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My Books For Your Reading Pleasure
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Monday, January 30, 2012

Congratulations Kayt Lackie Burgess

Congratulations to Kayt Lackie Burgess on winning the 3 day Novel Competition!   I can't wait to read her book once it is ready to be released.   
Kayt Lackie's novella took  first place in last year's WynLit 73 competition.  I hope to see that one in publication soon too.   Kayt is a brilliant writer.

My novella didn't even make the short list last year.  I have entered Wynterblue Publishing's WynLit 73 competition which is a 73 hour novel writing competition four years running. Results of this year's competition  should be announced sometime in February. Two of my novellas have been shortlisted  -- if I do as well this year I may consider putting together a book containing the 3 novellas.
Competition writing is a great motivator.  I hope to enter the 3 day Novel Competition next year. Maybe you will enter too, eh?  :-)

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Andrew's Achievement

I'm excited about an email received from today.  They have published on-line another of my short stories.  This one is titled Andrew's Achievement , a short story about elder abuse; unfortunately a not uncommon happening in our society.

Also this weekend I did manage completion of a 1000 word poem about Cabin Fever for Wynterblue Publishing's WynLit 24 writing competition weekend.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Today I entered Canada Write's true story competition.  Since their request is that I post my 100 words or less using real name story on my Facebook page and on the Canada Write's Facebook page, I may just as well post it on my blog as well.   I imagine this contest will draw many entries.  Wish me luck!

All About Alan
Alan Meyer is my boyfriend.   He, with the curly dark hair and soft brown eyes, stands a lean 6’5 in contrast to my 5’2.  Feeling foolish with arm extended in child-like perpendicular fashion I avoid hand-holding.  Does he notice the amused stares as I do? Yes, we look ridiculous together; a real life odd couple. 
A magical poet, when he reads aloud I’m transported to a sacred place where height is meaningless and the love in our hearts is the only true measure. But many years have passed. Alan, I wonder where you are today. Thank you for happy memories.

Yesterday the above was my entry in the Canada Writes Name-dropping writing competition.  Today I learned we can enter as often as we like.....had I known that (my fault for not reading instructions through properly) I probably would have written several short 100 word stories.

I did manage to get one in under the wire before contest closing today though and I will post it below.


The Sendero Luminosa had sent the charitable workers packing and after much searching to discover Yeny’s whereabouts I was packing too. It wasn’t an easy feat to find Yeny’s address in Peru but at last I was ready to travel to meet the child I had been sponsoring through World Vision. I spoke no Spanish; she, no English yet the first time our eyes connected I felt an irrevocable bond. She was eight years old the day we met. More than twenty years later, the bond intact, we stay in touch through Facebook and email. We are forever friends.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Saint Francis de Sales -- Patron Saint of Writers & Journalists ....

Until today I was unaware that Francis de Sales was the patron saint of writers -- this made me curious to learn a little more about the man and below I'll share a little information with you.

"Francis de Sales was born on August 21, 1567, in Château de Thorens into a Savoyard noble family in what is today Thorens-Glières, Haute-Savoie, France. His father was François de Boisy and his mother was Françoise... de Sionnz. Because he was the first of six children, his father wanted him to attend the best schools, and he enjoyed a privileged education in the nearby towns of La Roche-sur-Foron and Annecy; his spiritual formation and academics were formed by the Jesuits. In 1583, he went to the Collège de Clermont in Paris. A year later Francis was engulfed in a personal crisis when, after attending a theological discussion about predestination, he became convinced that he was damned to Hell. In December 1586, his despair was so great that he was physically ill and even bedridden for a time. In January 1587, he visited the church of Saint-Etienne des Grès, in southern France, with great difficulty. There his crisis ended, and he decided to dedicate his life to God. Francis came to the conclusion that whatever God had in store for him was good, because "God is love", as Scripture attests. This faithful devotion to the God of love not only expelled his doubts, but also influenced the rest of his life and his teachings. His way of teaching Catholic spirituality is often referred to as the Way of Divine Love, or the Devout Life, taken from a book he wrote of a similar name: Introduction to the Devout Life.


In 1588, Francis transferred from the University of Paris to the University of Padua in Italy, where he studied both law and theology. There he made up his mind about becoming a priest. Intelligent and handsome, de Sales went through various conversion experiences that moved his heart to serve God rather than money or the world. One incident included his sword falling to the ground while riding a horse, and crossing another sword, making the sign of the Cross. He interpreted this, among other signs, that Jesus Christ was calling him to a life of sacrifice and self-giving love for the Church.


In 1592, he ended his studies with the title of "doctor", certified both in law and theology. He made the pilgrimage to Loreto, Italy, famous for its shrine to the Virgin Mary, before going home. At home, his father had already secured a variety of positions for his son, one of which was a position on the Senate of Chambéry. It was difficult for Francis's father to accept that his son had already chosen the priesthood over a military or political career.

