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Saturday, May 28, 2016

ELLEN and THE HUMMINGTREE -- available in paperback & Kindle on Amazon

Ellen and the Hummingtree
Audrey Austin

A strong woman of faith, Ellen sits beneath her Hummingtree and talks to God through the yellow quartz rock.

She gifts us with glimpses of her life and shares the import of her personal relationshipwith family, friends and with God.

She allows us to witness her vulnerability and invites us into her heart where we experience her joys and sorrows.

In a few instances the author has drawn from her life’s experience but, in essence, Ellen is a composite of many beautiful, spiritual women the author has known and loved throughout her journey.

It is hoped you will welcome Ellen into your heart and it is hoped you will enjoy the stories she shares with you in this book; her fictional, magical, mystical memoirs titled Ellen and The Hummingtree.

At the outset of this writing journey we met. I became acquainted with her and now I can say that I truly like Ellen. She has the courage of her convictions And no matter what life threw at her and a lot was thrown: poverty, loneliness, divorce, family issues, romance, disappointments. Alzheimer, and finally death,  Ellen never lost faith.

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Some Reviews of Ellen and The Hummingtree

The Write Read for a Wintry Afternoon Feb. 20 2013
By Phyllis Humby - Published on
Format: Kindle Edition
My books have been gathering dust and creating stress. Yes, it stresses me out when everything seems to take precedence over reading. Anyway, today I finished a book that I couldn't wait to receive in the mail - months ago − Ellen and the Hummingtree by Audrey Austin, a writer from Elliott Lake.

I had the good fortune to meet Audrey online and become acquainted with her writing. If memory serves correctly, I first noticed Audrey's work on, a site that has featured my work as well.

Ellen and the Hummingtree is an interesting book about a woman of deep faith who has a unique coping mechanism. She speaks to God. Now, I know you will argue that many of us speak to God. But Ellen believes God lives inside a large yellow quartz rock in her backyard. Oh, and of course He speaks to her too. There's a little hole in the top of the rock. Never mind, just read the book.

It is a collection of well-written stories that weave back and forth through the emotional circumstances of a woman's life. These stories delve into her relationships as a daughter, wife, mother, grandmother, and friend. Oh, and cousin - I forgot about her cousin Marielle.

In my opinion - only my opinion - the theme of this book is fear. I know that some of you who are familiar with this book may harrumph at that statement but a book is very personal. It's interpreted differently by each reader. That's why I love talking to my first readers. I'm fascinated by the interpretation of my work. Each person sees something different or relates with a different character. I digress (as always).

Audrey's character, Ellen, is on her own to raise two children. Fear. Her grandson, who has a learning disability, is bullied at school. Fear. God lives in a rock in her backyard. That would scare the crap out of me. (My attempt at humour - I'm sorry)

Ellen has many fears, as do we all. The fear of growing old and senile, the fear of having to give up a home to live in a facility. Then there is the ultimate fear. Of growing older and older and older, when all she wants is to re-unite with all the loved ones that have passed on. You do remember that I said this was strictly my opinion.

Near the end of the book there is a chapter I Need You to Remember Me. I remember reading that story, or at least an edited version, some time ago. Please tell me, Audrey, that this was a published short story at some point. If not, I had an incredible déjà vu moment. I liked the story the first time I read it - otherwise I never would have remembered it - and it will remain indelible in my mind.

The last chapter Time to Go Home is melancholy and poignant. I have witnessed death and thought about life after death. I appreciate Audrey Austin's rendering. This chapter was a fitting ending to a thought provoking book with a unique approach.

Ellen and the Hummingtree by Audrey Austin; a good read for a wintry afternoon.

Ellen and the Hummingtree Feb. 20 2013
By celticfrogreviews - Published on
Format: Kindle Edition
Ellen and the Hummingtree is the story of Ellen and a rock through which she speaks to God. The rock moves with her as she lives her life. Ellen doesn't have an easy life, but the rock encourages her and gives her courage. Through Ellen we meet her family and close friends, and especially the voice of God that whispers to her through the chunk of yellow quartz.

Ellen is very human with her share of flaws. The story is as much about her learning to accept those flaws in herself and others as anything else. She grows substantially by the close of the book. There are times when I wanted to give her a good talking to, and other times when she shows grace and humility.

Audrey has created a memorable character in Ellen. She is very well portrayed and has a wonderful complexity. The story moves back and forth in time as Ellen explores her life. The important movement isn't chronological but her development of love and faith through the rock in her garden.

I enjoyed reading the book and would recommend it for those who like strong women characters.

A GOOD read! Jan. 5 2014
By susan - Published on
Format: Kindle Edition
A very relatable story with an unusual twist, the connection Ellen has with others both visible and invisible is a journey into sometimes comical, sometimes intensely personal and sometimes very real and ordinary. It's an enjoyable read that left me more familiar with my own beliefs and hopes.

