My Books For Your Reading Pleasure

My Books For Your Reading Pleasure
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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Writing Competitions .........

I enjoy entering writing competitions.   In my view the simple act of entering makes one a winner because these contests keep us motivated to write creatively.
I particularly enjoy the Wynterblue Publishing Canada WynLit 24 and WynLit73 competitions.  I win some and I lose some........but it is the joy and the challenge of writing that is important.  You can check these competitions out by visiting Wynterblue's website.

The Canadian Writers' Contest Calendar 2011  is a wonderful magazine listing hundreds of writing contests taking place throughout the year.   This magazine can be purchased from White Mountain Publications.   Check out their website.

And while you are placing your order for the Canadian Writers' Contest Calendar check out the  annual poetry competition hosted by White Mountain Publications.  

I don't consider myself a poet but on some rare occasions I do feel the urge to write a poem.  I enjoyed some success and some poetry published by White Mountain back in 2008.   And I've entered a poem in this year's competition.......never know my luck!   But one thing I do know and that is if we dón't enter a contest we will not win.    So check it out.

We all like to win. That's a given.  But the most important part of writing competitions is that they keep one motivated to write.   Writers write and these competitions offer the encouragement to keep on writing.

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