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My Books For Your Reading Pleasure
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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Hope of Glory - a short story free tomorrow in the Kindle Store

Their father died and mom needed to work. To her young son she insisted, "hold her hand, Lester." And hold his sister's hand he did. They reached a certain age and a role reversal took place. Now it was sister, Linda, keeping her eye on her big brother who was heading in the wrong direction. Later on his death bed Lester is convinced there is no hope of glory for him. Little does he know of his sister's love and the power of prayer.

Hope of Glory  - a short story, is FREE for your reading enjoyment in the Kindle Store tomorrow, Wednesday, March 15th

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Hope of Glory, a short story, is free in the Kindle Store for your Wednesday reading enjoyment

Their father died and mom needed to work. To her young son she insisted, "hold her hand, Lester." And hold his sister's hand he did. They reached a certain age and a role reversal took place. Now it was sister, Linda, keeping her eye on her big brother who was heading in the wrong direction. Later, on his death bed, Lester is convinced there is no hope of glory for him. Little does he know of his sister's love and the power of prayer.

Hope Of Glory - a short story is FREE for your Sunday reading enjoyment
tomorrow, Wednesday, March 15th, 2017.

Check it out on all Amazon sites.

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

All Them Houses -- some positive feedback

I am very pleased to receive this positive feedback on my most recent publication, All Them Houses

Audrey, I enjoyed your autobiography so much! You have had an interesting life, and have certainly been through a lot. It was fascinating to see the events which have made you the strong person you are. I especially liked you as a spunky kid! Kudos on a great job.   Frances Van Mil.

Hi Lady in the north...I just finished reading your was so interesting and was sad to see it sure have had a combination of sad and happy times in your past and you overcame so many obstacles to give your girls a stable and artistic are to be complimented for your persistence in accomplishing this...I sure hope you don't have to move again.  Looking forward to the next edition of your memoirs.     Lucy Ann Spence.

To purchase All Them Houses

CreateSpace eStore:

All Them Houses is also available in both Kindle and Paperback on all Amazon sites.

The photos in the Kindle edition are not as clear as I would have hoped.  They are much better in the paperback.  They are old photos and not of the best quality.  For this, I apologize.

Saturday, March 4, 2017

The Observers - a short story free in the Kindle Store, Sunday, March 5th

The MacPhersons are a Scottish clan who love to wallow in the drama of their neighbours while keeping just enough distance to avoid involvement. They are a nosy lot. They don’t suspect that everyone on the street is on to them. This couple is blissfully happy in their ignorance; unaware that they are known by every resident on Cordelia Crescent as the observers.

The Observers is a short story FREE for your reading enjoyment in the Kindle Store, Sunday, March 5th.

You will find this short story on   or visit my author's page at

Thursday, March 2, 2017

All Them Houses ... a memoir

Writing my memoir is much more challenging than I ever imagined it would be.   I began writing All Them Houses more than two years ago.   160 pages later I have talked about excerpts from the first half of my life.  

I've spent much time locating the photos displayed in this book.  Because the pictures are old, and in poor condition, I hesitated to use them.  The photos are better viewed in the paperback version of the book than they are in the Kindle edition where they are really condensed and too small for clear viewing.  For this, I apologize.

I am still writing my memoir.  Part two will be titled All Them Houses .... from John, Paul, to Bedlam

This book will begin where All Them Houses .... a memoir leaves off.

One thing I have learned and one that I will put into practice in part two of my memoir is to allow each photo a larger spot on the page.    Memoir writing is cathartic.  I find it a challenge to keep the focus on my story and not that of the loved ones in my life.  The temptation to focus on others is always there.  I need to keep reminding myself that the memoir is my own.

I hope you enjoy reading All Them Houses ... a memoir. is the link where you will find it.

It is also available in both Kindle and paperback editions on all Amazon sites.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Books on hand ....

I don't keep a lot of my books on hand.  With the cost of postage here in Canada constantly on the increase, it has become quite expensive to mail paperbacks out to readers.  There is also the cost of the envelopes which, in itself, may seem minor but, when added all together with the cost of the book, it can be expensive.

In the earlier days I used to purchase several copies of each published book myself.  I would celebrate at book launches where I appreciated local sales.

Now I tend to rely on Create Space and Amazon where all my books are available for your reading enjoyment.

