is a composite of many beautiful, spiritual women the author has known and loved throughout her journey.

It is hoped you will welcome Ellen into your heart and it is hoped you will enjoy the stories she shares with you in this book; her fictional, magical, mystical memoirs titled Ellen and The Hummingtree.

At the outset of this writing journey we met. I became acquainted with her and now I can say that I truly like Ellen. She has the courage of her convictions And no matter what life threw at her, she never lost faith.

Ellen is a woman I came to know well during the writing of my third novel Ellen and The Hummingtree.    She often puzzled me yet she also had the ability to make me laugh and cry.  I grew to love her.  And the more I came to know her I began to realize that she truly is a composite of the many caring spiritual women I have known throughout my life.  Alzheimer is a dreadful disease and Ellen's victimization is a heartbreak.  My writing of Ellen and The Hummingtree comes straight from the heart.  I hope you will love her as I do.

Some reviews of Ellen and the Hummingtree

A review by Celtic Frog Reviews:
February 20, 2013
Format: Kindle Edition
Ellen and the Hummingtree is the story of Ellen and a rock 
through which she speaks to God. The rock moves with her
 as she lives her life. Ellen doesn't have an easy life, but the 
rock encourages her and gives her courage. Through Ellen
 we meet her family and close friends, and especially the voice
 of God that whispers to her through the chunk of yellow quartz.

Ellen is very human with her share of flaws. The story is as

 much about her learning to accept those flaws in herself 
and others as anything else. She grows substantially by the
 close of the book. There are times when I wanted to give her 
a good talking to, and other times when she shows grace and humility.

Audrey has created a memorable character in Ellen. She is very

 well portrayed and has a wonderful complexity. The story moves
 back and forth in time as Ellen explores her life. The important
 movement isn't chronological but her development of love and
 faith through the rock in her garden.

I enjoyed reading the book and would recommend it for those

 who like strong women characters.

Phyllis Humby:   My books have been gathering dust and creating stress. Yes, 
it stresses me out when everything seems to take precedence
 over reading. Anyway, today I finished a book that I couldn't 
wait to receive in the mail - months ago − 
Ellen and the Hummingtree by Audrey Austin, a writer from Elliott Lake.

I had the good fortune to meet Audrey online and become 

acquainted with her writing. If memory serves correctly,
 I first noticed Audrey's work on, a site that
 has featured my work as well.

Ellen and the Hummingtree is an interesting book about a woman

 of deep faith who has a unique coping mechanism. She speaks to 
God. Now, I know you will argue that many of us speak to God. 
But Ellen believes God lives inside a large yellow quartz rock 
in her backyard. Oh, and of course He speaks to her too. 
There's a little hole in the top of the rock. Never mind, just read the book.

It is a collection of well-written stories that weave back and forth 

through the emotional circumstances of a woman's life. These
 stories delve into her relationships as a daughter, wife, mother, 
grandmother, and friend. Oh, and cousin - I forgot about her 
cousin Marielle.

In my opinion - only my opinion - the theme of this book is fear.

 I know that some of you who are familiar with this book
 may harrumph at that statement but a book is very personal. 
It's interpreted differently by each reader. That's why I love 
talking to my first readers. I'm fascinated by the interpretation
 of my work. Each person sees something different or relates
 with a different character. I digress (as always).

Audrey's character, Ellen, is on her own to raise two children. 

Fear. Her grandson, who has a learning disability, is bullied at school. 
Fear. God lives in a rock in her backyard. That would scare the crap
 out of me. (My attempt at humour - I'm sorry)

Ellen has many fears, as do we all. The fear of growing old and senile,

 the fear of having to give up a home to live in a facility. Then there is
 the ultimate fear. Of growing older and older and older, when all she 
wants is to re-unite with all the loved ones that have passed on. 
You do remember that I said this was strictly my opinion.

Near the end of the book there is a chapter I Need You to Remember Me.

 I remember reading that story, or at least an edited version, some
 time ago. Please tell me, Audrey, that this was a published short story
 at some point. If not, I had an incredible déjà vu moment. I liked the
 story the first time I read it - otherwise I never would have remembered
 it - and it will remain indelible in my mind.

The last chapter Time to Go Home is melancholy and poignant. 

I have witnessed death and thought about life after death. I 
appreciate Audrey Austin's rendering. This chapter was a fitting
 ending to a thought provoking book with a unique approach.

