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My Books For Your Reading Pleasure
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Monday, September 9, 2013

a novel; a short story and a poem, two and three ..

This has been a wonderful weekend for writing.

(1)  My novel titled "Moose Road - a Canadian Tragedy" celebrated its launch Saturday, September 7th.

I am overjoyed to announce that the first numbered limited edition of this, my fourth novel, is now sold out.

Thank you to all who purchased a copy.

(2)  My short story titled "Passion to Stay Put" I am excited to learn is one of twelve semi-finalists in the John Kenneth Galbraith Award competition.   I hope this story will be one of the three finalists but even if it is not, I already feel like a winner.

(3)  Thank you, Linda, for bringing home from New Liskeard my copy of  "Spirits in Stone" which is volume 18 of the Northern Ontario Poetry Collection.  I am very happy to have my poem 'Mustard on a Hotdog' included in this anthology as one of the Judges' selections.

I was unable to attend the launch of "Spirits in Stone" as it took place on the same day as the launch of  my novel, "Moose Road - a Canadian Tragedy".

My greatest pleasure is writing fiction.  However I am trying to become more at home and more expert in the art of writing poetry.  I am grateful to White Mountain Publications for their offering of the annual Northern Ontario Poetry Competition.  It gives me the opportunity to learn and to hopefully improve my poetic writing.

In 2006 one of my poems was selected to be published in Volume Eleven, Sylvan Jottings.  Two years later in 2008 another of my poems was published in Volume Thirteen, Moments in Time.
I know God loves a tryer and so I entered again in 2011 and I was pleased that another of my poems was published in Volume Sixteen, Scripted Inspiration.   Then again in 2012 I was overjoyed that three of my poems were selected for publication in Volume Seventeen, Arising From The Mist.

And now as I admire the Certificate of Poetic Achievement recognizing publication of my poem in Volume Eighteen, Spirits in Stone, I feel honoured to have my work included in an anthology containing amazing poetry from poets across northern Ontario.

Will I enter again next year?  You bet I will!  :-)

If you like poetry and are interested in having a copy of this wonderful collection just contact the publisher, White Mountain Publications.  You will find them on Facebook.


  1. Thank you for your kind words Audrey. Spirits in Stone will be at the New Liskeard Fall Fair this weekend as well as our other great books.

    1. Sorry I had to miss the launch, Deborah. Lovely photo on your website of those who were there to read their poetry.