But I do have a very few books on hand for those of you who live in Elliot Lake.   If you are interested in any of these books, please let me know.

I have 3 copies of my second novel, a science fiction, titled REAWAKENING.
     Unlike many of their acquaintances they stayed in love and they stayed married for many years.  Jim was now an old man, even by earth's standards, when he suffered the fatal coronary.  He left his young wife a childless widow.  She mourned.  She grieved.  She never remarried.  Jim was her only love.   Linda grew old as her husband before her had grown old.  She died a peaceful death.........................................and then it happened.

I have one copy of Poetry from A to Z on hand.
This book contains more than 45 of my poems, the titles of which span the alphabet with each letter commencing at least one poem's title.

I have only one paperback copy of

This book is an anthology containing 12 short stories titled:
"Dying To Be Popular"
"Daniel's Destiny"
"Quest for Cammirand"
"Find Firinn"
"After Words"
"Joshua's Journey"
"Hope of Glory"
"The Hole In The Wall"
"Stranger In a Strange Land"
"Running On Empty"
"Another Mother's Day"
"Jacob's Seven Letters"

Available on Create Space and on all Amazon sites are Books one, two, and three.

I also have on hand one copy of RECOMPENSE - a novella
Maurice Wilson lives in Salt River, a small town near Cape Town, South Africa.  He is the son of a black father and a Caucasian mother.  After the sudden death of his parents he makes the decision to move to High River, Alberta, Canada, the place of his mother's birth.  He is in search of a sense of belonging.  He becomes a Canadian citizen, is employed as a mail carrier for Canada Post.  The morning of his first day on the job he meets Alison Pierce, a plain woman whose silent passions run deep.  Shortly into her relationship with Maurice all her hopes for fulfillment plummet, however she continues to live with him for more than twenty-five years.  In their later years Maurice and Alison become acquainted with the Internet an the Senior Befriender Chat Room.  When temptation with the name of Conrad enters their lives, the shared bonds of loyalty and rest are put in jeopardy.  Will deception rule the day?

Lastly I have on hand one copy of BEYOND THE BLUE - a coming of age novella.
Twelve year old Anthony Breckenheimer is a clever boy with blue eyes, red hair, and, like his father, he is a little on the chubby side.  He lives in the big city of Toronto with his mother, his little brother Ronald, and his little sister, Leona.   His father died a year ago and Anthony misses him greatly especially when he is confronted by bullies on his way to and from school; the biggest and baddest one being Jerry Hasselbergen.   One day while in his classroom Anthony discovers a magical window.  What he sees through this window, and beyond the blue, changes his life forever.

If you live in Elliot Lake and would like to purchase one of these books, please get in touch.

If you live out of town and don't mind the expense of the postage I will be happy to mail one of these books out to you.   The books are $15 each plus the cost of postage.

These books and many more are available for your reading pleasure in both Kindle and paperback formats on all Amazon sites.  The paperbacks are also available from
My author's page is found at

All Them Houses - a Memoir

  1. For myself I purchased All Them Houses - a Memoir in both paperback and Kindle formats.   Unfortunately the photos in the Kindle edtion are not very clear due to the small screen. Most are very old photos so the quality is not the best to begin with but being reduced to fit the small Kindle screen makes them not the best. So, for this, I apologize. The photos, though very old, are okay in the paperback edition. I now have no copies on hand of All Them Houses but for anyone interested, the paperback is available from  Amazon and from Create space. The Kindle edition is available on all Amazon sites.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Happy Valentine's Day!

ABUNDANCE is a love story - my Valentine's Day gift to you FREE in the Kindle Store.

ABUNDANCE is an excerpt from ELLEN AND THE HUMMINGTREE which is available in both Kindle and Paperback on all Amazon sites.

Saturday, February 11, 2017

ABUNDANCE, a short story, FREE in the Kindle Store on Valentine's Day

ABUNDANCE is a short story that celebrates love.   It is also an excerpt from one of my novels titled "Ellen and The Hummingtree".   

In this story Ellen is struggling both financially and emotionally.   She is even feeling that her spiritual strength is in jeopardy.    Then along comes a great gift in the person of Jethro Tunkel who arrives at Ellen's back gate with his knapsack  on his back and his guitar slung over his shoulder.   

