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My Books For Your Reading Pleasure
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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Books make excellent Christmas gifts ....

Sara, a Canadian Saga is my first novel.  It is a moving story about Sara, and her family who live on Canada's Prince Edward Island until the Great Depression which took place in a decade which has been termed the dirty thirties.  Unemployment and very difficult economic times on P.E.I. made it necessary for her and her young children to follow her husband to Toronto, Ontario in search of work.  The story begins when Sara is a ten year old girl who later in her teen years meets Roy and marries him.  Life is not always kind to Sara but she is strong and it is her strength that holds her struggling family together throughout many difficult challenging experiences.

               I have a few paperback copies of Sara, a Canadian Saga available.  This book makes a good Christmas gift for everyone from children aged 13 and over to adults both male and female.

REAWAKENING is my second novel.  This book is a love story with a difference.  It is a science fiction story.  Linda and Jim meet on earth at Jim's birthday party. They fall in love and have a good marriage.  Then Jim dies of natural causes, an old man.  Several years after his death Linda dies and it is then that the two meet again in a place called Notsew.   This book allows the reader to look at life as it is lived by most in the western world.  Better than this it allows the reader to laugh at life as it is lived and as it is recounted by Linda to Jim throughout their experimental life on Notsew.

                  This book is into its third print run and I currently have about 20 paperback copies of Reawakening available for Christmas gift giving.  This book is suitable for adult readers both male and female.

The Silent Star plus a Dozen is an anthology of short stories that touch upon many social issues that we are challenged with today.  These stories were short listed and in some cases took first place in WynLit24 writing competitions.  I've had excellent feedback on this book and it will also make a great Christmas gift for your reading friends.

                   I have only three copies of this book  left which is now in its second print run.  This books is also suitable only for adult readers.

Ellen and The Hummingtree is my third and most recent novel.  Its recent
Elliot Lake book launch was successful and now I have just one copy left.  This book is suitable for gift-giving to adult readers.   Ellen and the Hummingtree  is illustrated throughout by  Susan Ruby K. of

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