Friday, May 27, 2016

WHEN GOD GIVES US SPRING -- look for it on Amazon in paperback & kindle

Michael Custis Washington is a young black slave living on a cotton plantation in the Province of Virginia. He was born in 1802. Left an orphan at the age of five he is taken into the big house by his master, Alfred Gordon, to be trained as a house servant. While in this house he suffers severe emotional and sexual abuse. When he finally runs away with his wife Lucinda he is helped by the Quakers. Through the Underground Railway they reach the Elgin Settlement in Ontario, Canada. Freedom is his at last. But when the American Civil War breaks out in 1861 Michael chooses to join the Union Army. He works his way back to Virginia. Is he seeking justice or vengeance?


I was finally able to read "When God Gives Us Spring" and you did a magnificent job and I could see that you did do a lot of research to accomplish such a great story.
I gave it 5 stars but was unable to write a comment. I will try again today as it truly deserves positive comments. -- Eleanor Lambert

From the Author

"When God Gives Us Spring" is a novella that required much research before I even began to put pen to paper.  I learned much about the history of slavery in early America and also about the role of the Quakers in assisting slaves into Canada via the Underground Railway.   I very much enjoyed writing God Gives Us Spring and I hope you will enjoy the story.

When God Gives Us Spring is available in both paperback and kindle formats.  My Canadian readers will find it at  

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Sunday, May 15, 2016


I've been busy and have many publications available on for my Canadian readers as well as on all Amazon sites. Have you read all my books? They are as diverse and as eclectic as my personality but I tend to keep the focus on contemporary social issues.

I find that the E-books sell more readily than the paperback books. My books are available in both formats but the short stories that dare to stand alone are in Kindle format only.

My current work in progress is titled All Them Houses. It is a challenge but I hope to have it published before January, 2017.

Thanks for your continued encouragement and support.

#3 in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Literature & Fiction > Drama > Canadian
#3 in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Literature & Fiction > Canadian > Drama
#14 in Books > Literature & Fiction > Canadian > Drama

Cover design by

4.0 out of 5 stars
Great read By heather on May 19 2014
Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase
I really enjoyed this book and all the diverse characters, including the personification of the road.

4.0 out of 5 stars
Four Stars By Deb Morrison on Sept. 4 2014
Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase
Good Canadian location read and tugged the heartstrings.

Excerpt from: Moose Road, a Canadian Tragedy by Audrey Austin Chapter One: SEVEN DWELL NEAR “Tell me a story, tell me a story, tell me a story and remember what you said.” Ever since that terrible day of the tragic accident each of the residents who live by my side has a tale to tell. Yes, everyone has a story and each story teller speaks his own truth. What I do find curious is the fact that no two stories are alike. Each is unique in its own way. I am of the opinion that truth is multi-sided and speaks from many hearts. A very long time ago I heard someone repeat the words of Winston Churchill who is purported to have said, “The truth is incontrovertible. Malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end, there it is.” Yes, indeed, there it is. Truth is multi-sided and it dares to speak from many hearts. I have been around for a very long time. I existed in this very location even before man decided to give me a name. I guess that makes me old and, that being the case, I confess I am very old. I was here before any person chose this place to build a home. I have always thought I possessed a firm grasp on reality but since the day of the tragedy I am questioning for the first time the meaning and the impact of truth. I have more questions than answers. Is it possible that truth is, indeed, no more than one’s personal perception? Each individual’s truth, until shared, is locked in a sacred space in one’s memory. Memory does have its share of weakness. It can be faulty. As weeks turn into months memory is often tested. “Tell me a story and remember what you said.” I find it very interesting that the residents of the seven farms impacted by the tragedy each retain a different personal memory of the accident and its aftermath. Although I am well aware that it would not occur to any ordinary human that an old long-travelled country road could possibly have the capacity to remember, I can assure you that I do. Yes, indeed, I do have a memory. Even though I am very old it remains a good one. I do remember well. Some thoughts give me reason to smile while other memories I would prefer to forget. I have learned that the more painful memories are the most stubborn; the least likely to be forgotten and the most likely to be remembered. Even when a human believes he has managed to bury a painful memory he has not. That remembrance will pop up like a jack-in-the-box. It will present itself at the most odd and unexpected of times and sometimes even in the form of a recurrent dream. Of course, I am not a human. I can assure you that I am a no nonsense road; plain, practical and from my very first appearance on earth many generations ago I have made it my focused mission to do my duty and fulfill my purpose as I see fit. I have always taken great pride in my existence and to this very day I do my best to serve those who choose to travel upon my surface. Unlike humans who are, I have learned, sometimes very superficial creatures, I am not shallow. I don’t blame the travelers for being unable to see beneath my surface. But I assure you I am not just the visible thin layer of gravel you might observe at first glance. I do have substance. Yes, I am old now. I have been here in this spot in northern Ontario, Canada for many interesting and enduring lifetimes. Although I am a road less travelled I am still in pretty good shape. I expect I’ll be here for a few more generations. I can see no good reason why I should not continue to be here. I have never existed anywhere else on this earth and this is my home.

