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My Books For Your Reading Pleasure
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Thursday, February 17, 2011

February blahs and weight gain.......

Winter has been very kind to Elliot Lake so far this year and I hope this trend will continue.

Keeping busy doing things I love to do helps the winter to pass more quickly as, in spite of my snow angel caper, I am not into winter sports anymore. When I was very young I used to love toboganning and ice skating but most of my winter now, I confess, is spent either in front of a computer or in front of a TV.........a real couch potato.

As a consequence every winter I put on a few pounds; not a desirable thing to do, I know.  

In spite of my 30 minute workout with Leslie Samsung every day and in spite of my walking in circles at Collins Hall, the pounds creep up a little.

Spring is not far off.  I know it is time to get more serious with my exercising and, though I love it, I have vowed to eat no more toast in the morning.   Making healthy food choices is the only way to go.

Wish me luck......I hope to have a flatter tummy by the time spring rolls around.

And to those of you who also seem to put on a few extra pounds throughout the winter,  I wish you success in reaching your desired weight goal by spring. 

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