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My Books For Your Reading Pleasure
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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Rhymes and Times Remembered ..

Check out the wonderful poetry of Murray Alfredson featured today on   

And while you are there enjoy the amazing work of the many poets who are gathered there.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

An Australian's definition of a Canadian ....

An Australian's Definition of a Canadian ...........................

Once in a while someone does a nice job of describing a Canadian; this time it is an Australian!

A Canadian can be English, or French, or Italian, Irish, German, Spanish, Polish, Russian or Greek. A Canadian can be Mexican, African, Indian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Australian, Iranian, Asian, Arab, Pakistani or Afghan.A Canadian may also be a Cree, Metis, Mohawk, Blackfoot, Sioux, or one of the many other tribes known as native Canadians.

A Canadian's religious beliefs range from Christian, Jewish, Buddhist, Muslim, Hindu or none. The key difference is that in Canada they are free to worship as each of them chooses. Whether they have a religion or no religion.

A Canadian lives in one of the most prosperous lands in the history of the world. The root of that prosperity can be found in the Charter of Rights and Freedoms which recognize the right of each person to the pursuit of happiness.

A Canadian is generous and Canadians have helped out just about every other nation in the world in their time of need, never asking a thing in return.

Canadians welcome the best of everything, the best products, the best books, the best music, the best food, the best services and the best minds.But they also welcome the least - the oppressed, the outcast and the rejected.These are the people who built Canada .

Canadians are not a particular people from a particular place. They are the embodiment of the human spirit of freedom. Everyone who holds to that spirit, everywhere, can be a Canadian.

Please keep this going! Pass this around the World. Then pass it around again.

It says it all, for all of us.Keep your stick on the ice,



Monday, January 28, 2013

Ellen and The Hummingtree -- a wonderful review by Phyllis Humby ...

The Write Read for a Wintry Afternoon

Easy for you to say, Steve baby. That’s my response to Stephen King’s famous quote – they’re all famous −“If you don't have time to read, you don't have the time (or the tools) to write. Simple as that.” It's not always that simple.

My books have been gathering dust and creating stress. Yes, it stresses me out when everything seems to take precedence over reading. Anyway, today I finished a book that I couldn’t wait to receive in the mail – months ago − Ellen and the Hummingtree by Audrey Austin, a writer from Elliott Lake.

I had the good fortune to meet Audrey online and become acquainted with her writing. If memory serves correctly, I first noticed Audrey’s work on, a site that has featured my work as well.

Ellen and the Hummingtree is an interesting book about a woman of deep faith who has a unique coping mechanism. She speaks to God. Now, I know you will argue that many of us speak to God. But Ellen believes God lives inside a large yellow quartz rock in her backyard. Oh, and of course He speaks to her too. There’s a little hole in the top of the rock. Never mind, just read the book.

It is a collection of well-written stories that weave back and forth through the emotional circumstances of a woman’s life. These stories delve into her relationships as a daughter, wife, mother, grandmother, and friend. Oh, and cousin – I forgot about her cousin Marielle.

In my opinion – only my opinion – the theme of this book is fear. I know that some of you who are familiar with this book may harrumph at that statement but a book is very personal. It’s interpreted differently by each reader. That’s why I love talking to my first readers. I’m fascinated by the interpretation of my work. Each person sees something different or relates with a different character. I digress (as always).

Audrey’s character, Ellen, is on her own to raise two children. Fear. Her grandson, who has a learning disability, is bullied at school. Fear. God lives in a rock in her backyard. That would scare the crap out of me. (My attempt at humour – I’m sorry)

Ellen has many fears, as do we all. The fear of growing old and senile, the fear of having to give up a home to live in a facility. Then there is the ultimate fear. Of growing older and older and older, when all she wants is to re-unite with all the loved ones that have passed on. You do remember that I said this was strictly my opinion.

Near the end of the book there is a chapter I Need You to Remember Me. I remember reading that story, or at least an edited version, some time ago. Please tell me, Audrey, that this was a published short story at some point. If not, I had an incredible déjà vu moment. I liked the story the first time I read it – otherwise I never would have remembered it – and it will remain indelible in my mind.