Moose Road - a Canadian Tragedy has received its first review. I'm thrilled to share it with you.

"I grabbed your book and headed for bed. This was about 7:30.
I turned out the light just after midnight.
I couldn't put it down!
... Your characters are so real and believable! I absolutely fell in love with the Road, and Santo's dad, Arthur broke my heart and I think we all know someone a Eunice... Just wonderful!
I liked how you interjected the Road's thoughts midway, and I liked the ending!
The story is riveting. I felt like I knew these people!"
Susan Ruby K.

A review by Lucy Ann Spence:
"WOW !!! Just finished reading this fabulous book...Audrey, you have a winner here...thoroughly enjoyed it and held my attention right to the end...."

Moose Road is an exciting story and the characters living on the same road were all so down to earth, and it is a story you will not want to put down
until you have finished reading it as I know I couldn't. There has been a lot of research put into this story and the author is to be commended on her  great work. Eleanor Lambert.

MOOSE ROAD - a Canadian Tragedy is available in both Kindle and Paperback formats on all Amazon sites.

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Friday, May 13, 2016

IN CONTROL - a short story, free in the Kindle Store Saturday, May 14th

IN CONTROL - a short story is free in the Kindle Store for your reading pleasure Saturday, May 14th.

They say that Mary Lynn McAfterson is a control freak. It is true that since the death of her parents her work is her life. The day Marcel Leblanc enters the café the hope and light of romance flickers. Mary's life is transformed. If you enjoy "In Control" you will want to read the short story anthology titled The Silent Star plus a Dozen "Selections" in which this short story is included

Check it out on all Amazon sites.

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Sunday, May 8, 2016


My most recent writing adventure includes the publication of DRAMA - a Novel Idea which is a boxed set of my most popular novels: Moose Road - a Canadian Tragedy; Ellen and The Hummingtree; and Sara, a Canadian Saga. DRAMA is available in Kindle format only.

Other recent publications in both print and Kindle format include my first book of poems titled "Poetry From A to Z" and a short story anthology titled "The Silent Star Plus a Dozen Selections."

"Dinner At Seven" is, I'm excited to announce, my 15th book but also my very first romance novel.

Also new on the scene is Crabapple Court; a novella. Susie Donnelly is missing. Has she run away? Is it a kidnapping? A murder?

Also recently published is a coming-of-age novella titled Beyond The Blue in which a child finds a magical, mystical way to deal with bullying. This novella is also in both Paperback and Kindle format.

"When God Gives Us Spring" is a story of love, hate and revenge that takes place pre and during the civil war in the U.S.

Recompense is a recent novella that explores "older" people in the "new world" of chat room dating. A bit of a farce, this one provides some enjoyable reading.

Prior to these publications I was kept busy with the creation, compilation and publication of a trilogy of anthologies containing short stories which keep the focus on social issues.

The books are titled SOCIAL STUDIES - Books One - Dying To Be Popular; Book Two - Shattered and Broken and Book Three - Weaving Alice. These 36 stories will make you laugh; make you cry; and certainly make you simply wonder at the human condition as it is experienced by many in our modern contemporary world.

I'm very excited to announce that "Keeping It Simple", the trinity of meditation, the 7 major chakras and psychospiritual therapy, is now available in both Kindle and Paperback Format on all Amazon sites. It is also available in print format directly from Create Space.

This summer I celebrate my 9th Writing Anniversary. Whether you choose my poetry; or an anthology; one of my novels, a novella or a short story, I hope you will enjoy your reading experience.

My current work in progress is a memoir titled ALL THEM HOUSES.  It is, indeed, a remarkable challenge.  I hope to have it completed by Christmas of 2016.  I am still undecided as to whether or not I will publish it.

In the interim, to take a break from the memoir,  I have written a few poems and a short story which I have submitted to an international competition.

Thank you to my readers. I much appreciate your encouragement, your support and your positive reviews on Amazon and Goodreads are always very welcome.

Monday, May 2, 2016

"Another Mother's Day" - a short story free in the Kindle Store, Sunday, May 8th

Paulette, Molinda and Anthony are a tough trio. Even in childhood they stuck together and did their best to provide protection to one another from their abusive mother. Grown up now, it's another Mother's Day. Together they plot their revenge.

"Another Mother's Day" - a short story is free in the Kindle Store Sunday, May 8th.

Once you read this short story your appreciation for your own mother will  increase ten fold.