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My Books For Your Reading Pleasure
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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Today I entered Canada Write's true story competition.  Since their request is that I post my 100 words or less using real name story on my Facebook page and on the Canada Write's Facebook page, I may just as well post it on my blog as well.   I imagine this contest will draw many entries.  Wish me luck!

All About Alan
Alan Meyer is my boyfriend.   He, with the curly dark hair and soft brown eyes, stands a lean 6’5 in contrast to my 5’2.  Feeling foolish with arm extended in child-like perpendicular fashion I avoid hand-holding.  Does he notice the amused stares as I do? Yes, we look ridiculous together; a real life odd couple. 
A magical poet, when he reads aloud I’m transported to a sacred place where height is meaningless and the love in our hearts is the only true measure. But many years have passed. Alan, I wonder where you are today. Thank you for happy memories.

Yesterday the above was my entry in the Canada Writes Name-dropping writing competition.  Today I learned we can enter as often as we like.....had I known that (my fault for not reading instructions through properly) I probably would have written several short 100 word stories.

I did manage to get one in under the wire before contest closing today though and I will post it below.


The Sendero Luminosa had sent the charitable workers packing and after much searching to discover Yeny’s whereabouts I was packing too. It wasn’t an easy feat to find Yeny’s address in Peru but at last I was ready to travel to meet the child I had been sponsoring through World Vision. I spoke no Spanish; she, no English yet the first time our eyes connected I felt an irrevocable bond. She was eight years old the day we met. More than twenty years later, the bond intact, we stay in touch through Facebook and email. We are forever friends.

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