My Books For Your Reading Pleasure

My Books For Your Reading Pleasure
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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Good Saturday morning

It is a bright sunny spring morning in Elliot Lake; a perfect day to be outdoors gardening, boating, riding a bike or simply walking with the dog through the woods.

This day is an invitation to  get out the deck chairs and laze in the warmth of the sun's rays; something we have not been receiving a lot of so far this spring.

You've heard the old saying, "Do as I say; not as I do."  

These words are very applicable when I think about the things I will be doing today.   I will be vacuuming, washing, dusting, cleaning ....... you get the idea.

A writer's life can be a busy one and I can say that about my life recently.  There has rarely been a day that I could, with good conscience, set it aside for a needed old-fashioned house cleaning. 

So this is it!  

While you are out there enjoying this day remember the fools like me who are home doing what we think needs to be done.

And while you are relaxing on your deck chair if you feel the desire to read a good book I'm just an email away.  I'll drop the mop and deliver your book to your door if  you live locally.  :-)

Mother's Day is tomorrow.   If you are a last minute shopper consider giving your Mom a book on her special day.  Easy shopping -  just email and we will deliver locally.

So much for my resolve to do housework today.....I could not resist the beautiful weather.   Housework was replaced by yard work and I have the sunburn to prove it. 

Tomorrow is Mother's Day; definitely not a good day for housework.....oh, well, Monday, Monday ....

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