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My Books For Your Reading Pleasure
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Sunday, June 10, 2012

WynLit 24 monthly short story writing competition

I was pleased to learn today that my entry last month in the WynLit 24 monthly short story writing competition was short listed.  My story was titled The Last Ember.  This writing competition is offered each month by Wynterblue Publishing Canada.

If you also like writing short stories check out Wynterblue's website.

I entered again today with a short story titled No Stone Unturned.   I hope this story will also do well in competition.

I plan to enter the Alice Munro short story writing competition.  Registration info I have posted on this blog.  Perhaps you will want to enter your story too.

And though it seems a long way off, it will soon be time to register for the 3 day novel writing competition.  This is much like the WynLit 73 novel competitions offered annually by Wynterblue Publishing Canada which I have entered three times.  Twice my novellas were short listed.  It is, indeed, a fun challenge.

I like the personal challenge of competition writing.  Creative writing is a joy.


  1. I always enjoy writing and short stories challenge me. Congrats on being short listed! :)

    I am new here from Linkedin and am enjoying your site.