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My Books For Your Reading Pleasure
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Monday, January 24, 2011

See the snow ........

When I was a child I remember my brothers, sisters and I waking up on a morning such as this one and shouting, "Oh, see the snow!  Look at the snow!"

We would be so excited and anxious to finish our breakfast to get outside to play with our sleighs, toboggan or ice skates.  Or sometimes we would want to build a snowman, a snow fort, an ice slide, or just plonk ourselves down in the snow to create snow angels

There was no end to the winter fun activities........and  I remember Mom would have the warm oven's  door open in the kitchen ready to hang up all our snow encrusted mittens when we returned home  from our winter adventures at lunch time.

Today I look out my window........the light snowfall is beautiful. 

And then, though I don't welcome the thoughts, they worm their way into my brain......need to shovel the driveway; need to clear the steps;  need to keep a dog run clear for our little Jack Russell; hope the roads aren't icey; hope I don't need to drive anywhere today..........  and on ....and on ....and on...........

Wonder what the neighbours would have to say if I bundled myself up in warm clothing, hat, scarf and mitts and went out into the backyard, plunked myself down in the snow and created an angel.........

It's a thrilling, adventurous thought........

I think I will do it.

And I dare you to make your own snow angel ...........Will you? 

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