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My Books For Your Reading Pleasure
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Monday, January 10, 2011

Tania Van of "I'm a Survivor But You Can Call Me Mommy" for Tania's book launch happening soon...

An email from my friend Tania........reprinted here with her permission.  Tania welcomes your emails.

"Dreams do come true!

A real life Cinderella story.  Girl meets the man of her dreams who rides in on a polo green Corvette....Grabs her by the heart and teaches her that love conquers all fears.  Asks her to marry him and they have two amazing children, a dream she has had since she was 4 years old.

This enormous unconditional love gives her strength and courage to stand up against her worst fears, with the glow in her heart, the flame of faith,  and in a weird twist of faith, she gets settlement from drunk driver and starts a charity called "Secrets:  Protect Our Children, Stop Sexual Abuse".

After 10 years of sharing her own story of survivorship and having the first tv and radio commercials in the history of Canada on childhood sexual abuse and incest, highway billboards and having millions of people touch her heart with their own stories of survivorship.

Who is this woman?  Her name is Tania Van Norman, and please feel free to email

Join her Facebook friends or charity face page at the charity name.  I am no one special; just a mom and I'm proving Dreams do Come True.

How is that for drama and a story line?  Do you think it is okay?  I have a wedding invitation of a castle, the same way I want my youth shelter to look, and a flag that states, "Dreams Do Come True."  God works in mysterious ways.

Thank you Audrey.  I am finishing up my book, "I'm a Survivor But You Can Call Me Mommy."

God bless you,

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