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My Books For Your Reading Pleasure
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Monday, March 23, 2015

The Last Drop available now in paperback

CreateSpace eStore:   is the link that will take you to The Last Drop on Create Space.
For some time now this book for young children has been available in the Kindle Store but I'm delighted to tell you that it is now available in paperback format at Create Space.
Within a few days it will also be on the shelf on all Amazon sites.
"The Last Drop" is a storybook told in rhyming couplets written for young children.  Alison and her brother Bobby are experiencing a very unhappy rainy day but umbrellas in pink and blue save the day.  
This story is educational.  Each rhyming couplet begins with the letter A, B, C., etc. until the story is told.  This helps the young reader to learn and enjoy the alphabet.

"The Last Drop" is written by Audrey Austin.

Cover design and illustrations throughout are by Susan Ruby K. of             

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