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My Books For Your Reading Pleasure
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Monday, December 19, 2016

Merry Christmas!

My Christmas gift to my readers is a free short story each day of this week commencing December 20th and up to and including December 26th.

Thank you very much for your continued encouragement and support.

Merry Christmas to each of you and I wish you all good things in 2017.

Love and light,

Audrey Austin.

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Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Sam & Lila .... an update

Here is an update for our Lila and Sam friends. We have returned from Dr. Andrew Wannan's office where both Lila and Sam had appointments.
Lila had the first appointment and her examination revealed that her rear knee joints were slipped out of place; Dr. Wannan corrected this. And also she needed the anal gland cleaned; a little bit of tartar on front teeth but nothing serious. She is in pretty good shape health-wise.
We brought Lila home and returned for Sam's appointment. Because of his tendency to bite, he was sedated throughout his examination.
As it turned out, our poor Sam has needed to have 4 teeth removed; and in addition he has arthritis in both his back legs. The little guy is home now in his bed, still under sedation; should be waking up in about 45 minutes ........ I'm glad he is awakening in his own bed. Maybe he will think it was all a bad dream. We now have meds for his arthritis.
Dr. Wannan said Sam would have been experiencing pain; probably for some time.
Now the key will be to see how his behavior is once his arthritic pain is under control and his little mouth is feeling better.
We don't know how much of his bad behavior was a result of the pain he has been in. And of course over the years his behavior, left unchecked, will also have become habitual.
Sam has had one training session. We wanted to ensure that he was in good health physically before continuing with the behavioural training. We will see how things go over Christmas and then, special thanks to our friend, Sheal. who will start the training sessions in the new year.
We mentioned the training to Dr. Wannan and he thinks it is definitely worth a try. Special thanks to Dr. Andrew Wannan and his wonderful staff for their caring and gentle expertise.
They say you can't teach an old dog new tricks ..... we hope that is not the case with Sam. He and Lila will be seven in a month's time.
Lila is little Ms. Barker and a very talented escape artist but we are on to her and she is getting better day by day. She is very loving and affectionate. At this moment she is very soulful; she is concerned about Sam and wondering why he is sleeping for so long. She is being a good girl and not going too close to his bed.
As for our Sam, I believe he is a good little dog in his heart and I believe he wants to behave ..... I'm keeping the faith. I believe in the power of love. Thanks for keeping him in your prayers

Lila is keeping a watchful eye on Sam.

Sam is under sedation

Sam is awake.  Welcome back, Sam!