Ellen and the Hummingtree by Audrey Austin; a good read for

 a wintry afternoon.

Saturday, June 29, 2019

Happy Canada Day 2019! ♥

Dear Canada, I love you,
You have been so good to me.

How blessed am I to call my home
this country proud and free.

I'm grateful for the gifts you give
Freedom, hope, and peace. 

I've traveled far, seen many lands
But none so fair as  you.

Dear Canada, I love you,
My homeland strong and true.

Audrey Austin

Friday, June 21, 2019

My twelfth writing anniversary :-)

I sometimes find it difficult to accept that twelve years have passed since I retired from the so-called working world and began to work as a writer.  Yes, this July marks the twelfth anniversary of my writing career.

Of course, I did spend time writing prior to that special day, but I allowed too many road blocks like the need for money and the needs of my family; to take priority in my busy working life.   Everyone knows it is a rare event, indeed, for a writer to support herself through her craft.   And I certainly did know that the odds of an unknown, unpolished writer like myself being discovered were slim.   I knew I would have quite the struggle to find a publisher willing to take the time to get to know me and my writing dreams and goals.

The road I followed was a path I made on my own; something I learned even as a very young child.   If I wanted money, I would create ways to bring some into my world.   Although never the most helpful child around our own home, I would run errands for neighbours; I would baby-sit; and a little money would find its way into my pocket.

If I wanted entertainment I would find ways to make my own fun; ways that did not cost money.

The result, of course, is that, as an adult, if I want something done I have learned that I need only simply begin.  

And that is what happened with my creative writing aspirations when I retired from the working world.    I swallowed my fear and went out on a limb.  I wrote my first book and I titled it "Sara, a Canadian Saga".   

As luck would have it, when I began taking the steps to pay serious attention to my creative writing, the universe cooperated.    My dear friend, Shirley Green, introduced me to Maggie Kirton and Wynterblue Publishing; a company that offered wonderful writing competitions on a regular basis.   I fell in love with Wynterblue's Wynlits and the Confabulations that included my short stories.  Maggie Kirton's support and encouragement were inspirational.

She was the first to read Sara's manuscript.    She hated it!  She found so much wrong with it!  I decided I would just forget about writing.

But that thought didn't stay with me long.

Instead I went to work.  And I re-wrote Sara, and then I wrote it again, and yet again.  As I wrote, the manuscript, strangely enough, did not get longer.  No, indeed, the story became shorter.   Cut!  Cut!  Cut!   

I always knew I talked too much.  I was learning that I write too much.    In time Sara, a Canadian Saga was ready for publication.  Thanks to perseverance, Maggie Kirton, and Wynterblue Publishing, I gave birth to my very first real book.

Twelve years have passed since that day and, being a prolific writer, I have created many novels, novellas, short stories, and poems, not to mention some song lyrics and a couple of plays. 

My writing world is now an integral part of my journey.   Always I am grateful to Maggie Kirton and Wynterblue Publishing.   I'm also grateful to Sara, the little girl whose life created my own and allowed me to be who I am as I celebrate this, my twelfth writing anniversary.

Thank you to all who buy and read my books which are many and which are sold exclusively through Amazon.

And more recently, with the amazing, talented narrators who are willing to take a chance with me and to bring my stories alive in the world of audio books,  I am even more grateful.   Thank you to Earl Sewell; Falon Echo; John Carter Aimone; Kendra Murray, and Ralph Scott.  These creative people picked up my stories that were living in the Paperback and Kindle world and they gave my stories a new home not only in Amazon, but in Itunes, and Audibles.   They awakened all my characters  and gave them a voice that calls out to you and says,
 "Hey, come, take a listen."    To these talented people, I am grateful.

Sara, a Canadian Saga, my very first novel, is available for your reading pleasure exclusively in Amazon in paperback and kindle formats.   Sara is also there waiting to meet you in the audio book world for your listening enjoyment.

All my books are found on Amazon and my author's page is found at

Thank you for buying a book and helping me to celebrate this, my 12th anniversary.  ♥♥♥

Available in Paperback and Kindle
The people on this cover are my family of origin.
I'm the little one.
And the house behind is the house in which I was born
and spent my early childhood days.

Available now as an audio book
on Amazon, Itunes, and Audibles.

Both beautiful covers are designed by SusanRK