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Saturday, January 18, 2020

So I call myself a writer ...

Okay, so I call myself a writer.  Why?  Because a writer writes!  And I love to write!

Consequently, in the past almost thirteen years since retirement, I've written twenty-one books; some novels, novellas, short story anthologies; poetry; and personal growth books.

My publisher used to be the beautiful author and friend; Maggie Kirton of Wynterblue Publishing Company.  She is still my greatest inspiration, and I remain always grateful for the WynLits that were the highlights of many weekends.   They were, to a very large extent, the best motivators on the planet.  

But now, I'm proud to say, I have learned how to self-publish, and I do so exclusively on Amazon.   I love self-publishing.  I truly enjoy being an independent author.  I adore writing, but I've also learned to really appreciate the world that opens to me while editing, formatting, and uploading manuscripts, while praying that readers will like what I've written.   And that they will want to buy another book that bears my name.

In addition to the paperback books, I have also published more than fifty short stories that dare, like Daniel, to stand alone in the Kindle store.

All my books are available exclusively  on Amazon.   And, so far, five of my novels have been transformed by incredibly talented people into audio books for your listening pleasure. These audio books are available on Amazon, Audibles, and Itunes.  These talented narrators include Earl Sewell, Falon Echo; John Carter Aimone; Kendra Murray; and Ralph Scott.

So what do I write about?

My reading tastes are eclectic.   No surprise to me that my writing tastes are also eclectic.  No two books are alike, however there is a common thread running through each of them; a thread that I'm sure most of my readers will identify.  And that is the frailty of humanity; the fears, the joys, the ups and the downs, experienced by the characters who tell their stories.  

I mostly love to write about ordinary people who, sometimes, have extraordinary experiences, but also about those who do not; but who, instead, live the quiet desperation of the everyday human experience and often wonder what on earth will take place next.  Often these characters cry out to the God of their understanding, in words of their own, "I can't take anymore! Will this never stop?" 

Mostly, I write stories that, in one way or another, are social issue related; not surprising since my background is that of a psychospiritual practitioner.   When I write, my focus is primarily on the wonderful characters who, after the first few pages, take me by the hand and say, "No, Audrey, we want to go this way.  Are you coming?"  And I accept their invitations and do my best to keep up with the characters as they tell their stories in their own way.

I'm greatly assisted by my dear mother who passed away many years ago.  She taught me, and is still teaching me, that if I want something done, I must simply begin.

And that is how I write.  I start with an idea ....and I simply begin typing with no idea  how or where the story will unfold and certainly with no idea how it will all end.

My books share some amazing book covers.  The good ones; the beautiful ones, are all designed by SusanRK of Yuneekpix     The others are designed by me with the assistance of Amazon.  

This past November, 2019, I participated in NaNoWriMo.  I succeeded in writing a novel length story.  Since that time I've been very busy editing, more editing, formatting, and doing everything I can think of to prepare this story for publication.  The story is titled  The Observer - His eye is on the Sparrow.  This story is a work of fiction.

I consider myself to be more of a spiritual person as opposed to being a religious one, however many of the characters in my books do share their faith and beliefs or lack therein.  Some characters are searching; some are totally enmeshed; while others display no interest in a higher power at all.  My characters are human with all the good, the bad, and the ugly, that we are each made of.

However, in this, my latest story which will be released soon and for which a launch party will be happening late spring/early summer of 2020 in Elliot Lake, my home town, religion plays a major role.  This is a first for me!

In fact three generations of women, yet two souls, share their stories.  And their stories revolve around their Christian and their Hindu religions and beliefs.  What a pleasure it was for me to meet these three women throughout my NaNo experience.  How kind they were to share their stories with me so that I could, in turn, share them with you.  And, yes, there is a love story being woven throughout the pages as well.

I can't post a picture because there is no cover design yet, but it's coming soon.   

However, below, I will post a photo of the four major locations in which the story unfolds. The locations  are Elliot Lake, Ontario; Bangalore, India; Toronto, Ontario; and Devanahalli, India.

