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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Sailing the Great Lakes -- a presentation by Jurgen Braunohler will take place June 8th at City Hall ..

Thanks for the notice, and all of your kind efforts
to keep us informed!  I want to let you know that
I have finished the flyer for my June 8th. presentation
"Sailing the Great Lakes" and just e-mailed it to the
Serpent River Region Environmental Association
board for final approval, only moments ago.  As
soon as it is cleared for posting and distribution,
I will send you a copy.

Here's a little more about the presentation itself:
It is a narration of four, major, life-changing sailing
adventures I have had on the Great Lakes.  The
first one was aboard two square-rigged sail training
vessels: The Pathfinder and the Playfair (which I also
helped to build).  The rest, in order, were: an oared
navy whaler with sailing rig that I skippered for the
government to rehabilitate juvenile delinquents;
a yacht cruise with my father; and a sailing dinghy
expedition under a boomtent, during which I
encountered - and joined the Sea Hawks.

Other photos thrown in include dinghy cruising
along the North Shore, crewing (in period garb)
on a replica Royal Navy schooner, a canoe trip,
the submarine adventure, shipping and other things.
It is multi-media, with navigational charts, photos,
artwork, scenery, two short readings of my work and
several humorous anecdotes.  The history, folklore,
geography and environmental issues, as well as the
true nature of the waters at our doorstep will be
presented, from a sailor's perspective rather than the
land-based one we usually see and hear about.

The Poster for Jurgen's Presentation will be posted
soon on this blog.

I am sure this presentation will be an absolute delight
and I hope you will want to attend this event.

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