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My Books For Your Reading Pleasure
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Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Sara, a Canadian Saga  is now an Ebook for sale at

Although I've been doing my best to help promote sales by my comments on Facebook and Twitter and although Wynterblue Publishing is promoting it on their website, my first Ebook published by Wynterblue Publishing Canada has not sold a single copy yet.

If you are a writer and your books have been published as Ebooks, maybe you will be willing to share your successes and failures?   Maybe you will discuss how you & your publisher have gone about promoting your Ebook?  

I'm sure there is much more I could be doing but since the very fact of an Ebook is brand new to me I have much to experience on this new learning curve.

I wish you lots of sales and if you have helpful information to share with me on this topic it will be much appreciated by me and perhaps it will be helpful to other writers as well.


  1. My first American-published novel was through Wild Rose Press, and they do the marketing of both e-books and print books. They use about 12 websites like Amazon, Barnes and Noble, etc, to sell e-books, and although I have not yet enough for a cabin by the river, ebooks are selling through those sites. Therefore I think the more places you 'get them out there', the more exposure and thus more sales. That help?

  2. Thanks GJH. Wynterblue publishing is the publisher of my e-book; not yours truly. It is available only on

    I will share your good advice with Wynterblue. I'm glad you are making sales of your e-books. :-)