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Sunday, February 26, 2012

This month's ELWW Assignment -- an Acrostic

I have never attempted to write a short story as an Acrostic -- the idea being that each line of dialogue must begin with the next letter in the alphabet and the story ends with the last line starting with "Z".

I won't pretend my assignment submission is that great a story.

But I am not pretending when I say I had all kinds of fun writing this story.   It may be something you would like to try sometime yourself.

Acrostic (ELWW Assignment for March class)

Love Finds a Way

“A baby needs coddling and I’m not a baby,” she shouted over the din of the TV set which always had the volume screaming at its highest level.

“Be reasonable, Mom.”  I picked up the shawl from the floor where her anger had tossed it and tried once more to wrap it around her tiny shoulders.

“Catherine, if I wanted to wear that shawl I would put it on myself so leave me be!” She pulled at the crocheted cover until she succeeded in landing it on the floor again.

Arthritic knees creaked as I bent to pick up the shawl.  Where is that girl?  If she doesn’t arrive soon I will be late for work.  To my mother I said, “Do you always need to be so stubborn?”

“Ever wonder what stubborn looks like?  For Pete’s sake take a good look in the mirror!”  With that Mom scrunched down into the bed, her head barely above the blanket.

With a long drawn-out sigh I looked first at my watch, then at my mother and then back at my watch. “Gwen is late this morning, Mom, and if she doesn’t get here soon I’ll be late for work.”

“Hell’s poppin’, Catherine!  I told you I’m not a baby and I can look after myself!” With that she threw the blanket back and proceeded to dangle her thin legs over the bedside.

Just stop that right now, Mom.  Keeping warm is doctor’s orders.  Let me help you get back into bed.”  I looked at my little mother lying helpless in her bed, covers tucked up under her chin and I just wanted to cry.  “Most likely six months tops,” the doctor had said.

“Never mind waiting for Gwen because I don’t need no Red Cross worker in my house anyway.”  Again she sat up in bed, raised her right arm and wagging her finger at me she shouted, “Out!”

“Please, Mom, if you are determined to sit up in bed then let me put this shawl around your shoulders,” I begged. This time she acquiesced with no argument.

Quickly now, be on your way, Catherine or you really will be late this morning.”

“Red Cross workers are always reliable, Mom.  Something must have happened to Gwen this morning.”

“Telephone still works in this house even if I don’t,” she says and I can’t help but laugh. “Unbelievable, Mom!” I exclaimed wondering why I hadn’t thought of picking up the phone.  Just as I lifted the receiver I heard the knock on the door. Gwen had arrived.

“Very good morning, ladies.”  Then to my mother, “Where would you like your breakfast this morning, dear?”

“X marks the spot,” Mom answered with a big smile on her face.

“You want breakfast in bed then so it shall be,” Gwen laughed as she turned the volume down on the TV and made her way out to the kitchen. 

Zealous is how I would describe you, Gwen,” I said just before I closed the door but jealous was how I was feeling because, no matter how hard I’ve tried to please, I’ve never been able to put a smile on my mother’s face.  For Gwen that’s an easy thing to do. I feel somewhat reassured hoping I still have six months to bridge the long-standing gap between us. I pray that love will find a way.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Wynterblue Publishing Canada's WynLit 24 Writing Competiton and publication on Chapter and

It's a beautiful sunny winter's day and I have just returned from a refreshing Dudley walk at Sheriff Creek.  I saw no wildlife today; no doubt they are finding warmth on a wintry day.  I did spot one tiny bird flying overhead which I think boasted a touch of blue but without wearing my eyeglasses I couldn't swear to that fact.

And now I have returned to my computer where I continue to work on a short story titled Daniel's Destiny; one which I hope will do well in the WynLit 24 writing competition to which it will be submitted before day's end.

I am very pleased today to learn that another of my short stories, this one titled In Control, is published today in an on-line magazine found at   This is the fourth of my short stories in which Chapter and Verse has found favour and I am very appreciative of this e-zine's encouragement and support.  Special thank you to Archie D'Cruz.  :-)

On Chapter and Verse you will also find stories written by friends, talented Elliot Lake authors Shirley Green and Gloria Jean Hansen so my stories are in excellent company.

And now I will get back to work on Daniel's Destiny and hope it is as fortunate publication-wise as In Control has been.  In Control has been previously published in Wynterblue Publishing Canada Inc. Confabulation Four and it has also been published in my own short story anthology titled The Silent Star plus a Dozen.

I still have some copies of The Silent Star plus a Dozen as well as some copies of Sara, a Canadian Saga and Reawakening  available for sale.

If you are interested in purchasing a copy please contact me by  email

Cover design on all my books is beautifully created by Susan Krupp.   You will be amazed by her talent when you visit her website at   I am currently working on my third novel titled Ellen and the Hummingtree.  Not only will Susan Krupp be doing the cover design for this new novel; she will also be illustrating the book.   I can't express how excited I am about this collaboration.      The Elliot Lake launch of  Ellen and the Hummingtree will take place in the fall of 2012.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

The Gathering Place -- Hillside Drive, Elliot Lake

The Gathering Place  -- there is no better place in town where a writer might want to take her laptop or her writing materials -- enjoy a cup of tea or coffee; delicious home made sandwich, salad and dessert.  The inviting ambience of the large room giving you the option to sit at a table or relax on the sofa or armchair by the fireplace  will help to quiet the mind and  motivate the writers' ink to flow.

The Gathering Place  - owned and operated by Wendy Dubois is open for business.

Come in to a comfortable, relaxed and homey place where you will find Good food - home-made deserts, sandwiches, salads, kaisers with a good selection of fillings topped with home made sauces and dips.   There is also a variety of cold plates.  Hot and cold beverages and take-out foods are freshly made and ready to go on request.

The Party/Meeting or Conference Room is available to rent with catering if wanted.

Everything is home-made and delicious.....................Come as a guest - Leave as a friend.

The Gathering Place

Hillside Drive across from Dairy Queen -

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Creative Connections; Toronto Star Short Story Contest & Congrats Wendy on opening of The Gathering Place

This morning I attended the artist/writer collaboration planning meeting for the Creative Connections event commencing at the Civic Centre March 13th.  I'm happy to be paired with artist, Elaine Vegeris, and I look forward to writing something about the life and hardships of maidservants in 17th century Italy.

Today I also submitted my short story titled Weaving Alice to the Toronto Star Short Story Contest.

Not related to writing BUT big congratulations to friend, Wendy, on the opening of her new business today.  The Gathering Place is a neat place to stop for lunch or just coffee/tea & dessert.  It is located on Hillside Drive across the street from The Dairy Queen.  Check it out!