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My Books For Your Reading Pleasure
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Friday, April 15, 2011

Book Launch of "Fretta and Thin" plus exciting collaboration on "Ellen and the Hummingtree"

I have many writing-related projects on the go at this time; most exciting is a joint venture with author/illustrator, Susan Krupp.

Together we are creating a fictional work titled Ellen and the Hummingtree.  

Watch for this exciting book launch late fall 2011 or early winter 2012.

Ellen and the Hummingtree is written by Audrey Austin & illustrated by Susan Krupp.

On the weekend of April 29th the book launch of Fretta and Thin  written & illustrated by Susan Krupp will be taking place at the Elliot Lake Trade Show.  Author/illustrator, Susan Krupp, will be
available for book signings and sales.

The following is written by author, Susan Krupp about Fretta and Thin.

An odd little book...
Well, It's done!   Watch for Fretta and Thin published by Wynterblue Publishing Canada.

Fretta and Thin has been resurrected.  After years in hiding this manuscript, written in the early 80's, resurfaced and is now  available for sale.

It's an odd story that was written while traveling across Canada.  Its attention focuses on two emerging artists in the Toronto Queen Street West area, which at that time was the hub of the city's creative clump of misfits and genius'.. The characters live, love, go mad, and eventually explode in self destruction...all for the sake of ART.

Resurrecting Fretta and Thin was a bit of a painstaking process.  I had to scan every page and do some fine editing.  It's not your normal's completely handwritten and is full of illustrations and comment inserts.  What makes it especially odd is that It comes with a may need it.  Some sections have literally dissolved and  it is a challenge in spots to decipher.  This makes the process of reading a creative experience as well.

To pre-order your copy of Fretta and Thin contact the author, Susan Krupp.

My reading of Fretta and Thin  written & Illustrated by Susan Krupp:

Fretta and Thin has arrived .........

Fretta and Thin, authored by Susan Krupp and published by Wynterblue Publishing Canada has arrived in Elliot Lake.
Recently it was my privilege to read this new book which is written by local writer and artist, Susan Krupp.

I loved the drama, the imagery and the artsy characters.  The black cape and the strange waiter gave great connectedness throughout....It's a page turner .....I didn't want to put the book down.

I shed a tear at the end.  Fretta and Thin is very strange yet intriguing.  I really enjoyed this unique story and the author's simplistic way of writing complex thoughts....and the newspaper clippings throughout are clever and appropriate.  Many of them gave me a good laugh.

BOOK LAUNCH will be taking place at the Elliot Lake Trade Show happening in our local arena throughout the weekend of Friday, April 29th.

Author, Susan Krupp, will be there for book signings.  
To pre-order your copy of Fretta and Thin contact the author.


  1. Great that so many wonderful things are happening!

    Happy Poetry Month, Audrey!

  2. Hi Patricia,

    Yes, and it is an exciting time for Elliot Lake Writers in the midst of planning for our Writers' Fall Festival October 22nd.

    Happy Poetry Month, to you too. :-)