My Books For Your Reading Pleasure

My Books For Your Reading Pleasure
Proud Indie Author

Thursday, September 26, 2013

My Kindle Books -- novels, novellas, short stories

As a writer I am fulfilled when creating stories, characters, and situations which before never existed outside my imagination.

I'm very excited to have my work made available to you through Kindle Books at

Whether you choose one of my novels, a novella or a short story, I hope you will enjoy the read.

Currently my Kindle books on are my novels Sara, a Canadian Saga; Reawakening;Ellen and The Hummingtree; and Moose Road - a Canadian Tragedy: all published by Wynterblue Publishing Canada and all cover designs by Susan Ruby K. of

"WHEN GOD GIVES US SPRING" is my first novella available as a Kindle Book.
 "BEYOND THE BLUE", a coming-of-age story, is my second novella.

"Keeping It Simple" which explores the trinity of Meditation, the Seven Major Chakras and Psychospiritual therapy is also available as a Kindle book.

My short story anthology titled The Silent Star plus a Dozen is available as a Kindle Book.

And I am excited to be publishing more shorts on Kindle. WHILE YOU WERE SLEEPING; JIE KE'S TEAHOUSE; THE BIG BOOK; and JACOB'S SEVEN LETTERS are available now and soon I will be publishing more short stories for your reading enjoyment.

You will find it all at

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Elliot Lake Writers' Discussion Group ....

“It’s a go and you are invited.”


What happens when a group of writers without agenda get together for discussion?

 We are about to find out.

Tuesday, October 22nd

2 pm to 4 pm

50th Room (next door to Gallery at the Centre) Lester B. Pearson Civic  Centre, Elliot Lake

All creative writers, published or unpublished, are invited to participate
in this informal social gathering. 

Your one dollar in the jar goes directly to


to assist in the realization of their “Pet Shelter for Women” 

For further information: 

Elliot Lake Writers' Discussion Group is an informal social and support network of creative writers

 residing in and near Elliot Lake.

Writers meet oneTuesday afternoon 2 pm to 4 pm each month to share friendship and discussion.


Do we want snacks?  If you think so feel free to bring something along.

Cold drinks (non-alcoholic) will be provided. 


Sunday, September 22, 2013

Making a Video ...........

Making a video is a huge learning curve ...... but I'm doing my best to learn.  I hope I can do so before the whole process drives me around the bend.

I understand I can make a short video; upload it to YouTube and from YouTube I can bring it back to a post here in Calling All Writers.

It is all very complicated to a tech dummy like yours truly.

Visit my Facebook page at  and there you will see a short video of friend, talented musician Dayeton Larson who performed his rendition of Old Moose Road at the launch of my fourth novel, Moose Road - a Canadian Tragedy.

And now I will return to the classroom.  If I succeed in learning how to create a video on this site you will be the first to see it. :-)

And if all else fails please visit --  buy one of my Kindle Books and enjoy a wonderful evening.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Indiegogo Campaign -- a letter from author, Alex McGilvery

Alex McGilvery
Hi Audrey, I was hoping I could get you to pass the word on about my indiegogo campaign to publish Playing on Yggdrasil. The basic level of support gets you a free ebook when it is published.

If I can get a good bit of support now it will boost my campaign and make it easier to bring other people on board.I think this is the one you pre-read for me. Here is a rough blurb of the book:

Playing with Yggdrasil is the story of Justine and her father, Patrick. Two years after Justine's mother died they have adjusted their lives around missing her. Not everyone understands Justine's feelings and when she is bullied by a girl at school it becomes overwhelming. She befriends a tree in the schoolyard that she calls Drasil.

Patrick doesn't know if Drasil is any more than a tree, but Justine begins to talk about visiting a people with very different ideas of how to live. What he does know is that his daughter is changing the people and the world around her in ways that he could never have imagined.

Yet no world is without darkness and as Justine's stories grow more painful, Patrick worries about her. Then the unthinkable happens and they must choose how they will respond to evil.
And the link again:
Playing on Yggdrasil
Alex is looking for money for professional editing, cover and first print run of his second novel.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Pet Project ........

It is my great pleasure to help share awareness about the Pet Shelter Project the achievement of which is an important goal of Maplegate House for women. 

And it is one that we can help to make a reality.