The last chapter Time to Go Home is melancholy and poignant. I have witnessed death and thought about life after death. I appreciate Audrey Austin’s rendering. This chapter was a fitting ending to a thought provoking book with a unique approach.

Ellen and the Hummingtree by Audrey Austin; a good read for a wintry afternoon.


And visit her blog at   This link wil take you to Phyllis Humby's wonderful site.  Thank you, Phyllis :-)

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Featured Author this week on Small Town Authors is Goldie Luckey ..

The featured author this week on   is Goldie Luckey of Round Hill, Nova Scotia.

Goldie's Bio:

I have always expressed myself through writing and have been working on a family history for more than ten years.  After retiring and moving to Elliot Lake in 2009 I was fortunate to become a member of the Elliot Lake Writers’ Workshop.  My more experienced writer friends encouraged me to write, which resulted in five of my stories being published in the workshops’ anthology ‘Penpourri’.   Now living in rural Nova Scotia, I am in the process of writing a series of short stories for a book on The Adventures of Goldie Maxine. This book will chronicle my childhood experiences growing up in Newfoundland.

Goldie Luckey is a dear friend and a wonderful writer.   She writes humour and comedy better than any author I've ever read.   Check out the excerpt from her upcoming book The Adventures of Goldie Maxine   on

Saturday, January 26, 2013

My Bio from my author page ...

Below is copy of my biography on my author page at   

If you have already read one or more of my books please know that your positive review on will be most welcome. 

Creative writing is my joy -- the day it is no longer a pleasure is the day I will stop writing. I am enjoying some writing success and I also enjoy competition writing. My mother enjoyed writing poetry and stories. She shared her gift with me.

My current work in progress is titled "Moose Road - a Canadian Tragedy. This work came into existence due to my participation in NaNoWriMo. And, yes, I validated my submission and I am a NaNo "Winner". I plan to edit and re-write until the Elliot Lake book launch planned for the fall of 2013. Again for this, my fourth novel, Susan Ruby K. of will be doing illustrations throughout the book. She has already designed a beautiful cover for "Moose Road - a Canadian Tragedy".
My third novel titled Ellen and The Hummingtree, celebrated its successful launch Saturday, November 10th, 2012 at the Gallery at the Centre in Elliot Lake.

This novel is in collaboration with artist, Susan Ruby K., who did not only the cover design but also the illustrations throughout the book. Already the first print run is sold out. Thanks to everyone who purchased their copy. "Ellen and The Hummingtree will soon be available as a Kindle book published by Wynterblue Publishing Canada.
I have recently started a new blog called "Small Town Authors"
Small Town Authors is the gathering place of authors, published and unpublished, to feature and promote their short stories, poems and novel excerpts. Each week a new short story by a small town writer will be featured. Copy and paste your material to me at Be sure to type "Small Town Authors" in the subject line of your email. Check it out at
An even newer blog is "Rhymes and Times Remembered". This blog is a gathering place for poets, published and unpublished, to feature and promote their work. No need to live in a small town to participate in this site. Send your material to me at with "Rhymes and Times" typed in the subject line.

I have loved writing stories ever since I was a little girl. My Current work in progress is novel titled Moose Road - a Canadian Tragedy" which I plan to have ready for its Elliot Lake launch in the fall of 2013.

I am the author of 3 novels; Ellen and The Hummingtree; Sara, a Canadian Saga; and Reawakening. I have also written one anthology titled The Silent Star plus a Dozen and one self-help manual titled Keeping it Simple.

I have some paperback books available for sale. Just contact me at

My third novel titled Ellen and The Hummingtree which was launched Saturday, November 10, 2012 has already sold out its first print run but look for it soon as an Ebook on --

I have many short stories published in Confab 2,3, 4 and 5 by Wynterblue Publishing Canada. I also have several short stories published on and If you check them out I hope you will enjoy the reading.

I have three blogs and one author page on Facebook. I also have an author page on Linked-In. Below are the addresses.