Thank you always for buying one of my books from any Amazon site.  My Amazon author's page is found at

I truly enjoy creative writing.  It's my passion.   I hope you will enjoy reading what I write.

Thanks for watching for the release of my latest "The Observer - His Eye is on the Sparrow"

City of Bangalore, India

City of Elliot Lake, Ontario, Canada

Village of Devanahalli, India (a bazaar)

City of Toronto, Ontario, Canada (CN Tower)

Saturday, January 11, 2020

The Last Drop, a story for young children -- an excerpt

The Last Drop

A story told in rhyming couplets for young children  -- an excerpt

uiet down children,

the rain will soon stop

You can venture outdoors

once we hear the last drop.

Restless, unhappy

The two children yawned

They want to sail

Bobby's boat in the pond.

Suddenly, Alison

thinks of a plan

Bobby is excited

Yes, I'm sure we can.

To his parents he runs.

He is one happy fella.

Can we play outside

if we take an  umbrella?


The Last Drop, a story told in rhyming couplets, with each couplet introducing a new letter of the alphabet, is a fun learning experience for very young readers.

This story about a rainy day is written by yours truly and illustrated by Susan RubyK of 

Thank you for visiting my Amazon Author's Page.    You will find The Last Drop there in both paperback and kindle format.

Your positive reviews on Amazon and on Goodreads are welcome and appreciated.

Watch for the release of my latest novel titled The Observer spring of 2020.

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Simply BE - an excerpt

    an excerpt


Be forgiving

Try to remember


All the time you are

Putting up with someone,



Putting up with you.


Be one with 



And ultimate fulfillment


The inevitable by-products

Of  love.

Give love,

Receive love,

Be love.


Be free

As a leaf on a tree,

Free to feel the caress

Of the wind,

The warmth of the sun,

The privacy

Of the Moon.


About Simply BE

Sometimes we forget that we are born into this world as human beings.

We forget because too much of the time is spent as human do'ers.

We do this; we do that; and then we do some more.

Sometimes we become involved in doing so much we forget who we are.

Simply BE is a reminder to all of us that it is possible to be who we really are.

Simply BE is an excellent aid in meditation or personal growth classes.  It is also an excellent aid to anyone who chooses to live a life of authenticity.

Simply BE is available exclusively on Amazon in both Paperback and Kindle format.

Thank you for visiting my Amazon Author's Page

Your positive reviews are most welcome and appreciated on Amazon and on Goodreads.

Watch for the release of my latest novel titled The Observer  spring of 2020.

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No Place to Lay Her Head -- a handful of moments excerpt

No Place to Lay Her Head - a handful of moments

An excerpt:

"If I am to be authentic, which is my goal; I know where I want to be.  I am a woman who deeply loved a man.  I'm a woman who has learned to love herself when I felt there was no one else around to care.   I am a woman who has learned the beauty of being alone; alone with my God as I understand Him to be.

Recently I have begun, once again, offering my support to others in the form of a women's counseling service.  I am also in the process of preparing material for the third in a series of workshops for women.  I have re-learned that women need each other.  

My Brian was most supportive to me in all my efforts; whether it was when I was writing; celebrating book launches; working in the garden; wanting to go somewhere; or cleaning the house.  He was there for me.  My hope would be that all men could be as good to their women as Brian was to me.

My story is emotional,  yes, sometimes even maudlin.  My story may at times seem repetitive or even boring to another.  My story is sincere.  It is real and it is an important part of my personal grieving process.  This writing throughout the past two years has held my Brian close to me; has given me strength I sometimes didn't think I possessed; has helped me in my desire to be honest and authentic, to be who I really am.   It is never my intention to offend or hurt anyone, especially through my writing, but in sharing my moments, it has been necessary, and important to me, that I be as open and as authentic as I am capable of being.

I hope my story will encourage you to begin writing yours; sharing your grief; discovering your inner strength and power.


