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My Books For Your Reading Pleasure
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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Small Town Authors ...

Visit my new blog at SMALL TOWN AUTHORS.

Featured is an excerpt from Elena, The Black Widow, Beginnings written by R.D. Pittman.

My letter from Rick: 

I have recently completed books one and two of my newest thriller Elena, The Black Widow. It is a work of fiction around 90,000 words and centers around a character that was developed in my NEW EARTH trilogy. I will be actively seeking an agent for publisher representation of the Elena story.

I write under the pen name R.D. Pittman, I go by Rick since my first name really is Rickard, not Richard...thanks Mom and Dad, my website address
             I wish you every sales success, Rick :-)
SMALL TOWN AUTHORS  is the new gathering place for published and unpublished small town authors.
You can support these writers by joining the site and helping to make SMALL TOWN AUTHORS a new gathering place for readers to meet the authors and celebrate their work.


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