Visit my blog at

Also at

Also at

Also at

Below is a little bit about each of my publications:

Moose Road - a Canadian Tragedy (current WIP)

Elliot Lake launch will take place fall, 2013

Author: Audrey Austin, Cover design: Susan Ruby k.

A tragic accident between a snow plow and a school bus takes place on Moose Road. Who is to blame? Seven farms line Moose Road. Everyone has a story but maybe the road itself is the only one who can come close to the truth in the matter

Books published to date are three novels:

Ellen and The Hummingtree;

Sara, a Canadian Saga;


Also published is one short story anthology titled The Silent Star Plus a Dozen

I have also published a self-help manual. Drawing on my professional background as a psychospiritual practitioner I enjoyed writing and have enjoyed sales of my self-help manual titled Keeping it Simple which celebrates the trinity of Meditation, the 7 major chakras and psychospiritual therapy.

Several of my short stories are published on-line and can be read at ; and at

My novels are available as Kindle books published by Wynterblue Publishing Canada on

Print copies available if you contact me at

Many short stories published by Wynterblue Publishing Canada in anthologies titled Confab two, three, four and soon to be 9 stories published in Confab 5.

My third novel titled Ellen and The Hummingtree celebrated its Elliot Lake launch, Saturday, November 10th. "Ellen is a composite of many beautiful, spiritual women I have known and loved throughout my journey. I hope you will welcome her into your heart and enjoy the stories she shares in Ellen and The Hummingtree"


Author - Audrey Austin -- Cover design - Susan Ruby K., artist, also did all the illustrations throughout the book.

Ellen and The Hummingtree is a fictional, magical and mystical account of the memoirs of Ellen Dawson exploring many social issues: child abandonment; deadbeat dads; separation & divorce;financial struggle; family relationships; infidelity; love on line; aging; women's issues; Alzheimer's; death and dying. She is a composite of many beautiful, spiritual women I have known.
Ellen always finds the hope, support and encouragement she needs when she prays to her God in the yellow quartz rock beneath the Hummingtree.
At the outset of this writing journey I met Ellen. I became acquainted with her and now, after knowing her for more than a year, I can say that I truly like her. She has the courage of her convictions and no matter what life threw at her, Ellen never lost faith. Feedback from readers of Ellen and The Hummingtree has been very positive.
I am excited that my other books Sara, a Canadian Saga; Reawakening; The Silent Star plus a Dozen and Keeping it Simple are all available as Kindle E-books published by Wynterblue Publishing Canada Inc. and I'm happy that Ellen and The Hummingtree will be joining them very soon.

If you click on the book covers you will then see an option to "like" my books.
Thank you to those of you who have read my books for your positive review.
I much appreciate your encouragement and support.

Sara, a Canadian Saga

Author: Audrey Austin.

ABOUT SARA, a Canadian Saga
The time is 1916. Sara is a 10 year old girl in rural Prince Edward Island. Roy is a 10 year old boy in mining town, Nova Scotia.
Through their eyes we see, feel and experience their childhood challenges. We follow them through adolescence and their turbulent teen years.
We celebrate their courtship and suffer their lost innocence in the marriage ritual. They take us through the Great Depression and share with us the frustrations, dreams and challenges they face in adulthood.
As parents they introduce us to their children.

This story appeals to all ages because Sara and Roy hold up a mirror and ask the reader to recognize truth about the human condition for many Canadian families through difficult economic times.
We witness love that does not come neatly wrapped and experience the quiet, sometimes desperate, drama of lives unfolding.
You will find SARA, the Kindle book on or in paperback format from the author.


Author: Audrey Austin, Cover design: Susan Ruby K.

An excerpt from Audrey Austin
"Linda and Jim were happy together in their marriage. Each day brought forth new and interesting challenges for the industrious couple. Life was good. Unfortunately, it was too good to last. Years flew by and Jim was now becoming an old man, even by Earth's standards. When he suffered the massive coronary he left his young heart-broken wife a childless widow.
She mourned. She grieved.
Linda was a beautiful woman, bright, vivacious and caring. After her husband's death she had many opportunities to date. Several men admired her and wanted to spend time with her but she chose not to go out with anyone. She had no desire to date and she never remarried. Jim was her one and only true love.