No Place to Lay Her Head - a handful of moments is available exclusively on Amazon in paperback and kindle formats.

Thanks for visiting my Amazon author's page.

Thank you for your positive reviews on Amazon and on Goodreads.

Watch for the release of my latest novel titled The Observer  spring of 2020.

Friday, January 10, 2020

All Them Houses, a Memoir -- an excerpt

  an excerpt

"I felt fulfilled being Mommy to my two beautiful little girls.  John worked hard and he supported the family while I did the housekeeping, the cooking, and provided the child care.  In 1964 this was not an unusual arrangement.  Although it was not easy, it was not impossible, for a family to be supported by one income.

John drove the white and salmon-coloured station wagon.  Thanks to this vehicle there were many happy family excursions to the beach, to the zoo, to the park, to the drive-in theatre on a Friday night where John and I would enjoy the movie while the kids curled up in their blankets in the back of the station wagon; tired as they were  from playing on the swings and slides.  We were child-focused.

Nothing was more important - not even our marriage as I was to later learn.


About All Them Houses

Throughout the past two years writing my memoir has been a most difficult challenge, however, I am happy that I have, at last, completed part one.    I find memoir writing to be very challenging, much more difficult than fiction writing and, for me, it is a very slow process.   These excerpts from my life are true from my perspective and as I experienced them.

I encourage all women to write a memoir.

All Them Houses is available exclusively on Amazon in paperback and kindle formats.

Visit my Amazon Author's Page.

Watch for the release of my latest novel titled The Observer spring of 2020.

Keeping It Simple - an excerpt

Keeping It Simple - an excerpt

"The Heart Chakra has been called that perfect place where heaven and earth meet and, in so doing, when we make this connection, we are able to transform and integrate our dual nature; that of the body and of the mind and spirit.  This energy centre is the home of unconditional love with no agenda.  It is from here that we are able to feel, experience, and express our love for self and for others.

From this chakra we give and we receive.

It is the home of self-love; loving our strengths but also loving and respecting our limitations  The inner child's first choice of residence is within the heart chakra.

It is from this place that you express grief.  Whether the loss is that of a loved one, a job, one's childhood, one's sense of self, or one's motivation to grow; grieving your losses is a spiritual process that encompasses all human emotions.  Through your heart chakra you experience shame, healing, and the essence of unconditional love.


Keeping It Simple is a manual that unites Meditation, Psychospiritual Therapy, and the 7 Major Chakras to create a healing path of personal growth within.

Keeping It Simple - Imagine Being Whole is available exclusively on Amazon in both Paperback and Kindle formats.

Thank you for visiting my Amazon Author's Page.

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Watch for the release of my latest novel titled The Observer spring of 2020.

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Thursday, January 9, 2020


Days fly by and already we are one-third of the way through the first month of 2020.   I like the sound of twenty-twenty. The number reminds me, of course, of clear vision which is something I wish for all my readers, and for myself as I create, as yet unknown, characters who will lead me on new adventures throughout the year.

In November, 2019 I entered the NaNoWriMo competition where I discovered three generations of women who, truly, share two souls.  The title of this soon to be released novel is THE OBSERVER - His Eye is on the Sparrow

I'm currently working on the editing of this story.  Throughout the writing I learned much about Hinduism, Christianity, and the impact of religion on one's life; the practice and the absence.

I have been spending some time sharing excerpts of past books written.  Book promotion is something I need to learn more about but I do what I can with the knowledge I possess and hope these blurbs will be enough to encourage a reader to visit my Amazon Author's Page and buy a book or two.

I truly enjoy being an independent author and it is my pleasure to share all my writing exclusively on Amazon.

The summer of 2020 will mark my 13th creative writing anniversary.  I will celebrate this anniversary with the local launch of THE OBSERVER  here in beautiful Elliot Lake.

I wish all my reading friends peace, health, prosperity, and gratitude throughout 2020.

Thank you for your continued encouragement and support.  

