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My Books For Your Reading Pleasure
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Monday, January 30, 2012

Congratulations Kayt Lackie Burgess

Congratulations to Kayt Lackie Burgess on winning the 3 day Novel Competition!   I can't wait to read her book once it is ready to be released.   
Kayt Lackie's novella took  first place in last year's WynLit 73 competition.  I hope to see that one in publication soon too.   Kayt is a brilliant writer.

My novella didn't even make the short list last year.  I have entered Wynterblue Publishing's WynLit 73 competition which is a 73 hour novel writing competition four years running. Results of this year's competition  should be announced sometime in February. Two of my novellas have been shortlisted  -- if I do as well this year I may consider putting together a book containing the 3 novellas.
Competition writing is a great motivator.  I hope to enter the 3 day Novel Competition next year. Maybe you will enter too, eh?  :-)

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