Linda grew old as her husband before her had grown old. She died a peaceful death.
And then it happened..............."

Reawakening is available as a Kindle book at and in paperback format from the author.

The Silent Star Plus a Dozen --

Author: Audrey Austin, Cover design: Susan Ruby K.

THE SILENT STAR.....previously published in Confab 3, Wynterblue Anthology, North Bay, 2010
an excerpt: "My dreams made no sense to me. They held no relevance to my reality. As foolish as it sounded, even to me, I wished Joseph would come into my dreams and interpret them for me. But, of course, he didn't. I did love the rose garden I often dreamed of though and I got into the habit of keeping a red rose in a bud vase on top of the dresser in my room. I didn't know why the rose was so important to me. I just knew that it was."

IN CONTROL..previously published in Confab 2, Wynterblue Anthology, North Bay, 2009

an excerpt: "Mary, come with me this afternoon to look at the cottage lots. Come with me, please?" he asked.
"Come with you? Come with someone I know nothing about? You must be crazy!"
"Be crazy with me, Mary. Just once take a chance. Let go of control and have some fun."
"Fun," Mary mused. "I don't remember the last time I had any fun."

THE BIG BOOK..Previously published in Confab 2, Wynterblue Anthology, North Bay, 2009

an excerpt: "Come on into the alley with me, baby. I'll share my bottle with you.
Gwendolyn hesitated, then thought, what am I worried about? He can't kill me if I'm already dead. "I'll come into the alley with you on one condition," she stated.
"One condition? What condition you talking about? I'm not into making deals, you know. I just want to share a little drinkie-poo with you."
"It will cost you."
"Cost me? Are you a pro? Lordy, I never would have taken you for a pro, little lady. Aren't you too old for that kind of monkey business?"
Feeling insulted, Gwendolyn replied, "Why, the nerve! I don't know which is the bigger insult; calling me a pro or telling me I'm too old to be one."
This anthology containing 13 short stories is available as a Kindle book at and also in paperback format from the author.

Keeping It Simple
Emotional Healing through Meditation, the Chakra System & Psychospiritual

KEEPING IT SIMPLE is available as an E-book on
It is a work of non-fiction by Audrey Austin
Cover Design by Susan Krupp:

Simplicity in meditation, as in life, is an admirable goal but it is not always easy to be simple.
Life, with its myriad of challenges, has a habit of doing its best to get in the way. Nevertheless we keep our focus on this goal and feel grateful when it is achieved.
It is my highest hope that you, the reader, will find KEEPING IT SIMPLE a useful guide as you continue your journey along the path of self-discovery and personal growth.

I wish you love and light.

"Small Town Authors" is one of my blogs.

Small Town Authors is the gathering place of authors, published and unpublished, to feature and promote their short stories, poems and novel excerpts. Each week a new short story by a small town writer will be featured. Copy and paste your material to me at Be sure to type "Small Town Writers" in the subject line of your email. Check it out at

Another blog is found at For those who love to read and/or write poetry.

My third blog is found at This blog is called Calling All Writers.

How wonderful that today authors can benefit by having an Author's Page here on For me, this was not always the case.

Way back in early 2011, because my E-books were published by Wynterblue Publishing Canada and because I did not have an Amazon account, I was unable to say what I wished to say here on Therefore in response to a review at that time of my first novel, Sara, a Canadian Saga, I made mention of the review in a blog post and stated my thoughts about the review.

At the time it seemed to me that the reviewer was more interested in critiquing yours truly than she was in critiquing the book. Some comments by other readers of Sara seemed to annoy this reviewer as well.

Having said that, now that I have this author page, I don't have to feel silent and restrained. I have an author's voice. For those of you who may remember and may be interested, here is a copy of the blog post that seemed to be considered controversial for some reason. The post can still be found on my blog, Calling All Writers,

Here is the blog post:

I want to say thank you to Lifelong Reader for being the first to write a review on the Ebook Kindle version of my first novel, Sara, a Canadian Saga published by Wynterblue Publishing Canada, North Bay.

