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My Books For Your Reading Pleasure
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Monday, November 12, 2012

Some feedback from readers of Ellen and The Hummingtree ....

From a reader of Ellen:
Dear Audrey...
I attended your book launch of Ellen. I'm writing to let you know I have finished reading the book and wanted to say that it was one of the best books I have read in a long time. I have cried over many movies but never cried after reading a book, which I did after getting to the end of Ellen. The book stirred a lot of emotion and gave me a new perspective on a lot of issues. My intuition tells me that your heart and experiences are blended in this book.
Thank you for putting the words to paper that allow us to see in our minds, a vivid picture of a journey through life.

A new fan,

P.S. I am truly looking forward to Moose Road.
   Thank you, Brenda.
And from another reader:

Audrey –I am almost finished with Ellen, but I realize that if people like you and I lived in New York and put out books like this, we would be on a best sellers’ list. I say you and I because when I am reading your material, I feel myself embedded in the content. I think we must have similar roots, or learned our trade from similar mentors. We tell it like it is, no flowery prose, just plain good writing and it shows when I grab one of your books. It becomes addictive. Ellen has accompanied me to many places in the past few days--to our gig Saturday night, to my friend’s chicken coop yesterday, to baking a raspberry square last night, to supper out, to the front seat of my car propped open so I can grab a sentence here and there, while driving, to bed and to other places you and I both know most people use as reading rooms…

Ellen is every woman my age who is facing old age and being forgotten, regretting some choices, who sometimes feels abandoned, and who is carried through life by the strong forces of faith. Thank you Audrey for writing this book. I suspect there is a bit of ‘based on a true story’ within the covers. The illustrations are gorgeous. I must tap into my artist kid and see what transpires in my next book (after the collapse one) which is ‘Thought You’d like to Know: Letters from Mother’

And thank you again for keeping me in good stuff to read.


     Thank you, Gloria.

And from another reader:

I couldn't put your book down, it was very moving, I was in tears during the final chapter. If I didn't know better I would say that the author really experienced those final years. You sure painted a picture.



     Thank you, Goldie.

And from another:

What a book WOW> you really did a superb job and I hope with all my heart that you sell many copies.

I want to thank you for dedicating this book to me.
I particularly enjoyed Chapter 6 “Bear with Me” and Chapter 7 “Carpenter”. All the other chapters were excellent as well but when I got to Ch 11 “Lost and Found”, after travelling all the way to Toronto for her big prize only to find that she left her purse on the bus and went back to retrieve it and could not be found. I felt sorry for her but I had to laugh because of how they had to walk all the way back to the bus terminal to hopefully find it. It brought back memories of when Anne and I were in Scotland I left my Camera at the Bank. I walked and ran all the way back and poor Anne could hardly keep up to me and I was fortunate enough to be able to retrieve it , we laughed and laughed. I wish Ellen would have been able to retrieve her purse but apparently that windfall was just not meant for her eh!
Then in Ch. 13 “Just a Sliver” as Ellen and her cousin Marielle were trying to get a bottle of whiskey to put in the meat pies, all the antics they had to go through to retrieve that bottle was so funny I laughed until I cried believe me. At least that one came out good as they did win the prize lol.
When I read Ch. 16 “I Need You to Remember Me”, it was so sad and you did an excellent job of showing how in the end Alzheimer’s effects people and I thought to myself as I was
reading it “I sure hope I don’t end up like that” but we never know do we? The scary part is that it can affect anyone no matter how bright and alert they may be as Ellen was sure very bright and alert.

The ending was excellent in that because of her strong faith in God she got her prayers answered in that she wanted to go home so badly so went to her Heavenly Home. Yes Audrey, it was a great read and I congratulate you on a job well done.


             Thank you, Eleanor.

And from another reader:

Hi Audrey I finished reading your book this afternoon and TOTALLY enjoyed it. Had me in tears when she passed away, I didn't want her to leave. :(
Sue Grieves.

   Thank you, Sue. :-)

And from another reader:

Hi Audrey

Thank you for Ellen she did indeed become a good friend as you knew she would, You my friend, put your soul out there, I feel I know you better then ever after reading, your beautiful book. You captured the dementia right on, and when Ellen passed, it was as if you had been in the room with Mother, myself and my brother. You put a soul into this book, it not only was a spirit it was alive. Keep up your writing I feel you write more than words you make your characters real.
Love and Hugs, Marleen Reid.

* Thank you, Marleen ♥

Ellen and The Hummingtree has sold out. Thank you to everyone for your wonderful feedback, reviews, support and encouragement.  Much appreciated.  :-)

And from another reader:

Hi Audrey
Just finished reading your newest book. I find that it is your best one yet. What insight you have. This is a book that should be read by everyone. It helps appreciate that what goes on in a person's heart is not always what is perceived to go on by others. It also shows you how your faith can keep you afloat. I could go on and on but mostly want to thank you for the enjoyment your book has given me.



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