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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Focus on Three

The following was written by me more than 10 years ago on New Year's Eve, 2000. 

FOCUS on number "3"--sounds a bit like a return to Sesame Street, doesn't it?
In previous websites I have had problems keeping focused on a specific topic.
Voice in the Stillness  intended to be a site focused on women's issues somehow turned itself into a travel site.
My original Homestead site "Cally's Home Page" took on a life of its own and ended up Dancing in the Light.
My first Xoom site couldn't even remain Xoom...not my idea but it turned into an Nbci site.   In my humble opinion the best of my websites so far because it garnered the most support and creative contributions from friends.....but alas, it takes forever to download (but worth the wait) and in truth it couldn't decide what to focus on either.
It is New Year's Eve, 2000.    It's just past 10 pm here in Elliot Lake, Ontario, Canada.   One of  my New Year's resolutions is to improve my ability to focus.
For this reason this, my THIRD Homestead site is called "focus".
I chose the angels as the background for this homepage in the hope that they will help me to stay focused and have this page completed before 2001.
Actually I "borrowed" the angel background from my friend Frankie's beautiful New Year's page on her site Sunshine and Roses.  (no longer an active site).   She and I made a deal a couple of websites back that we could "borrow" from each other whenever we wanted ..........I think I've been a bigger borrower than my dear friend though.   
I told Frankie I was calling this new site FOCUS.   I also told her I had no idea what the site would focus on.  She is a brilliant woman and assured me that as long as I kept a focus on one topic per page that would be good enough.  So far I don't seem to be achieving that goal.    But it's still the year 2000.   I have an hour and a half left before I need to start keeping my resolve.
I hope this isn't boring you.......what I am doing is rambling and I remember my mom telling me it's okay to ramble as long as it isn't inflicted on others.     I'm feeling quite alone here with these beautiful angels so if there is future infliction of boredom through the reading, just cursor down to the bottom of the page where eventually it will say "Next Page" or something similar and you will be free of my rambling and onto a focused page because whatever that page will be, it will be my first in the year 2001 and the resolution will be in full effect.
I am supposed to be focused on the NUMBER  "3".  '
Third Homestead site for me........that's a three.
And did you notice that the lovely angels are in rows of three?
Countdown to 2001.......which in numerology is a three.
THREE  is a perfect number.........perfect balance in the triangle.
Father, Son, Holy Ghost...........guess we could call this the BIG three.
Body, Mind, Spirit........some would say this one ranks right up there near the BIG three.
2001 is the beginning of the THIRD millenium....if our calendar is accurate.
And I'm told that Three wise men saw the Star of Bethlehem long ago.
Three blind mice ....a vicious little song we sing to our children to give them an early introduction to and preparation for the violence in our world.
I had a dream   several years ago that has never left me.      I believe in dreams.   I believe dreams are God's forgotten language and should be listened to and followed.  This dream was about "Three" ...... three triangles, three crosses one within each triangle; there were three "5's" and I was told these were for David.  The dream was about ascension and led me to delve into sacred geometrics; numerology, deeper into metaphysics, symbolism and the knowledge of the Merkaba.
I believe in this dream and I have been following it for years.......amazing where this dream has led me.   Because of this dream I've had conversations with people about topics that  I had never heard of prior to the dream.
Yet I still have no understanding of this least no clear understanding.........but to me it is a very important "Three".
I believe one day I will meet someone somewhere who will hold the key to the mystery still surrounding this dream.   Maybe that someone has been drawn by these angels to this web page and will send me an enlightening email.
Stranger things than this have happened in my life.....all things are possible.
Focusing on THREE.
Have you ever noticed that things happen in three's?
If someone has an accident, you can bet someone will wait for the next and  finally the third before they relax knowing it wasn't their time to have an accident or an illness or a catastrophe of some sort......I always wondered why we lose the faith in THREE when we hear about good things happening. '
When we start a race we always say "One, two, three........GO"   Why don't we say one, two,Go or one, two, three, four, GO.    I think it had to be THREE because 3 is the perfect number and why would we want to start something with anything less than a perfect intention.
Of course some people don't like the number THREE..........
It is said that Three's a crowd.
Clumsy dancers have three feet, two on the left; at least that's  their excuse.
Most people in the western world eat THREE meals a day.......good or bad?  I don't know.....I'm not judging.......I'm trying to keep my FOCUS on THREE.
In the THIRD world they would think one good meal a day was pretty satisfying...I imagine they would be delighted with three........'
In human development the age of THREE is called the "WHY" stage.......
"WHY" is a three letter word that leads a child to greater knowledge in a healthy home..........
Of course in some homes "WHY" leads a  persistent child to a spanking by a tired mom who had only three hours sleep and is too tired to answer the child even if she did know the answer......
This  attempt of mine to focus on THREE is the second page of this new website.
I'm thinking that should make those of you who have had the patience to stay with me and read what I've rambled on about feel good. 

Well, of course , because the next page will be page's bound to be focused on something more interesting.
I will stop rambling now.........I have only 20 minutes left until 2001 and I still have THREE things to do here.......add some music, link to the home page and most important of all wish you THREE great things  in the peaceful third millenium.
I wish you  freedom, faith and focus .........Audrey :-)

Does my dream hold  any significance for you? Check out my  Focus Website  And you will find more about this dream and 5.55 on Pearls of Promise website.

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