Beyond the Blue - an excerpt

  an excerpt

"Anthony Breckenheimer, I warned you that if your daydreaming didn't cease I'd send you off to the principal's office.  Get up from your desk!" she ordered.  Miss Bristol's anger burned into his back.  "March, young man!"

Tony spent the rest of his miserable, unhappy afternoon in the detention room supervised by the potentially violent Vice-principal, Mr. Prince.  With his head down and his nose buried in a history book, he sat.  He felt uncomfortable at the unaccustomed desk in the foreign classroom.  Anyone observing would have said that he gave an excellent performance playing the role of a serious, studious young boy.  He did not want to feel the sting of the strap again today.

In this strange environment Anthony missed his friend, Enigami, yet though he was far from him he could feel his powerful presence when he remembered his words of wisdom, "Trust me, child, you are never alone."


About Beyond the Blue

Twelve year old Anthony Breckenheimer is a clever boy with blue eyes, red hair and, like his father, he is a little on the chubby side.  He lives in the big City of Toronto with his mother, his little brother Ronald and his little sister Leona.  His father died a year ago and Anthony misses him greatly especially when he is confronted by bullies on his way to and from school, the biggest and baddest one being Jerry Hasselbergen.  One day while in his classroom Anthony discovers a magical window.  What he sees through this window and beyond the blue changes his life forever.

Beyond the Blue is available exclusively on Amazon in Paperback and Kindle formats.  It is also available in audiobook format, brilliantly narrated by the talented Earl Sewell, on Amazon, Audibles and iTunes for your listening pleasure.

Thanks for visiting my Amazon Author's Page.

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Watch for the release of my latest novel titled The Observer spring of 2020.

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Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Poetry from A to Z ... an excerpt containing a poem or two

an excerpt - A Poem or Two


Last time I looked there was only one 
Only one of me
Call me any name you wish
Still only one of me.

If I can handle all the tags
Still knowing who I am
Why doubt that God won't know He's called
By any other name?


Rain kisses the earth

Like a puppy licking a petting hand.
Clouds build and blacken

Black ink stains clear blue linen
And the earth is renewed
With the avalanche of raindrops

Upon the patio stones
Before descending
          into welcoming arms
               of thirsty earth.

See the twirling, bouncing
          Branch of Maple,
               Oak and Willow

In never-ending grey surround
Welcome rain pouring
          over all that needs
               sustenance, cleansing

Welcome the gift of this day
          to look inward
               and be grateful.


Poetry from A to Z is available exclusively on Amazon in both Paperback and Kindle formats.  This anthology of poetry contains fifty poems for your reading enjoyment.

Thanks for visiting my author's page.

Watch for the release of my latest novel titled The Observer - His Eye is on the Sparrow Spring of 2020.

Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Recompense ... an excerpt

an excerpt

"We are supposed to have dinner at seven p.m.  By eight p.m. I figure she is not going to arrive.  I am disappointed but keep my feelings hidden.  I decide to go back to the hotel and go to bed.  I know Conrad will be occupied with his friend, Alice.  I know Alison had told me she wants an early night so I prepare myself for a night alone in my hotel room.  Maybe I will just watch some T.V.  It does not feel good to know that I have been stood up.  But in a way I don't blame her at all.  Why would a young woman like Marilyn want to spend time with an old goat like me anyway?

I leave the bar and head for the restaurant's exit.  Just as I am about to leave the elderly lady with the white hair approaches me.  "Excuse me," she says with a smile.


"Are you Martin Wilson?"

"I am, yes."

"Martin, it's me!  It's me, Marilyn!  I have been waiting for you at a table over there."

I nearly fall over.  What a predicament!  She could have been Marilyn's mother.  My lovely young Marilyn is older than me.  She is twice the size she is in the photo I received from her and now her lovely soft blond hair is as white as a moonlit sail.  Well practiced in not revealing my true emotion, I believe I handle the meeting as well as I possibly could.

"Hello Marilyn," I respond.