Enjoyment of this short story will lead you to want to read "Ellen and The Hummingtree", a novel which is a fictional memoir of a woman of faith. 

ABUNDANCE is free for your reading enjoyment in the Kindle Store on Valentine's Day, Tuesday, February 14th.

Check it out  at   

You will find ABUNDANCE on all Amazon sites. 

Sunday, February 5, 2017

My books on Create Space

To purchase Social Studies – Book One  
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Saturday, February 4, 2017

Celebrating my 20th publication .......

"All Them Houses" is my 20th publication, not including the many short stories that dare to stand alone in the Kindle Store. I will soon be celebrating my 10th writing anniversary in July .. I feel a sense of achievement and as I work on my next book "All Them Houses - from John Paul to Bedlam" I just feel grateful. Thanks to my readers. You make it all worthwhile.   All my books are available directly from Create as well as on all Amazon sites.

Friday, February 3, 2017

All Them Houses - now available on all Amazon sites

All Them Houses" I am happy to say is now available in both Kindle and Paperback formats on all Amazon sites. The photos are better viewed in the paperback; a little small in the Kindle edition.  (enlarging your print size will enlarge the pics on your E-reader).

  Just click on the link  below and it will take you directly to

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

All Them Houses -- in the Create Space eStore:

CreateSpace eStore:

I am so very pleased that "All Them Houses" is already available in paperback directly from Create Space.

All Them Houses - a memoir - finally :-)

More than two years ago I began writing my memoir; the most difficult writing challenge I have ever faced. I struggled with the writing; often putting it aside with the resolve to forget about it. But then I would pick it up again.

 I'm blessed to be travelling a long journey. And I was beginning to think, hey, I may not be around to finish this darn project if I  don't hurry up. At that point in my writing I was in the neighbourhood of the 1980's with what seemed a very long way to go.

Just a couple of days ago, after attending the Celebration of Life of a friend, Karen Bollert, I was feeling much aware of my mortality. And I was thinking maybe I will never get this memoir completed.

A wonderful friend, Frances Van Mil, spoke to me. She encouraged me to get this memoir in print Thank you Frances.

This encouragement confirmed my decision to write my memoir in two parts. This way I can, at least, say that part one is complete.

And it is! I am awaiting proof copies from Create who have printed my memoir which I have titled "All Them Houses."

I should receive the first proof copies within a couple of weeks and shortly after that, this book will be available from and it will also be available on all Amazon sites.

Those of you who know me, know that I will be shouting it from the rooftops when the book is in print and available for purchase.

Special thanks to Brian who looked after our fur babies giving me the time I needed at the laptop. Thanks to Frances for her encouragement and support. And thanks to John Cal (Johnny Tyger ) who, probably without knowing it, encouraged me to stick with this project even when I was ready to drop it. He encouraged me just by his presence, our conversations, and by much that I have gained from shared discussions with him.

And so a new book will soon be on the market. Thanks Elliot Lake readers, and to all my readers, for your continued encouragement and support. Watch for "All Them Houses."

Monday, December 19, 2016

Merry Christmas!

My Christmas gift to my readers is a free short story each day of this week commencing December 20th and up to and including December 26th.

Thank you very much for your continued encouragement and support.

Merry Christmas to each of you and I wish you all good things in 2017.

Love and light,

Audrey Austin.

These free stories are available on all Amazon sites
check out my author's page at

