My Books For Your Reading Pleasure

My Books For Your Reading Pleasure
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Friday, March 27, 2015

Books - I love them; reading and writing

I just want to say thank you to everyone who has enjoyed reading any one of my books.  Creative writing is my absolute pleasure.

This summer I will celebrate my eighth writing anniversary.    I was unable to devote my time to creative writing prior to leaving my day jobs.   I've never worked harder than I do now in so-called retirement.   I am currently working on a memoir titled, All Them Houses which will be number nineteen, and also on a novel titled, On The Radio. which will mark my twentieth publication.

My books are available exclusively from Amazon, both Kindle and Paperback; and from in paperback format.

My books seem to be most popular in North America but there have been some sales in England, Europe and Australia.   Keeping It Simple  has even found a few new homes in India.  It seems that one of my books has gotten off on the wrong foot in England, however, I'm pleased to see that one of my short stories, While You Were Sleeping,  is being well received there.

If there was a race between the Kindle and the Paperback formats, I would need to declare the Kindles the winner.

I, personally, am on the old-fashioned side and my preference remains to hold a real book in my hand.  But lately I've been thinking about checking it out, and buying myself a Kindle Reader.   Today's technology is wonderful!

I find it most remarkable that, with today's technology, my books can be made available throughout the world.   As a child growing up, this phenomenon was beyond my imagination, though I am told I have a pretty good one. 

I have always been an eclectic reader.   I have always lived my life in an eclectic fashion; so it is not surprising that my books also are an eclectic reflection of my thoughts, ideas and imagination.   I am not locked into one genre.  

It would be unrealistic of me to hope that you will enjoy everything I write, but if one or more of my books has pleased you, then my mission is accomplished and I feel overjoyed.  Thank you.


Here are a few of the books not on the above book shelf.  Not all, but most, of my book covers are designed and created by Susan Ruby Krupp.

She is an amazing talent and I highly recommend her to any author seeking a cover for his book.

Her website address is


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