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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Maundy Thursday

Maundy Thursday, also known as Holy Thursday, is a Christian observance in Canada. The day falls on the Thursday before Good Friday and commemorates Jesus Christ’s last supper. It also commemorates the initiation of the Eucharist, which is observed in many Christian churches.  The Eucharist is a Christian sacrament that involves consecrating (or making holy) bread and wine. It is also known as Holy Communion. Many of the Maundy Thursday church traditions come from practices that took place in Europe for many centuries.

What do people do?

Many Christians in Canada attend Maundy Thursday church  evening services which usually reflect on the story of the Last Supper, which is told in the Christian bible. Communion is offered to the congregation, prayers are made and oils are blessed.
Some priests or ministers wash parishioners’ feet in memory of the story of Jesus washing his disciples’ feet. It is also common practice for altars to be stripped bare on Maundy Thursday. Some churches offer a light supper for congregation members after the Maundy Thursday service, where donations for the meals are used for charitable causes. It is also a time for some Christians to donate money to the poor.

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