About Recompense

Maurice Wilson lives in Salt River, a small town near Cape Town, South Africa.  He is the son of a black father and a Caucasian mother.   After the sudden death of his parents he makes the decision to move to High River, Alberta, Canada; the place of his mother's birth in search of a sense of belonging.  He becomes a Canadian citizen, is employed  as a mail carrier for Canada Post.  The morning of his first day on the job he meets Alison Pierce, a plain woman whose silent passions run deep.  Shortly into her relationship with Maurice all her hopes for fulfillment plummet however she continues to live with him for more than twenty-five years.  In their later years Maurice and Alison become acquainted with the Senior Befriender Chat Room.  When temptation with the name of Conrad enters their lives the shared bonds of loyalty and trust are put in jeopardy.  Will deception rule the day?

Recompense is a novel available exclusively on Amazon in Paperback and Kindle formats.

Thanks for visiting my Amazon Author's Page

And thank you for your positive review on Amazon and on Goodreads.  It is much needed and appreciated by me.

Watch for the release of my latest novel titled The Observer which will be released spring of 2020.

Dinner at Seven - an excerpt

an excerpt

"Then I hear Brenda out in the kitchen.  Before long she is back in my bedroom carrying a tray holding a pot of herbal tea and two cups.  "I've cancelled my date, Marsha.  Now tell me, what on earth is going on?  Should I call a doctor, Marsha?  Are you ill?"

I can't find words to answer.  I stare vacantly and I can see that I am scaring Brenda though I truly don't want to be doing that.  I continue to stare into nothingness.

I can hear Brenda.  "Marsha, it's me.  It's Brenda.  Are you okay?  Oh, please be okay, Marsha!"

It takes great effort but finally my eyes blink.  I can survey my surroundings and I know I am home.  "Brenda," I say.  And then the dam breaks again.  "Oh, my god, Brenda!  I want to die!"  Through my ravaged tears I cry in pain.  "I need to hide.  I want to die."

I see Brenda pick up the phone.  "I will call the doctor, Marsha."

I plead with my friend.  "No, Brenda, don't!  Don't please!  I don't want to see anyone!"

She replaces the phone and says, "I've made some green tea, Marsha."

She is speaking to me the way one would speak to an injured child or an elderly invalid.  She cajoles me in a mother-like way.  "Come on now, sit up and let me pour you some tea."

I respond to her motherly warmth.  I struggle to sit up.  I feel totally disoriented but Brenda persists in her gentle manner and places the warm cup in my hand.  Finally, sipping the warm tea, my body relaxes a little and my torrential tears are replaced by soft tears that fall freely down my face and drip, unchecked, from my chin.

"There's a good girl," Brenda soothes.  "There's nothing like a good cry and a good cup of tea to make a woman feel better."  She hands me some tissues and asks, "Do you want to talk about it?"


About Dinner at Seven  Marsha's story begins in the Carrington Club in Toronto in 1985.  She is in the doldrums until David enters the scene.  Love and romance make themselves at home in Marsha's heart.  But, too soon, deception and betrayal send her on her way to beautiful Bermuda.  She needs to escape the challenges and obstacles that are determined to get in the way.  Marsha tries to immerse herself in her career but the power of love cannot be under-estimated.

Dinner at Seven is available exclusively on Amazon in Paperback and Kindle format.

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Watch for the release of my latest novel titled The Observer spring of 2020.

Monday, January 6, 2020

Crabapple Court --- an excerpt

An excerpt

"Heather is home alone when the doorbell rings.  Peering through the living room window she can see a tall man in a grey suit standing near the front door.  Though not in uniform there is something about him that makes her think he looks like a cop.  Ernie and the boys are out with the search party. She wishes she wasn't home alone.  He looks like a cop, she thinks, but what if he isn't?  What if he is a reporter?  Worse than that, what if he is the kidnapper?  She doesn't know whether to answer the door or not.

The doorbell rings again.

