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My Books For Your Reading Pleasure
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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Simply BE

I am very pleased with the copies of Simply BE which arrived this morning.   Who would ever believe that I would illustrate a book?    I live surrounded by artists, yet I have always said I can't draw a straight line.   And recently I have been experimenting and it seems to be true that, without a ruler, I definitely cannot draw a straight line.

Yes, to illustrate this book was something that was important to me.  And so I did it!

"Sometimes we forget that we are born into this world as human beings.
We forget because too much of the time is spent as human do'ers.
We do this; we do that; and then we do some more.
Sometimes we become involved in doing so much we forget who we are.

Simply BE is a reminder to all of us that it is possible to be who we really are."

Simply BE is a collection of inspirational thoughts, sayings and quotations. This book is a reminder of the importance of striving to be who we really are. It’s all about choice, and knowing that who we really are is a good thing to be,

I wanted to illustrate this book although I am not a visual artist. The most important thing I hope to illustrate is that we don’t have to be perfect. We do the best we can with what we have and give thanks.

It is my hope that Simply BE
Will encourage you to step up
And be all that you know you can be.

Susan, as always, has created a beautiful cover.  The people, of course, are my parents, and me along with my sibs: my original family.   The beautiful trees in the background are what I view every day; this is the pathway through the little woods behind my home in Elliot Lake.  It is in this way that Susan has succeeded in bringing the past into the present.  Thank you, Susan.  Check out her site at

It won't be long now before I will be participating in the Elliot Lake Arts & Culture Trade Show.  I will have a table there and I'll be there with some of all my books, including a couple of copies of Simply BE .   

And, of course, Simply BE is also available in both Kindle and Paperback formats on all Amazon sites.  Thanks for checking out my author's page at

This book can also be bought on-line directly from Create  The link is
CreateSpace eStore:

This summer of 2015 I will celebrate my eighth writing anniversary.  Whether you choose one of my poems; a short story; a poetry or short story anthology; a personal growth guide; a book written for children; a novella or a novel; it is my hope that you will enjoy your reading experience.
I am not locked into a singular genre.

I am eclectic in my reading and also in my creative writing.   As I state in Simply BE, I strive to be all that I can be, by the grace of God, and this is also my hope for you. 

The Elliot Lake Arts & Culture Trade Show is happening in a few weeks on Saturday, April 11th at the Civic Centre.  Hope to see you there.

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