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My Books For Your Reading Pleasure
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Saturday, March 22, 2014

SOCIAL STUDIES - Book Two - "Shattered and Broken"

SOCIAL STUDIES - BOOK TWO:  Sub-titled "Shattered and Broken"This book is the second in a trilogy of short story anthologies.  The stories each focus on contemporary social issues.

SOCIAL STUDIES - Book Two:  sub-titled "Shattered and Broken" is available in print format through both Create Space and also on all Amazon sites.  The Kindle format is available on all Amazon sites.  My author page is found at

The 12 stories in Book Two are:

Shattered and Broken

Passion for Staying Put

No Mercy for Magdalena

Valentine Guffaw

Francesca’s Confession

No Stone Unturned

The Big Book

The Silent Star

Jie Ke’s Tea House

The Second Self

In The Forest
Andrew’s Achievement

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