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My Books For Your Reading Pleasure
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Friday, April 1, 2011

April Fool's Day ........

I am half-way through this April Fool's Day morning and, so far, safe from tricksters.   I have very fond memories of the fun my kids and grandkids, when very young, would have as they loved to play their tricks.   And just when they knew they had me worried or upset they would laugh and cry out, "April Fool's!".     

I wonder if little children are still little pranksters with their parents, teachers and friends on this day. 

Of course there are some people in life who play the part of "fool" very well on any given day of the year.   I'm sure we have all met a trickster at one time or another in our lives.

I sort of met one yesterday; an unhappy trickster who wanted the world to hear all the fabricated nonsense that flowed freely from the typist's  fingers.     This trickster wanted the prank to hurt others and had no intention of shouting "April Fool's!"

Perhaps that's because this trickster is quite capable of being a malicious "fool" on any given day of the year. 

It is sad but true that we may have to ride over these irritating bumps in life.

Still we count our blessings knowing that those who are our friends and those who truly love us will save their jokes for this special day and will be ready to make us laugh when they shout, "April Fool's!"


  1. Happy Poetry Month, Audrey!
    Wrote special posts in my blogs, too!
    You might like this poem with my post at

  2. Hi Patricia, thanks for the reminder and Happy Poetry Month to you too. I paid a visit again to your amazing blog this morning. I do like the poem. :-)

    I think I will do a post on "Calling All Poets" and see if any poets out there would like to share their poetry with us.