The book is not 190 pages or less as he states in his review. Rather it comprises 207 pages.

Lifelong Reader termed the book semi-autobiographical which, of course, it is not.......I'm neither old enough nor wise enough to have been alive in the days of the Great Depression. However the story is definitely based on some seeds of truth as they were told to me by family members and friends.

I'm happy that Lifelong Reader found the story moving. And this reader gave my story 3 stars. SARA was my first novel and for the 3 stars I say thank you to Lifelong Reader whoever you may be.

Lifelong Reader correctly describes the writing as unpolished. This description is interesting and telling .... the writing style is deliberately unpolished. The style is simplistic and is there to tell the story of simple folk who are unpolished, ordinary and unknown. Yet if a reader would take the time to look into this mirror he would see himself and his "ordinaryness" reflected

I will say I have had wonderful feedback from readers of Sara, a Canadian Saga in its paperback form and, of course, I value all feedback be it positive or otherwise because it is all helpful and serves good purpose when it is offered in a constructive manner.

I hope this first review will not deter you from wanting to read this warm, touching story which comes from the heart.

The Ebook Kindle edition of Sara, a Canadian Saga is published by Wynterblue Publishing Canada which is a non-profit company. Wynterblue is invaluable because of its support to northern writers. A special thank you goes out to them for all that they do to help emerging authors.

Here are more positive reviews of Sara, a Canadian Saga.

"Your well-written book brought memories of actual places and people to me. I was a child growing up on Prince Edward Island in the dirty thirties." K. Austin

"I've read your book already and loved the story. It reminded me of the stories my parents and grandparents used to relate about the 20's and 30's, Your story will sell very well with the older audience and educate the younger ones. They were not easy days for anyone." Judy Donovan-McDonald.

"I received SARA on Tuesday and cóuldn't wait to read it. I couldn't put it down. I really enjoyed the story especially the streets in Toronto. It brought back a lot of memories. It is good for the soul to remember the past. Could that be why we call them the good old days? Looking forward to a sequel. Maureen Jones-Motchan.

"I truly enjoyed reading SARA. At times I laughed and at other times I felt tears welling up. It was such a good story, well written and I loved it." Eleanor Lambert.

I just finished reading "Sara."
I took the book to work with me where I was teaching a grade 7 class. The children were directed to write about a time when they or someone they knew, demonstrated perseverance. I held up the book and used "Sara" as an example of a woman who demonstrated perseverance. I also spoke to the fact that the author demonstrated this quality in her determination to have her story published. You would not believe the response from these kids - many wanted to know if they could get it at Chapters. This story is uniquely Canadian and should be marketed to adolescents as part of their Canadian heritage. "Sara" is a narrative that figures in the histories of Canadian families everywhere. I will be passing this on to my son!
The line that cracked me up and drew me in for good:
"Their mother set the steaming bowls of vegetables in the centre of the large, old, wooden table that no amount of wax and polish could dignify." (p. 11)
I won't over-analyze why this struck me as hilarious, it just did. What sad, sad state Rebecca was in over her table. This table is a silent witness to generations of love, hope, fear, strife, courage, ignorance and finally, understanding. What a beautiful metaphor for an old scratched up, banged around history that none of us can escape and our fear of endlessly repeating it.
Thank-you for inviting us to the table.
Karen Preston.

And now this blog post is where it belongs. Had I been able to put this post onto at the time of SARA's first review I would have done so. Better late than not at all.

And just to let you know I also have an Author's Page at

You will also find me on Twitter and on LinkedIn.

Thank you for buying and reading my books. Your encouragement and support is much appreciated and your positive reviews are very welcome. :-)

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Frozen pipes ..

Frozen pipes do nothing to warm the heart.

Here in Elliot Lake we have been experiencing cold temperatures as low as minus
47C and 43C

Our high temps have been in the range of minus 25 to minus 30C.  This morning on my back deck the temperature is minus 28C.

Here in my house we are experiencing frozen pipes.  Yesterday morning we had two toilets out of action plus no water in the laundry room.

