My Books For Your Reading Pleasure

My Books For Your Reading Pleasure
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Sunday, March 2, 2014

Good Sunday morning!

Good Sunday morning!

Apart from the joy of writing which is awesome I also am very happy that in the process I have befriended many others who also work hard and take their work seriously as authors. Creative writing has opened up new worlds for me just as I hope it does for my readers. I don't know if I will enjoy having a Kindle or not -- many friends have told me they love them. I think I would like to own a Kindle so that I can read my stories the way many of my readers are reading them ..... but, like you, KD Beckett, I think my preference will always be that real book in hand.

Print copies of my novels Sara, a Canadian Saga  and also Moose Road, a Canadian Tragedy  are available at all Amazon sites.  They are also available through Create Space.    is create space address for Moose Road, a Canadian Tragedy  is create space address for Sara, a Canadian Saga

All my novels, novellas, anthologies, personal growth book and short stories including short stories for children are found at all Amazon sites.

My author's page on Amazon is found at

Thanks to everyone for your continuing encouragement and support.

My current work in progress is Crabapple Court --
Book launch for Crabapple Court is planned
for the fall of 2014
Cover design by Susan Ruby K. of
I'm also keeping very busy with the compilation of a trilogy of short story anthologies.  All the short stories focus on contemporary social issues.
I've titled the books SOCIAL STUDIES  - Books one, two and three
Again special thanks to Susan Ruby K. of for the fantastic cover design.


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