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Sam & Lila .... an update

Here is an update for our Lila and Sam friends. We have returned from Dr. Andrew Wannan's office where both Lila and Sam had appointments.
Lila had the first appointment and her examination revealed that her rear knee joints were slipped out of place; Dr. Wannan corrected this. And also she needed the anal gland cleaned; a little bit of tartar on front teeth but nothing serious. She is in pretty good shape health-wise.
We brought Lila home and returned for Sam's appointment. Because of his tendency to bite, he was sedated throughout his examination.
As it turned out, our poor Sam has needed to have 4 teeth removed; and in addition he has arthritis in both his back legs. The little guy is home now in his bed, still under sedation; should be waking up in about 45 minutes ........ I'm glad he is awakening in his own bed. Maybe he will think it was all a bad dream. We now have meds for his arthritis.
Dr. Wannan said Sam would have been experiencing pain; probably for some time.
Now the key will be to see how his behavior is once his arthritic pain is under control and his little mouth is feeling better.
We don't know how much of his bad behavior was a result of the pain he has been in. And of course over the years his behavior, left unchecked, will also have become habitual.
Sam has had one training session. We wanted to ensure that he was in good health physically before continuing with the behavioural training. We will see how things go over Christmas and then, special thanks to our friend, Sheal. who will start the training sessions in the new year.
We mentioned the training to Dr. Wannan and he thinks it is definitely worth a try. Special thanks to Dr. Andrew Wannan and his wonderful staff for their caring and gentle expertise.
They say you can't teach an old dog new tricks ..... we hope that is not the case with Sam. He and Lila will be seven in a month's time.
Lila is little Ms. Barker and a very talented escape artist but we are on to her and she is getting better day by day. She is very loving and affectionate. At this moment she is very soulful; she is concerned about Sam and wondering why he is sleeping for so long. She is being a good girl and not going too close to his bed.
As for our Sam, I believe he is a good little dog in his heart and I believe he wants to behave ..... I'm keeping the faith. I believe in the power of love. Thanks for keeping him in your prayers

Lila is keeping a watchful eye on Sam.

Sam is under sedation

Sam is awake.  Welcome back, Sam!

Friday, November 18, 2016

IT'S ALL ABOUT SAM ..... socializing a six year old dog


On the beautiful sunny afternoon of July 31st, 2016, rescue worker, Jennifer, arrived at our Elliot Lake home with Samson and Princess Delilah; two adorable, little, six-year-old chihuahuas.

For me, it was love at first sight.   I was still grieving the loss of our beautiful ten-year-old German Shepherd/Mastiff boy, Ki, on this day, while my love and happy memories of  sixteen-year-old, Jack Russell, Dudley, had become an integral part of who I am. 

Both Ki and Dudley were always the most affectionate, lovable, pets.  They hogged the bed at night, they walked happily on their leads and loved the attention of all they met on their walks.  They each got along well with people and with other dogs.  Pure delight, Ki and Dudley are my only experience with dog ownership.

Upon the arrival of these playful chihuahuas, I watched with fascination and amusement as the two little ones romped around my backyard seemingly making themselves right at home.

We received no warning.  Totally unprepared for a dog that growls, snaps, and bites, I was shocked the first time it happened.  My first bite from Samson was on my nose as I bent down to pick him up.   It was such a fast event that I had no time to move away and protect myself. 

Future growls and bites have been on my hands and just above my wrist.

I haven't been bitten by Sam for several weeks now.   His behavior is improving for sure.  But, also, I have adopted little tricks to keep myself bite-free.   I don't believe I've been successful in teaching Sam anything.  I've just sort of learned how to protect myself.   I keep hoping that love will conquer all.

Yes, the name Samson has been shortened to Sam, and Princess Delilah is now our little Lila.

Our understanding is that prior to coming to our home, these soon to be seven-year-olds lived with a lady who loved them.  However, this lady, I am told, did not entertain anyone in her home nor did she take her little dogs for walks.  These little Chihuahuas never met or interacted with anyone but this lady.   They knew only her home and her backyard.

Consequently Sam and Lila never saw other people and certainly never saw other dogs.

Knowing that they have never been socialized, I am doing my best to learn how to best bring harmony into their lives as well as  into my own.

Of the two, only Sam is a biter.  Lila, well, Lila is the barker.  Yes, they both bark but Lila is most often the instigator when it comes to barking.   And her bark is a high pitched yippy kind of bark that is known to grate on the nerves of people.  Sam's bark is a sincere, loud, pay-attention-to-me kind of a bark.   Lila is very affectionate.  Sam is very jealous if I give my affection to Lila.   Sam is also very affectionate when he wants to be.  They both love belly-rubs.   For the first few weeks they were both little poop-factories.   As much as I love them, between the two of them, I sometimes think I am going to go crazy.   Fortunately for several weeks now they have made no deposits in the house.

We want to socialize Sam and Lila.  And for this reason we take them for short walks in order for them to learn that, yes, there are other people and other dogs in this wonderful world.

