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My Books For Your Reading Pleasure
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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

A writer working at home..........

To be a writer at home one must be prepared for any eventuality.   Eventuality is a fancy word for those things that pop up and demand our participation; things such as cooking, laundry and family responsibilities.  Yep, now I've got your attention.

And of course when working at home as a writer others, including your family and friends, think you are just playing around on the computer and they believe you should be available to do the grocery shopping, the preparation for luncheons or  to sit on committees for all sorts of worthy causes.  And so, of course, you make yourself available because in your heart, yes, you really do want to give back to your community.

And if you are a writer using alternative publishing methods you soon discover that you need to learn how to be a promoter, a marketer, a salesman, a publicist, a networker, a bookkeeper and a distributor. 

Of course there are rewards for a writer's labour.  On occasion you will receive a thank-you for all that you do or a reader will get in touch with positive feedback on your latest release.  

But sometimes you will overhear, "Does he need to send so darn many promotional emails?" 

A writer needs to learn how to block this type of negativism.  Let's face it, if this person does not know how to stay quiet and simply  hit the delete button then he cannot be expected to be supportive of another's efforts.  

Besides it is all worthwhile when you receive the response, "Thanks for your email.  Please put me down for two copies of your book."   Amen! 

It's all a learning curve.  And if it is not always fun, it is always interesting. 

Sometimes though the world cooperates.  Everything flows and you find the time to meet with your characters and you are able to do what you love to do.  You write. 

Yes, sometimes a writer working at home does find some time to write.   It may be at  two in the morning but whenever it happens the sun shines and all is well; at least in this writer's world.


  1. Hello Audrey,
    Just read about your book on Brian Henry's blog update.
    It sounds so interesting with the historical setting.
    Your Writers' Festival sounds like a great plan. Will record the date--who knows? I went to the CAA conference in Sudbury a few years ago--were you there? Haven't been to Elliot Lake.
    Please stop by for a visit at my blog, too. Follow if you choose.

  2. Hello Patricia,
    Thank you for your comment. And, no, I have not been to the CAA conference in Sudbury. I hope you are able to visit Elliot Lake next October 22, 2011. Brian Henry will be presenting a wonderful workshop here that day and there will be many other exciting things taking place so hope to see you here. All the best to you.