My Books For Your Reading Pleasure

My Books For Your Reading Pleasure
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Friday, March 14, 2014

Busy Retirement Years .....

Since retirement from the working world this woman has been working.  Since that day I have published 4 novels; 3 novellas, 4 anthologies; 1 personal growth manual and more than 60 short stories; not to mention several poems which have found their way into a variety of anthologies.

 And very recently I was thrilled to collaborate with talented musician/composer John Cal (Johnny Tyger). For the first time ever I wrote song lyrics to which John beautifully composed the music and performed the song titled "Listen To Love".

  In addition to all this I also do my best to keep up with my three blogs titled Calling All Writers; Small Town Authors; and Rhymes and Times Remembered. Whew! I have been busy. lol

I could be singing "I don't get out much anymore" but this writing adventure is what keeps me happily busy at home. I tell my friends it keeps me out of trouble and off the streets.
This is the work I absolutely enjoy.

  The launch of SOCIAL STUDIES - Books one, two and three in both Kindle and Print Format is a new plateau for me from which I hope to achieve much more.

When I retired and began to write I had no idea that one day I would not only be an author of a published book but that I also could one day learn to be my own publisher. Wow! I guess this means that it is possible to teach an old dog new tricks. (Ki would agree)
My current work in progress is what will be my 5th novel titled "Crabapple Court". I plan its local Elliot Lake Book Launch in the fall of 2014.

But today I thank everyone who took the time to celebrate with me in this on-line book launch of SOCIAL STUDIES - Books one, two and three.

Without the support and encouragement over the years from Maggie Kirton at Wynterblue Publishing Canada; close family members and friends none of this would be possible.

And a special shout out to my daughter, talented artist & illustrator, Susan Ruby K. of Susan has designed the wonderful covers on all my books which are available in print format. She also creates great covers for other authors so if you are a writer look no further for your cover designer. She is remarkable and to work with her is a pleasure

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