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My Books For Your Reading Pleasure
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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Haiku -- Getting my feet wet ...

Soul's Winter

Sorrow flattens love
Heart strokes limit passion's voice
Suffer soul's winter


Sorrow flattens love
Heart strokes limit passion's voice
Winter reigns again

The above are my first attempt at writing Haiku.   Which of the two above do you prefer?

Have I met Haiku requirements?

Thanks for your feedback .... first attempt remember so thanks for being nice.  :-)


  1. There are a lot of us haiku writers online (I do mine on Twitter). What you have written is more senryu (haiku is nature, not much personal). Nice! I like the first one because of the alliteration of the last line and because it is more poetic and indepth than the more blunt Winter reigns again. BTW, American-style haiku has no rules except for 3 lines! (I try to write in the complex Japanese style for the challenge.)

    1. Linda, thank you so very much for taking the time to respond. So as I understand it then, Senryu is similar to Haiku but focuses on the foibles of human nature while Haiku's focus is on nature, the earth, environment, etc?

      So no rules for American-style haiku? Just 3 lines, no matter how many syllables?

      I think I may like the challenge of learning Japanese Haiku more than the American style. I would love to read your work -- I will look for you on Twitter.

      Thanks again, Linda. Much appreciated. :-)