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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Palm Sunday ....

Winter returned with a vengeance to Elliot Lake today.   I'm grateful to have enjoyed the peek at the promising pink crocuses before they were buried beneath a layer of that white stuff.  I'm sorry to have missed church service this Palm Sunday but grateful to have the time to create a post on this day which begins Holy Week in the Christian tradition.  
   Many thanks for the photo below. I have met the criteria for its use by the website from which it is taken.  Thank you for allowing me to use this photo on my blog today.

Today is Palm Sunday.  I type with the colour red to illustrate the passion of Jesus, the Christ.  Palm Sunday is the last Sunday of Lent and it marks the beginning of Holy Week which is the week before Easter, commemorating happenings in Jesus' last days of life on Earth. Easter Monday ends Holy Week.

We are told that Jesus arrives in Jerusalem on Palm Sunday for the Jewish Festival of Passover.  People were excited to greet him and they shouted "Hosannah" which means save us now.
They waved palm branches as they followed Jesus' procession into Jerusalem.

Other special days in Holy Week include:  Holy Thursday which is sometimes called Maundy Thursday.  This day marks the Last Supper and Jesus' betrayal by Judas;  Good Friday, sometimes called Holy Friday, marks the arrest, trial and crucifixion, death and burial of Jesus.
Holy Saturday is the Sabbath on which Jesus rested in the grave.
On Easter Sunday we celebrate His resurrection.

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