The plumber has been here and now we have both toilets back in action but still we have a frozen pipe in the laundry room that I pray is not going to burst before we can find a way to unfreeze it.   This pipe is  concealed behind the drywall.  Contractor is coming by this morning and hopefully he will have a solution.

Yes, I know there are much worse things happening all around our poor world.  My heart goes out to those who are homeless in this extreme weather.  My heart goes out to those who have lost homes in storms and earthquakes.

I know our frozen pipe is piddling minor in the scheme of things but it is a fact that frozen pipes do little to warm the heart.

Monday, January 21, 2013

"One Today" - by inauguration poet Richard Blanco

The following poem was delivered by inauguration poet Richard Blanco during ceremonies for President Obama's second inaugural Monday. The text of the poem was provided by the Presidential Inaugural Committee.

"One Today"

One sun rose on us today, kindled over our shores,
peeking over the Smokies, greeting the faces
of the Great Lakes, spreading a simple truth
across the Great Plains, then charging across the Rockies.
One light, waking up rooftops, under each one, a story
told by our silent gestures moving behind windows.

My face, your face, millions of faces in morning’s mirrors,
each one yawning to life, crescendoing into our day:
pencil-yellow school buses, the rhythm of traffic lights,
fruit stands: apples, limes, and oranges arrayed like rainbows
begging our praise. Silver trucks heavy with oil or paper -- bricks or milk, teeming over highways alongside us,
on our way to clean tables, read ledgers, or save lives -- to teach geometry, or ring up groceries as my mother did
for twenty years, so I could write this poem.

All of us as vital as the one light we move through,
the same light on blackboards with lessons for the day:
equations to solve, history to question, or atoms imagined,
the “I have a dream” we keep dreaming,
or the impossible vocabulary of sorrow that won’t explain
the empty desks of twenty children marked absent
today, and forever. Many prayers, but one light
breathing color into stained glass windows,
life into the faces of bronze statues, warmth
onto the steps of our museums and park benches
as mothers watch children slide into the day.

One ground. Our ground, rooting us to every stalk
of corn, every head of wheat sown by sweat
and hands, hands gleaning coal or planting windmills
in deserts and hilltops that keep us warm, hands
digging trenches, routing pipes and cables, hands
as worn as my father’s cutting sugarcane
so my brother and I could have books and shoes.

The dust of farms and deserts, cities and plains
mingled by one wind -- our breath. Breathe. Hear it
through the day’s gorgeous din of honking cabs,
buses launching down avenues, the symphony
of footsteps, guitars, and screeching subways,
the unexpected song bird on your clothes line.

Hear: squeaky playground swings, trains whistling,
or whispers across cafe tables, Hear: the doors we open
for each other all day, saying: hello, shalom,
buon giorno, howdy, namaste, or buenos días
in the language my mother taught me -- in every language
spoken into one wind carrying our lives
without prejudice, as these words break from my lips.

One sky: since the Appalachians and Sierras claimed
their majesty, and the Mississippi and Colorado worked
their way to the sea. Thank the work of our hands:
weaving steel into bridges, finishing one more report
for the boss on time, stitching another wound
or uniform, the first brush stroke on a portrait,
or the last floor on the Freedom Tower
jutting into a sky that yields to our resilience.

One sky, toward which we sometimes lift our eyes
tired from work: some days guessing at the weather
of our lives, some days giving thanks for a love
that loves you back, sometimes praising a mother
who knew how to give, or forgiving a father
who couldn’t give what you wanted.

We head home: through the gloss of rain or weight
of snow, or the plum blush of dusk, but always -- home,
always under one sky, our sky. And always one moon
like a silent drum tapping on every rooftop
and every window, of one country -- all of us --
facing the stars
hope -- a new constellation
waiting for us to map it,
waiting for us to name it -- together

Sunday, January 20, 2013

My Author's Page on

Although all my Kindle books are published by Wynterblue Publishing Canada I am delighted to have my own author's page at

I hope you will visit my page and "like" it.