If a person approaches when we are walking the dogs, Lila starts with her barking accompanied by Sam who expresses his barks and growls in a don't-mess-with-me kind of way.  We know that if we tighten their leads to keep them away from people it makes both dogs more determined to bark.    But we also know that if we don't tighten their leads someone could be bitten.   Oh, not by Lila.  Lila is not a biter.  But, by Sam, it is quite possible.  Therefore we feel we have no choice but to tighten their lead in order that no one be injured. 

Surprisingly we have had no problems with close family members coming into our home.  Oh, yes, Sam tries to be the bully but he soon settles down and behaves himself in their company.

Again we face a dilemma.  We want people to come to our home.  We love our friends.   Also, we know that unless people come into our home, Sam and Lila will never become socialized and welcoming to people.

Ninety-five percent of the time Sam is now very well behaved and respectful of me.  But still there are moments when I know he would rather bite me than do as he is told.

I have a friend.  Her name is Tammy.   I am so very grateful to have her in my life.  She is a fearless lover of animals.   And although Sam has been doing his best to bully her, Tammy stands firm earning Sam's respect.      She understands the situation and she knows how very much we want to teach Sam to get along with others.

I understand why most people don't want to come into our home.   At the same time, how can we socialize Sam and teach him to get along with people if he does not have people around him?  It is a conundrum.

We have been told that the lady who loved Sam and Lila for six years did not socialize; did not entertain in her home; did not take the dogs for walks.

Now, the question is this:  Did she not do these things because of Sam's behavior?  Or is Sam's behavior the result of her decisions?

This we don't know and, this, we will never know because the lady, sadly, has died.

I love Sam and Lila.   Most of the time in our home they are well-behaved, affectionate, and loving little pups.   We hope and pray that, in time, we will be able to say that they are this way all the time.  After all, they have been with us for just a little more than three months.

Life is good and life goes on.  But the truth is that for the past three months in our household it is all about Sam.  

We are grateful to our closest neighbours who have not yet complained to us about the yapping pups out on the verandah as the children walk by on their way home from school.   I don't put them out there every day as the kids go by, but I do on occasion because I am hoping that Sam and Lila will one day finally accept that there are children in this world and, hey, we don't own the sidewalks.

How do we socialize dogs unless we take them out into the world to see other people and dogs; unless we have people visiting in our home?     

We are in love with Sam and Lila.   And Lila, apart from her barking, is a delight.  She is not a growler or a biter; just a little yapper.   

If you have ever experienced anything similar in your own experience with your pet, I will be most grateful if you are willing to share what steps you took to socialize your dog.   I've been googling constantly and, yes, gaining some good advice in this way. 

Your positive thoughts are ever welcome.      Here's a photo of Sam and Lila. 



Sunday, November 13, 2016

Growing old -- some thoughts

There is no doubt that I have reached the stage in my life where I am no longer able to say that I am growing old.   I am old.   And, yes, I feel blessed to be old.  

I've known many wonderful people throughout my life who never had the opportunity to say I am old.

Contrary to the belief of many, being old is not a disease.

I know some people who are old who complain of feeling the cold.  Sometimes I complain about the cold; the snow; the necessity for boots, scarves and mitts.  But sometimes I love to go out into my back yard on a cold sunny day and just breathe in the fresh, life-giving, air.   I feel cold?  That's wonderful!   I complain because I feel too hot?  That's equally wonderful.   I feel happy?  Life is good.  I feel sad?  Life is good.    I feel uplifted?  Life is good.  I feel disappointed?  Life is good.

Life is good because I am feeling.  I feel.  I am. 

At the stage of life that I have reached I am able to achieve some things that remained elusive in earlier years; too filled were they with responsibility.   Yes, I continue to be responsible; but I am now able to let go.   I am able to let go of material things; downsizing is a wonderful release.   I am able to let go of people; something I thought I would never be able to do.  But I am now able to love those who choose to love me.   I am able to let go of those who choose not to love me.  And that's okay.  I am learning how to be like the title of my recent book.  I am learning how to Simply BE.

Being old does not mean I am dependent, miserable, lonely, or of no use.      Some people choose to be these things in their old age; some choose to be these things at an early age.    My use of the word choose  is deliberate.   Choosing is not always a conscious act.  Choosing is often unconscious but it is always possible to raise awareness in order to make conscious choices in life.