At my book launch of Moose Road - a Canadian Tragedy Naomi shared information about this worthy project and it was my pleasure to offer ten percent of sales which took place at the launch to Maplegate for this reason.  Thank you to each person who bought a copy of my fourth novel at this launch because in doing so you made a generous contribution to help women in need help their pets in need.  Your giving to this project is what I like to call a double whammy.  Not only were you helping women who need to escape an abusive home life but also you were helping their pets to escape abuse sometimes to the point of death.
Representing Maplegate House for Women 
at my recent book launch is Naomi.
A friend who shall remain nameless shared with me a nightmare past experience she endured with an abusive partner several years ago.  She had simply said to her husband, "He is not eating again," in reference to her beautiful dog.   Her husband in angry response took that dog for a walk and the poor dog never returned.  This abusive man shot the dog not once but thirteen times making sure that the innocent animal was dead.
Another friend of mine shared with me that when she was a very little girl her father in a fit of rage shot and killed her beautiful little dog in front of her eyes.
These nightmare kinds of stories are not the vivid imagination of a fiction writer.  No.  Indeed these are true stories and they are just two of too many.
I am Mom to my pet, Ki.
Yes, Ki is my dog.  But anyone who knows me knows that Ki is my boy, my love, my child.  He is a much loved and respected family member.
I am grateful that I am not in an abusive relationship.
But I can easily imagine that if I were and if I were in a terrible situation where I needed to escape my home there is no way on earth I would leave without my children.
And thank God in our little town we have Maplegate House for Women where, if I needed to get away, I could find comfort and solace there, and I could take my children with me.
But what about my Ki?  What about my boy?
I can't take off knowing I am leaving this beautiful fellow in an abusive situation with no one to protect him or care for him or love him.
I have no money so I can't afford to take him to a shelter.
No, I will stay where I am.  I will try to stay alive to take care of my children and my beloved pet.
What we need here in Elliot Lake is a place where a woman in an abusive situation can escape her environment with her children and with her pet(s).
The wonderful people at Maplegate House for Women agree that this is what is needed. 
And this is the goal that you and I can help them to achieve.
We can find ways and means to support Maplegate's "Pet Shelter Project"
Maplegate can be a place that is sheltering Animals and Families together
 for Safety.
They need our help.
Let me share some important information from their Pet Shelter Project Poster.
Did you know?
(1) Twelve independent surveys have reported that between 18% and 48% of abused women have delayed their decision to leave their abuser or returned to their abuser out of fear for the welfare of their pets (Ascione 2007)
(2) Beween 71% and 85% of women entering domestic violence shelters reported that their partner had threatened, injured or killed the family pet (Ascione, Weber & Wood, 1997)
(3) Research has shown that 62% to 76% of animal cruelty in the home occurs in front of children (Favor & Strand, 2003).  Children often intervene to protect their mothers and pets from being abused.  Some children may even allow themselves to be victimized to save their pets from being harmed or killed (Edelson et al., 2003).
We can find ways to help.  I am sure that we can.   Anything that you can do to help Maplegate House for Women achieve their dream and make their Pet Shelter Project a reality will be appreciated.
Maplegate House for Women         705-461-9868

You will also find Maplegate House for Women on Facebook. 


Wednesday, September 11, 2013

I have only 23 books left in print format but Kindle Books are available ...

I spent most of my evening creating Facebook pages for each of my six published books. Thank you for "liking" each page.

At this time I have only five print copies left of my first novel, SARA, a Canadian Saga.

I have eighteen print copies of my second novel titled Reawakening
But all my books with the exception of Moose Road - a Canadian Tragedy
are available as Kindle Books at
Thank you for your "likes".   Positive reviews on or on Goodreads
are always most welcome.

Monday, September 9, 2013

a novel; a short story and a poem, two and three ..

This has been a wonderful weekend for writing.

(1)  My novel titled "Moose Road - a Canadian Tragedy" celebrated its launch Saturday, September 7th.

I am overjoyed to announce that the first numbered limited edition of this, my fourth novel, is now sold out.

Thank you to all who purchased a copy.

(2)  My short story titled "Passion to Stay Put" I am excited to learn is one of twelve semi-finalists in the John Kenneth Galbraith Award competition.   I hope this story will be one of the three finalists but even if it is not, I already feel like a winner.

(3)  Thank you, Linda, for bringing home from New Liskeard my copy of  "Spirits in Stone" which is volume 18 of the Northern Ontario Poetry Collection.  I am very happy to have my poem 'Mustard on a Hotdog' included in this anthology as one of the Judges' selections.

I was unable to attend the launch of "Spirits in Stone" as it took place on the same day as the launch of  my novel, "Moose Road - a Canadian Tragedy".