Hoping she is making the right decision she opens the door and looks up into the face of a man she does not recognize.  She doesn't recognize the badge he holds in his hand either but it looks official and it does look authentic.  "Yes?" is all she says.

"Mrs. Martin?"

"I'm Doctor Martin."

"My apology Doctor Martin.  I am RCMP Inspector Raymond Fletcher.  I have just a few questions.  May I come in?"


About Crabapple Court  Susie Donnelly is missing.  Has she run away or is she just a little girl playing hide and seek?  Is it a kidnapping?  A murder?

Without exception the residents of Crabapple Court do not like to draw attention to themselves or to their homes.  They do not like publicity.  They do not appreciate media attention but this day, whether they like it or not, the Fairmont residents are keeping them under strict scrutiny.  Indeed, the eyes of the entire country are fixed upon them.

Crabapple Court is available exclusively on Amazon in both Paperback and Kindle formats.

Thank you for your positive review on Amazon and on Goodreads.

Watch for the release of my latest book The Observer spring of 2020.

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2020 ... this summer I will celebrate my 13th Creative Writing Anniversary


Currently I am kept busy editing a novel titled The Observer; a tale of three generations of women, yet the unfoldment of two souls.  Is this possible?  How is this possible?   Karina, Anna, and Karen share their stories about how life goes on and how, sometimes and sometimes not, life is good.  This book will be launched late spring of 2020.  Please watch for it.

My latest short story is titled Touch the Sky.  How is it possible for loving parents to still care for each other once they experience the deepest loss a parent can ever have?  

Today my latest book titled "No Place to Lay Her Head ... a handful of moments" is available in paperback and Kindle editions on Amazon. In this book I share my journey through grief since the death of my partner, Brian, August 29, 2017,  two and a half years ago.  Taking a writing risk, this story is almost unedited and deliberately repetitive … because this book does not attempt to hide the confusion experienced when a most loved dear one dies. This book is cathartic but I hope of some benefit to anyone who is grieving the loss of a loved one.

Another short story titled The Man On The Bench; a metaphysical delight, is part of my recent writing adventure. You will also want to check out DRAMA, a Novel Idea which is a boxed set of my most popular novels: Moose Road - a Canadian Tragedy; Ellen and The Hummingtree; and Sara, a Canadian Saga. While individual novels are available in both paperback & Kindle formats; DRAMA is available in Kindle format only.

Simply BE is a collection of inspirational thoughts, quotations, and sayings, that I hope will offer the reader inspiration and guidance. This book is currently used as an aid in meditation and healing circles and will, I hope, inspire you to be who you really are.

I'm very excited to announce that Keeping It Simple, the trinity of meditation, the seven major chakras and psychospiritual therapy, is available in both Kindle and Paperback format on all Amazon sites.  It is my hope that one day I will have learned enough to narrate this book and transform it into an audio book.

Summer of 2020 I will celebrate my thirteenth Writing Anniversary.  I didn't begin writing seriously until I retired from the so-called 'working world'.  In fact, I've only semi-retired because I still, through Confidential Counseling for Women offer personal growth workshops for women and I carry on a small, private counseling practice for women who wish to raise their awareness and experience the empowerment that is theirs to celebrate.

Thank you to my readers.  I hope you know how much your positive reviews are needed and appreciated on Amazon and on Goodreads.

We are beginning the new year of 2020 and, of course, 2020 reminds us all of clear vision.  This, I wish for you throughout the new year and I wish it for myself as I allow, as yet unknown, characters to carry me on new adventures that I hope will also be ones you will want to share with me.

Thank you,Love and light,Audrey Austin.

Sunday, January 5, 2020

When God Gives Us Spring .... an excerpt

  an excerpt

"The following Monday morning I met up with Tom Morrison.  We just set out walking and while we walked, we talked.  Mr. Morrison was an educated free black man and he sure did know a lot about this Civil War I was signing myself into.

"This war's the result of decades of tension between the north and the south, Michael," Tom said.  "It's all come to a head since Abraham Lincoln was elected President last year.