In my earlier years I devoted my time to many people, events, values, that I loved.   But simultaneously in my earlier years I too often devoted my time to many people, events, values, that I didn't love but they were often those that I believed I needed to permit in my life because it was expected of me.  

The expectations of others can be haunting; can be limiting; can be harmful.   Even today I know there are those who have expectations of me.   That is okay.  They are welcome to their expectations.  I no longer allow the expectations of others to interfere with those I have of myself.   This is another gift I am able to give to myself now that I am old.

When I finally arrived at what is commonly termed retirement age, I took a good look around me and asked myself, okay; now what?

This is when I began to write creatively.   Now eighteen books later, I still love to write creatively.    

More recently, my beautiful dog, Ki, died.   Grief overwhelmed me.  I loved and missed him so much.   I tried to write out my feelings but the words didn't want to come.

And then I remembered some good advice from my earlier training as a psychospiritual practitioner.   Draw out your feelings!  I can still remember those instructions well.  

I carried my grief, my pain, my love, and my memories of Ki downstairs into the basement.  I began to paint.   My first painting was one of sky and hearts and the names of every pet I had ever had the privilege of loving; those of my own and those of my closest family members.   

I poured my heart into this painting.   And the feeling within me was a good one.
I decided I would paint something just for my "Ki"
And so I did.

This is where I started.   An old woman who had spent her lifetime caring, typing, listening, encouraging the gifts of others picked up a paint brush and silently said, I am not intimidated.  I will simply do my best.

And this is what I do.   I accept the criticism of others.  Sometimes I like it and sometimes I don't, but I have also come to know that I have no control over what another chooses to say.   I know I am not a Van Gogh or a Picasso.   What I am is someone who is enjoying the expression of who I am through the printed word and through my painting.

I wrote a book and I call it Simply BE.     In this book I express that we don't have to be perfect at everything we do.  We simply need to be who we are.  That is a good thing to be.  That is enough.

The picture on the cover of Simply BE is of my family of origin.  My Mom and my Dad; my brothers Ray and Ken; my sisters Eleanor, Muriel, and Linda.   And there I am, beside my mother with my arm around my baby sister.  I am 12 years old in this photo.
And the background of this photo is the little woods behind my current house in Elliot Lake.  This photo, so cleverly put together by my daughter, Susan,
beautifully unites my past and my present.
And with my past and my present, I am at peace.  I am able to Simply Be.

By now I have painted a lot of pictures.  I am running out of walls in my basement.

I have no training.  I may have discovered a very tiny grain of natural talent but mostly I have discovered a challenge; a wonderful learning curve that is satisfying.   Learning how to mix colours and playing with what turn out to be some very strange backgrounds that often get lost when the primary focus of the painting makes its debut.  I paint the way I write and this is by following my beautiful mother's advice which was If you want something done, then simply begin.  I still don't know how to draw a straight line and learning to paint fine lines is still a goal.   When I write a story I never know how it is going to end.  I follow the characters and they lead me where they want to go.   When I paint I never know how it is going to turn out.  Sometimes I try to do my rendition of a photo.  My painting, in the end, never looks like the photo.   I don't know if I will discover any talent but I have the desire and, for me, for now, this is enough.  I am enjoying the adventure of creating.

I have since been told that by choosing oils, I have chosen the biggest challenge.  I have since been told that by choosing to paint people, I have chosen the most difficult avenue of expression.  

Leave it to me!  Throughout my life I have always learned things the hard way and so it would seem that even now when I am old, I still do things the hard way.  This, too, is okay.  This way of being often contributes to a sense of humour which is sometimes difficult to find.

Two nights ago I had a dream; a real dream while I was sleeping.  When I awakened I remembered that in my dream along with my books, I had one painting, the one painting that was maybe sort of Christmasy because at least it was a winter scene.  I dreamed that this painting was on a table along with my books.

Knowing I have been painting pictures for only three months with no instruction, it was not an easy decision to take this painting along with me and to place it on my books table.   But, as I have done in the past, I continue to trust my dreams.  I believe they are, as Carl Jung believed, God's forgotten language.  

My heart was so warm when strangers complimented the painting.
When one of these strangers actually purchased it, I felt like I was in heaven.  I'm sure she must have thought I was crazy when I wanted to give her a big hug to thank her for her purchase.
And I do thank you, Pauline.