Also if you click on each of my four books which are Sara, a Canadian Saga;
Reawakening; The Silent Star plus a Dozen; and Keeping It Simple you will have the opportunity to "like"  each book. Thanks for doing this.

Also if you have read one or more of my books and really enjoyed them then please know that your positive review on Amazon will be much appreciated.

Currently I have four Kindle books on this site.  Soon my most recent novel titled Ellen and The Hummingtree will be published by Wynterblue Publishing Canada as a Kindle book too.

My Kindle novels and anthology sell for just $2.99

Keeping It Simple which is a self-help handbook celebrating the trinity of Meditation, the seven major Chakras and Psychospiritual Therapy sells for just $4.99

Paperback copies of all my books have sold very well.   I do have a few copies here of my first novel Sara, a Canadian Saga which is enjoying its fourth print run.  I also have a few copies of Reawakening and a very few copies (3) of The Silent Star plus a Dozen which is an anthology of competition winning short stories.

Paperback copies of Keeping It Simple and Ellen and The Hummingtree are sold out.

My current work in progress is a novel titled Moose Road - a Canadian Tragedy.   The Elliot Lake launch of this book is planned for the fall of 2013.

Cover design and illustrations in all my books are created by talented artist/illustrator Susan Ruby K.  of


This week's featured author on  is Donna B. McNicol from Jamestown, TN., U.S.A.

If you would like to share in order to promote your poem, short story or novel excerpt just contact me by email.

To date the authors featured on Small Town Authors include R.D. Pittman of O'Fallon, Missouri;  Janis Cox of Haliburton, Ontario; Tracy Kauffman of Decatur, Alabama;  Bela Kaul of  Eden Prairie, Minnesota;  Christine Keleny of New Glarus, Wisconsin;  Steven P. Marini of West Yarmouth, MA.;  Maggie Kirton of Callander, Ontario;  Graham Smith of Gretna Green on the Scotland/England border; Donna B. McNicol of Jamestown, TN;  and yours truly, Audrey Austin of Elliot Lake, Ontario.

Featured writer next week will be Goldie Luckey of Nova Scotia, Canada.

As  you can see you will be in excellent company if you choose to promote your poem, short story or novel excerpt on

If you wish to promote your poetry whether you live in a small town or a big city then check out   On this site you will enjoy the work of poets including Marlon de Souza; T.L. Cooper;  Joyce Jones; Susan Ruby K.;  Eva Ruby Austin;  Jose Battan;  Greg Laurenceson;  Maggie Kirton;  Eleanor Lambert;  Jan Kot via Daniel Grubb; and yours truly, Audrey Austin.

To share and promote your poetry on this site contact me by email.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

From another reader of Ellen and The Hummingtree..

Hi Audrey, I just read your book "Ellen and the Hummingtree" what a wonderful book! You really do have a wonderful, amazing talent of writing. It was so captivating I could hardly put it down. My question is what is truth and what is fiction? As an author you probably won't tell me. Anyway, I really did enjoy it, what a way to start the New Year with a great book and I even know the Author! Happy New Year and happy writing - I'm waiting for the next book!!!!

Thank you, Marilyn.  I'm so happy that you enjoyed Ellen and The Hummingtree.
This book will soon be a Kindle Book at
The first print run of Ellen has sold out.  Thanks to everyone who bought a copy.
And, Marilyn, my next book will be celebrating its Elliot Lake launch
in the fall of 2013.
It's title is Moose Road - a Canadian Tragedy

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Moose Road

I am making good progress on Moose Road.  I am about to begin Chapter eight in my first edit and re-write.  My present word count is around 65,000.  Moose Road is my primary writing focus for 2013 and I'm feeling good; on track and plan to be prepared for a local book launch fall of this year.

This week is another meeting of Creative Connections 3.   My partner, Susan Ruby K.'s beautiful work of art titled A Cold Call has inspired me to write a poem.  Our combined work will be on exhibition this spring in the Elliot Lake Civic Centre.

I am pleased with the way other writers are participating and sharing their poems, short stories and novel excerpts in my new blogs which are found at    and also at

Cover design by Susan Ruby K.