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My Books For Your Reading Pleasure
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Monday, January 31, 2011

Like Wheat Sheaves in the Wind ..........

I watch the people of Egypt on TV and my mind remembers, ".....Let my people go".    

And whose turn is it now?  I ask myself.

A few years ago I had a dream.  This particular dream is one that was repetitive and visited me many nights.  It contained many visions and one that stands out in my mind now is that masses of people were waving their arms in the air like wheat sheaves in the wind. 

I talk a little bit about this dream  and other dreams within an old web site titled Pearls of Promise. 

My prayers are with the people of Egypt.


  1. Dreams can mean so much, Audrey.

    To me, wheat is also a very powerful analogy.

    For Egypt, I hope they will find peace, soon.