My greatest pleasure is writing fiction.  However I am trying to become more at home and more expert in the art of writing poetry.  I am grateful to White Mountain Publications for their offering of the annual Northern Ontario Poetry Competition.  It gives me the opportunity to learn and to hopefully improve my poetic writing.

In 2006 one of my poems was selected to be published in Volume Eleven, Sylvan Jottings.  Two years later in 2008 another of my poems was published in Volume Thirteen, Moments in Time.
I know God loves a tryer and so I entered again in 2011 and I was pleased that another of my poems was published in Volume Sixteen, Scripted Inspiration.   Then again in 2012 I was overjoyed that three of my poems were selected for publication in Volume Seventeen, Arising From The Mist.

And now as I admire the Certificate of Poetic Achievement recognizing publication of my poem in Volume Eighteen, Spirits in Stone, I feel honoured to have my work included in an anthology containing amazing poetry from poets across northern Ontario.

Will I enter again next year?  You bet I will!  :-)

If you like poetry and are interested in having a copy of this wonderful collection just contact the publisher, White Mountain Publications.  You will find them on Facebook.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Moose Road - a Canadian Tragedy -- Elliot Lake Book Launch

Brian Fletcher attended and made a video of the event.  Thank you, Brian

Dayeton Larson sang an amazing rendition of
Old Moose Road

I am very grateful to Dayeton for also entertaining everyone
with his music throughout the book signing

The lovely Fran was front row centre :-)

John Sewell was a winner of one of Susan Ruby K's illustrations on parchment

Special thanks to Mayor Rick Hamilton
for attending and for drawing the names of the winners.


Can you tell I'm happy?

Thank you to all who attended the launch.

Here I am setting up the table in preparation for the book launch.

Dayeton Larson entertained us beautifully.
He is a very talented musician/singer/songwriter.
Thank you, Dayeton.

Dayeton and me before the guests arrived.

Thank you to ARIEL for the lovely venue, The Gallery at The Centre

Brian, Shirley, Alexandra and me
awaiting the arrival of guests

Thank you Elliot Lake!
Attendance was wonderful!

Shirley was there -- and she purchased a copy of
Moose Road - a Canadian Tragedy
and also my very last copy of The Silent Star plus a Dozen.

Dayeton Larson -- what a talent!

Mayor Rick Hamilton and Brenda receiving her copy of one of
Susan Ruby K's illustrations on parchment

Thank you Naomi, representing Maplegate House for Women.
Wishing you success in establishing the Pet Shelter at Maplegate!

Another winner (Anne's husband) coming up to
receive his copy of REAWAKENING.

Photographer, Paul Kazulak with Mayor Rick Hamilton

John Sewell, another winner of a copy of one of
Susan Ruby K's illustrations on parchment here
with Mayor Rick Hamilton and yours truly.

Photographer, Paul Kazulak..

My dear friend, Shirley Green.
Thanks for being there, Shirley.
Your support and encouragement means much to me (hugs)

And my dear friend, Vesna, thank you.
Thank you Elliot Lake for your wonderful reception of Moose Road - a Canadian Tragedy.  The book launch was a wonderful success and I am feeling
very happy and very grateful.
I hope that all who purchased a copy will enjoy the story.
This has been an amazing day!
The numbered limited edition of this, my fourth novel, has sold out.
The Kindle Book will be available soon at

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Moose Road - a Canadian Tragedy: book launch & fundraiser, September 7, 2013



   for MAPLEGATE House for Women ....

a collaboration event
celebrating the launch of

MOOSE ROAD - A Canadian Tragedy

Meet the Author: Audrey Austin
Meet the illustrator:  Susan Ruby Krupp
Book reading and signing
Special guest: singer/songwriter - Dayeton Larson
Saturday, September 7, 2013 at 2 pm
Gallery at The Centre
Lester B. Pearson Civic Centre
Elliot Lake
Participate in free draw.  You could win a copy of Austin's 2nd novel,
or a copy of one of Susan's
MOOSE ROAD illustrations on parchment paper.

Book Launch is also a fundraiser.  Each book sold at the launch will

ensure a $2.00 donation to Maplegate House for Women

in support of their proposed animal shelter.


Summer Vacation is over for Small Town Authors ....

Summer vacation is over for

Featured author for the month of September is Kaitlin Bevis of Athens, Georgia.

You will enjoy the excerpt from her novel titled Persephone

Small Town Authors will feature a different small town author each month. 

If you would like to be the featured author for October, 2013 then contact me by email.

There is wonderful reading to be enjoyed at

Check it out!  :-)