And I hope you will feel the love from this painting that now hangs in your home.

Yes, I am old.  But I am not dead.  Throughout my entire life I stated, I don't know how to draw a straight line.   And it's true; I don't.  But I have learned that crooked lines are more fun and more interesting than straight lines anyway so who cares!

The truth is that, surrounded by talented artists, as I was in my family, I felt intimidated; not good enough; not one who should ever pick up a paint brush.  My job was to encourage others; that is what I believed and I can't remember a time when anyone disagreed with this core belief and encouraged me to make the effort.

In my family also are talented singers and musicians.   I always felt like a bass in a soprano world.   Yes, I could carry a tune but I felt I could do so as long as I didn't have to carry it too far.   But a time came, and I believe the confidence came from the very fact of oldness, when I wrote the lyrics to a song; wrote the melody; and actually sang the song permitting others to hear it.   With the help of a most talented, good friend who did encourage me, I posted on You Tube, my song titled Too Late.

I also wrote lyrics to two others songs.  Listen to Love was recorded by the most talented singer/musician, Johnny Tyger.  You can also hear this song on You Tube.    I Followed My Heart to 108 has been recorded in Nashville by Kimberly Arnold.   This has made me believe that, hey, maybe I can write poetry.

And so I got busy writing poems and put them all together in an anthology which I have titled Poetry From A to Z.   In this book I have published my poems, the titles of which span the alphabet.  

So, you see, one thing follows another if we choose to allow ourselves to be who we are.

My very first book,  Sara, a Canadian Saga, I dedicated to my mother.  The picture on the cover of my very first book is also one of my family of origin.  In this cover picture I am the smallest girl who feels the loving hand of her mother on her shoulder.

Family has always meant everything to me.   Family still means everything to me but now that I am old, there is a difference.   I don't put myself on the back burner anymore.   I don't apologize for being who I am.   I don't want to displease anyone but to please is not my purpose; not a need; just not necessary anymore.   I love those who love me.   I am able to let go of those who want to let go of me.   And it is okay.

This coming summer I will celebrate my tenth writing anniversary.   During these ten years I grew old.  Yes, I did.  And that's okay too.   During these ten years I have written many books; eighteen so far, and still writing.    Of course I want people to buy my books.  Every writer wants people to buy the results of their labour and I am no exception.

As I Simply Be, so do my books and so do my paintings.   Some are better than others.  It is all very subjective.   Another's opinion is  wonderful to hear; especially when it is a positive opinion.   But my books and my paintings are what they are.   At the time they were created I was doing my best.   I never fail to feel thrilled when someone buys one of my books.   I never fail to thank that person for buying because, in buying, they are expressing encouragement and support.  For this I am always grateful.

When I began writing I had a wonderful publisher; Maggie Kirton of Wynterblue Publishing.  She believed in me and my desire to write creatively.    My earliest books were published by Mags.  She knows I love her and she knows I am forever grateful.

But the time came when Wynterblue stopped for a rest.   There I was, this old lady, who wanted to publish books but who had no publisher. 

Again I had no training but only the desire.  And so once again I taught myself.  I taught myself how to format my stories and how to get them on-line so that hopefully others would buy them.  I became a proud indie author.
There is not one person on this earth who knows when his time on this planet will end.   I am one of the most fortunate ones.  I have been allowed to grow old and I am allowed to enjoy being old.     I am allowed to Simply BE. 

When I first began self-publishing I knew nothing of the process.  I certainly did not know how to add a back cover to a book.  Three or four of my books have nothing on their back covers.  That's okay.   I learned.   And now my books have information on their back covers.

Let me share with you what I have written on the back cover of Simply BE.

Sometimes we forget that we are born into this world as human beings.

We forget because too much of the time is spent as human do'ers.

We do this; we do that; and then we do some more.

Sometimes we become involved in doing so much we forget who we are.

Simply BE is a reminder to all of us that it is possible
to be who we really are.

Life is good.   And life goes on.

You can also find me on Google Plus; Twitter; and Linked In, and I hope you do.

This blog post has been sparked because one stranger, who I now know as Pauline, bought my painting.  Pauline does not realize that by her purchase she made my dream come true.

Yes, indeed, life is good.  And life goes on.