"President Lincoln wants all the slaves to be free, Tom. That's why I want to sign up.  I want all the slaves to be free too."

"It's because of Lincoln's election that South Carolina, Alabama, Georgia, and Texas seceded from the Union.  And now we got Virginia, North Carolina, Tennessee, and Arkansas part of the Confederacy too."

"This Lincoln, he knows what he's talking about.  I'll be proud to be a soldier in his army.  Tom, you don't think I'm too old to be a soldier, do you?"

"I don't know, Michael.  You're no spring chicken anymore."

"But I look a lot younger than my sixty years, don't you think, Tom?"

I saw his crooked smile and the uncertainty in his eyes but what he said was, "Sure, Michael.  Sure you do."

I signed up at the first Union Headquarters I came to in the State of Michigan.  I said my farewell to Tom Morrison and asked him to keep a friendly eye on my Lucinda until I returned home once again.  I became a soldier in an all-black battalion; all black that is but our Captain who was a young blond man from Detroit.    I also said good-bye to my civilian clothes and hello to the blue of the Union Army uniform.  They asked me lots of questions before they welcomed me into the Union Army.  They asked me my age.  Thirty-nine I said.  The man didn't even look up, didn't question, didn't seem to care.  He stamped the form that made me a Union soldier.


When God Gives Us Spring is a novella available exclusively on Amazon in Kindle and Paperback formats.  It is also available as an audio book narrated by the incredibly talented Earl Sewell on Amazon, Audibles, and iTunes.

Thank you for visiting my Amazon Author's Page .

Your positive reviews on Amazon and on Goodreads are welcome and most appreciated.

Watch for the release of my newest work; a novel titled The Observer  in the spring of 2020.

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Reawakening excerpt

  an Excerpt   

"Dressed in her white one-piece uniform, Linda held the Olbabe in her arms. At once an other-worldly, angelic, wise, and knowing essence filled her existence.  Was she imagining things or was there really a halo of light round and about her shoulders?  She felt as though she were immersed in uplifting light.

She rocked the Olbabe in her arms and in a soft, crooning voice she spoke to him until at last he opened his eyes and returned her loving gaze.  Linda observed that his eyes were not smiling.  They were, yes, they were sad.  Sad?  Why do I think this Olbabe is sad?  What is sad?  From where does this strange word come and why is this foreign word in my thoughts?  The strange sensation grew stronger and stronger within her.

Turning to the Midescent on duty she asked, "Please tell me; what is the name of this Olbabe?"

The Caregiver checked the chart before responding.  "His name is Jim 7794329."

Jim? Jim?   Linda thought.  She knew there was something to be remembered.  What is it?  She gathered her powers of concentration and forced herself to concentrate and think.  And then she experienced a glimmer of mystical memory.


As she held the tiny Olbabe closer she peered down into his little face and whispered, "I loved you, Jim.  And I love you still."

The Midescent was there now..  She wanted to remove the Olbabe from Linda's arms.

"It's time," she said.

"Just one more second," Linda insisted.  She looked lovingly down into the little one's face.  With gentleness she touched his little eyes, his nose, and his tiny mouth while she spoke to him.  "Don't be afraid, my precious Jim.  I will not be far behind you.  I promise you we will meet again in another time."

It was with reluctance and with tender care that she placed the vulnerable, tiny life essence back into the arms of the Caregiver Midescent.  Then, head down, Linda rushed from the Olbabe Centre.  She did not want anyone to see the strange moisture droplets that were forming in her desolate eyes.


Reawakening is my first science fiction novel.  It is available in Paperback and Kindle formats exclusively on Amazon.   It is also available as an audio book beautifully narrated by Kendra Murray and Ralph Scott on Amazon, Audibles, and iTunes.

Thanks for visiting my Amazon Author's Page

Your positive reviews on Amazon and on Goodreads are most welcome and appreciated.

Watch for the release of my latest novel titled The Observer coming soon Spring 2020.

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