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My Books For Your Reading Pleasure
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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

ELLEN, SARA and the classroom assignment

It is a pleasure to relax and enjoy my time with Ellen and The Hummingtree.  The first draft is complete.....and today I started my re-write of Chapter one.

But I also put some time aside this afternoon to write a very short story completing ELWW class assignment in time for our next class January 19th.  This assignment was a wonderful exercise in writing a story within a story using flashback. 

Not just in literature but in real life also one's mind can be omnipresent in past, present and future.

The Kindle version of Sara, a Canadian Saga published on by Wynterblue Publishing Canada is featured today on the Wynterblue website.  Check it out at    
And for those who, like me, have not yet converted to Kindle or other E-book readers I still have a few paperback copies of SARA.  Email me for your copy.

The time for the annual Elliot Lake artist/writer collaboration meeting is not far off now.  Last year I wrote a poem titled Inspiration as I was truly inspired by the painting created by my daughter which was part of the Exhibition.   I wonder who I will be partnered with this year and look forward to another new writing adventure.  Last year's poem went on to be published in Volume Sixteen of the Northern Ontario Poetry Collection anthology titled Scripted Inspiration published by White Mountain Publishing Company, New Liskeard.

Lately I have been allowing my thoughts to drift toward Haiku; something I am thinking of delving into and learning more about.

There is no end to the learning in this world.  :-)

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