After studying the humanities, rhetoric, theology, and law, he famously refused to marry the wealthy heiress his father had chosen as his bride, preferring to stay focused on his path with God. The intervention of Claude de Granier, then Bishop of Geneva, won him ordination and appointment as provost of the cathedral chapter of Geneva in 1593.

Provost and Bishop

Since the time of the Protestant Reformation, which began in 1517, the seat of the Catholic bishops of Geneva, Switzerland, had been located at Annecy in Savoy, France, due to Calvinist control of Geneva itself. Francis, in his capacity as provost, engaged in enthusiastic campaigns of evangelism among the Protestants of Savoy, winning many returns to the Old Faith (i.e., Catholicism). He also traveled to Rome and Paris, where he forged alliances with Pope Clement VIII and the French King Henry IV.

In 1602, Bishop Granier died, and Francis was consecrated Bishop of Geneva. During his years as bishop, he acquired a reputation as a spellbinding preacher and something of an ascetic; in particular, he was known as a friend of the poor, a man of almost supernatural affability and understanding. These last qualities come through in his books, the most famous of which was Introduction à la vie dévote ("Introduction to the Devout Life"), that - unusually for the time - is written especially for laypeople. He also left the mystical Traité de l' Amour de Dieu ("Treatise on the Love of God") and many highly valued letters of spiritual direction. He was a notably clear and gracious stylist in French, Italian and Latin.

Along with St. Jane Frances de Chantal, Francis founded the women's Order of the Visitation of Holy Mary (Visitandines) in Annecy on June 6, 1610.

He died on December 28, 1622, in Lyon, France, while travelling in the entourage of Charles Emmanuel I, Duke of Savoy.

The Roman Catholic Church today celebrates St. Francis de Sales' feast on January 24, the day of his burial in Annecy in the year 1624.[3] From the year 1666, when his feast day was inserted into the General Roman Calendar, until the reform of this calendar in 1969, it was observed on January 29, and this date is kept by those who celebrate the extraordinary form of the Roman Rite.


In 1923, Pope Pius XI proclaimed him a patron of writers and journalists, because he made extensive use of flyers and books both in spiritual direction and in his efforts to convert the Calvinists of the region.

St. Francis developed a sign language in order to teach a deaf man about God. Because of this, he is the patron saint of the deaf."

Sunday, January 22, 2012

ELWW -- last class assignment - a story within a story .......


by Audrey Austin

I think of Thomas Friedman’s words, my world is flat right now. To Brian I say, “It’s way too soon after his surgery!”

But Brian is determined. “He’s been begging all morning. He wants to go.”

He doesn’t need a walk today!” I insist. Taut with anxiety I close my eyes for just a second and pray for cessation of my mind’s melee.

I open my eyes to see one best friend, face somber and unrelenting, dressing my other best friend, tail wagging, in his little red woolen coat.

I persist, “His resistance is low. He’s still on antibiotic. If you take him out he’s going to be sniffing other dogs’ poop and God only knows what kind of bacteria will attack him.”

Brian just gives me that look and says, “Your imagination is fantastic. You’re being ridiculous!”

Am I being ridiculous?  What does he know?

“Brian, on-line yesterday one of my friends was posting about all the salt on the roads.  Do you know how painful it is when that road salt gets into a dog’s paws?”

“There are no roads in the woods,” he responds as though I am the child and he my mentor.

Oh, all right then,” I concede.  “But don’t go –“and the door slams before I can finish my sentence, -- too far.”

Don’t go too far, I’m thinking, and as I stand alone in the kitchen it is my dear mother’s voice I am hearing.   I’m nine years old, excited about showing off my new bathing suit at the beach.  “Race you to the water!” my brother shouts.

Bobby beats me, of course.  And when we reach the water’s edge I hear my mother shouting, “Don’t go out too far!”

Bobby always was a show-off; always wanted to win; always wanted to be the best.

My brother drowned that day.

I stand frozen on the cold, wet sand, listening to my mother’s cries, as the lifeguards kneel over Bobby’s still body. 

And now what’s taking him so long? I stand, impatient, watching out the window.  He should have been back twenty minutes ago.   

Waiting! I’m deflated. 

At last I hear Brian’s key in the side door.  I heave a sigh of relief, move into the living-room where I sit and pick up my book. My two best friends are home.  My world is round again.

Haiku -- Getting my feet wet ...

Soul's Winter

Sorrow flattens love
Heart strokes limit passion's voice
Suffer soul's winter


Sorrow flattens love
Heart strokes limit passion's voice
Winter reigns again

The above are my first attempt at writing Haiku.   Which of the two above do you prefer?

Have I met Haiku requirements?

Thanks for your feedback .... first attempt remember so thanks for being nice.  :-)

Saturday, January 14, 2012

WynLit 24 writing -- Wynterblue Publishing Canada

Today I entered Wynterblue Publishing Canada's WynLit 24 writing competition.

