My Books For Your Reading Pleasure

My Books For Your Reading Pleasure
Proud Indie Author

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

My Books

I'm happy to say that all but one of my books are now available
for your reading enjoyment
in our beautiful brand new Elliot Lake Public Library

Saturday, July 22, 2017

a single red rose

A single red rose sits in a bud vase on my kitchen table.   It is in full bloom and I am inspired by the multi-layers of perfection; inspired to stay strong; to smile even if I don't really feel like smiling.  Thank you, dear Frances, for this rose and for your beautiful card.  You are a true friend.

It is only because of friends that this past month has been as productive as has been necessary with the lllness of my loved one and the move to a new 'old' house.  Many friends to thank but especially John, Bevy, and Treena.  These young people have been the stars in my sky.  Without them, a move would not have gone smoothly; perhaps a move would not have happened at all.  John worked so very hard; Bevy took loving care of my pups; and Treena, without her ready supply of boxes and smiling encouragement, I would not have achieved nearly as much as I thankfully did.

I look at Sam, resting in his little bed here with me in the kitchen.   He is such a good boy yet can be such a challenge when he decides to be.  He, along with his sister, Lila, are adapting to their new surroundings.  I'm sure they miss their Dad.   I sometimes call them good twin/bad twin but in my heart I know they are both pure goodness.

A most challenging month has offered the gifts of sadness, fear, hope, love, and faith renewed.

My heart is full as I prepare to once again make my trek to the hospital to visit.  I think of many past visits to hospital to be with my mother.  I think of my Dad who died so suddenly that there was no time for a hospital visit.  I think of dear friends who have spent more time than they would like in hospital; and I think of my beautiful sister who, thankfully, avoided the hospital and spent her final days in her own home.     Mostly, right now, I think of Brian as I prepare to leave the house; the one to which I pray he will soon be able to return.

These thoughts, and many more, have presented themselves in the glory of the single red rose that sits atop my kitchen table.

Friday, July 21, 2017

A bit of this and that ......

As a writer I am fulfilled when creating poetry, stories, characters, and situations which before never existed outside my imagination. I was born and raised by my parents in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. I often describe myself as one who tends to do everything backward. At a very early age I married and before long my two daughters arrived. Having only a high school education I waited until my children were grown before going back to school. I attended University of Toronto and later graduated from Transformational Arts College. For the past seventeen years I have lived in Elliot Lake, Ontario but in the past I have lived in Toronto and its suburbs; Prince Edward Island and in New Zealand. I have also enjoyed other international travel but as a tourist in countries including Thailand; Korea; Bahamas; Bermuda; Columbia, Puno and Cartagena in South America. I have held several jobs throughout my life; primarily the positions of legal transcriptionist; teacher and psychospiritual practitioner in private practice.

I always wanted to write and I did write in a small way as a hobby but I never made any attempt at publication. It was not until I retired at an uncertain age that I finally made the promise to myself that I would fulfill my dream of being an author. Since that day I have worked very hard though it does not feel like work. I love creative writing and how can something one loves so much be classified as work? I have written novels, novellas, short stories, some of which are in anthologies, and some, like Daniel, which dare to stand alone. Drawing on my experience as a teacher/therapist I put together what is so far my only book on personal growth. The majority of my short stories deal with social issues. I have no diplomas or degrees in creative writing. I have only the imagination and the desire to allow the wonderful characters I create the freedom to express and the time to tell their stories. I do my best to keep up with the characters and I hope others enjoy reading what I write."

Poetry, for me, is a pleasurable challenge; one that I want to meet. The writing of poems is something my mother loved to do and I remember as a child being taught, "It's not poetry if it does not rhyme". Perhaps this is why rhyming seems to come easy for me but to write free verse; there is my mountain to climb. I am climbing, albeit using baby steps, but I am always thrilled when I meet with even the slightest poetic success. This encourages me to keep trying.


I don't like waiting; never have. Patience has never been my virtue. I'm waiting for contractor; waiting for window coverings; and, most important, I'm waiting for Brian to be well and home where he belongs.

I'm the type of personality that doesn't even lilke waiting in line for groceries or waiting for a bus. I know God doesn't give us more than we can handle but moving house was a big one; Brian's illness even bigger; and my daughter's surgery was at the same time. She is thankfully recovering.

I often question why challenges can't come one at a time to be more manageable. I never get an answer. But maybe the message is that it's about time that I learn to wait ..... patiently. I don't think I have it in me but I'm trying.   Ever impatient; that's me!