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My Books For Your Reading Pleasure
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Monday, November 26, 2012

NaNoWriMo is nearly over and Christmas is on its way .....

There are still a few days left until NaNoWriMo is over for another year.  I feel good that I submitted my story early.  My 50,000 word goal was surpassed and my word count at the time of submission was 60,171.

This makes me an "official winner".  There are lots of winners in NaNoWriMo.  The fact that a writer meets the 50,000 word count goal makes that person a winner.

This challenge has given me a great kick-start on a new novel.  I plan to continue working on Moose Road and it is now my major writing focus for 2013
I was very happy with the original book cover design for Moose Road
which was a beautiful picture
taken in early spring.
But the more I continue to write the more I realize that the focus
needs to remain on the time of the tragic accident
which was December 20th just a few days before Christmas.
For this reason I spoke to artist/illustrator, Susan, who was kind enough
to make it snow on the cover of Moose Road
Below is the new book cover.
Thank you, Susan.

cover design by Susan Ruby K. of
As we move into the Christmas season I find that
I am hesitant
to jump into the excitement and the fun of it all this year.
We have already held a very successful
Christmas Bazaar and Luncheon at church.
Our town's Christmas Concert is only a week away. I've written a poem
which I will present on this occasion.
Our church is being decorated today and that's the cue that tells me
that it is time to think about decorating our Christmas tree
and making our home ready for the celebration.
This Christmas I have much for which I am
truly grateful.
My recent novel Ellen and The Hummingtree has sold out.
I have only three copies left of The Silent Star plus a Dozen
which is my short story anthology.
Some copies of my first novel, Sara, a Canadian Saga
were sold this week
but I do still have about a dozen copies available.
My second novel, Reawakening
is already into its third print run and at this time
I do have about twenty copies of this book still available. 
Check out my newest blog, Rhymes and Times Remembered
There I have written a synopsis of all my books.
And while you are there, think about how you would enjoy
having some of your work featured on this site.
I also have an Author's Page on Facebook
which is growing in popularity.
And recently, because it matters to me
and because I want to give something back,
I have created a new blog
where each week I will feature
the writing; be it a short story, poem or novel excerpt
of a small town writer.  I'm calling this new blog 
Check it out .. enjoy the stories and visit the
blogs and author pages of the featured writers.
I want to remind you that in this fast paced world
of technology sometimes what we really need is to just sit back,
get comfortable and read what I call a "real" book;
one that is made of paper and one that can be held in the hands.
Paperback copies of Ellen and The Hummingtree are sold out
  Ellen and The Hummingtree
will be published sometime in the new year
as an E-book on
giving me five books in the E-book market.
These E-books are published on-line by Wynterblue Publishing Canada.
All my book cover designs are by Susan Ruby K.  of

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