My choice of topic was Social Issues and my short story focuses on the issue of Elder Abuse.

This was another challenging story to put together but I realize more and more that my genre of choice is fictional work based on facts about the human condition and the social issues that plague our society.

I'm not sure how well received the new Wynterblue concept will be with for me, I go with the flow and believe that anything that motivates me to write is a positive in my life.

This story is titled Andrew's Achievement.  If given the opportunity I will also submit this story to

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

ELLEN, SARA and the classroom assignment

It is a pleasure to relax and enjoy my time with Ellen and The Hummingtree.  The first draft is complete.....and today I started my re-write of Chapter one.

But I also put some time aside this afternoon to write a very short story completing ELWW class assignment in time for our next class January 19th.  This assignment was a wonderful exercise in writing a story within a story using flashback. 

Not just in literature but in real life also one's mind can be omnipresent in past, present and future.

The Kindle version of Sara, a Canadian Saga published on by Wynterblue Publishing Canada is featured today on the Wynterblue website.  Check it out at    
And for those who, like me, have not yet converted to Kindle or other E-book readers I still have a few paperback copies of SARA.  Email me for your copy.

The time for the annual Elliot Lake artist/writer collaboration meeting is not far off now.  Last year I wrote a poem titled Inspiration as I was truly inspired by the painting created by my daughter which was part of the Exhibition.   I wonder who I will be partnered with this year and look forward to another new writing adventure.  Last year's poem went on to be published in Volume Sixteen of the Northern Ontario Poetry Collection anthology titled Scripted Inspiration published by White Mountain Publishing Company, New Liskeard.

Lately I have been allowing my thoughts to drift toward Haiku; something I am thinking of delving into and learning more about.

There is no end to the learning in this world.  :-)

Sunday, January 8, 2012

The Power of One -- a rhyme from my poetry website -- here for Crystal :-)


by Audrey Austin

One is single,

One is alone,

And alone is a fearful place,

No one to listen,

No one to care,

Why me, Lord?

It's just not fair.

And God replied with loving heart,

I made you ONE,

I made you whole,

And one is a powerful place,

Don't look without to heal the fear,

Look within, your friend is here.


I am ONE,

You mirror me,

ONE is where you need to be.


Loneliness is a state of mind,

The Power of One

I bid you find.


"Remember Me" - excerpt from "Ellen and The Hummingtree"

My short story titled Remember Me is being published this week, Wednesday January 11th, in  The story is told in first person by the main character; a woman who in later life has been victimized by Alzheimers.

Remember Me with some changes is also an excerpt from third novel Ellen and The Hummingtree which is my current writing project in collaboration with artist/illustrator, Susan Krupp.

Check out and you will see my story there on Wednesday, January 11th.  I hope you will enjoy the read.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Writing beginnings in 2012 :-)

My writing adventure is off to an exciting start in 2012.  Just this morning I was informed that a short story originally published in Penpourri, Elliot Lake Writers' Workshop Anthology of Stories and Poems  titled Francesca's Confession has been published on line at Chapter and Verse.   This is the 2nd story I've had published by them, the first being After Words.     Hope you enjoy reading the stories. Thank you to the publisher at Chapter and Verse. I appreciate your encouragement and support.

Exciting things are happening at Wynterblue Publishing Canada.  Their new inter-active website sets a new challenge for members of Wynterblue or as Mags likes to call us The Wynterblue Writers.   Our monthly story submissions will no longer be judged by actual judges.  Instead our stories will be posted on a members only website and will be voted upon by the writers themselves once they have given their feedback.   So it's another new learning curve for me and I hope I am up for the challenge.   I'm happy to know that because of my short story titled The Second Self I am listed as one of Wynterblue's top writers for 2011.

I've begun working on my third novel which is titled Ellen and The Hummingtree.   I think (hope) I have completed the first chapter and will be moving on to Chapter Two this weekend.  It is an exciting new adventure to be collaborating with artist Susan Krupp who will not only be creating the cover design but will also be doing illustrations throughout the book.   The planned Elliot Lake launch of Ellen and The Hummingtree will be in the fall of 2012.  The E-book version of this novel will be published by Wynterblue Publishing Canada on where they currently offer the E-book version of my first novel Sara, a Canadian Saga for sale.  To remain competitive I believe the price of Sara will be reduced by Wynterblue this month.   SARA has enjoyed some E-book sales and it is hoped that a price reduction will make her more appealing to readers around the world.

I still have a few paperback copies available for sale of Sara, a Canadian Saga, Reawakening and The Silent Star plus a Dozen.  To learn more about these offerings please check out one of my websites. To order your copy just email me directly.

2012 is going to be a most productive, exciting year for creative writing.   Three of my short stories were published in 2011 by and another will soon be published at, the first for 2012.

My major project will be to accomplish the completion of  Ellen and The Hummingtree but I look forward as well to all the short story and poetry side trips that lay ahead on my writing path in 2012.

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