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My Books For Your Reading Pleasure
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Friday, March 27, 2015

Francesca's Confession -- short story free today in the Kindle Store

Francesca's Confession  is free today in the Kindle Store on all Amazon sites for your reading enjoyment.   Check it out at
In a marriage for more years than she can even remember, Francesca is frustrated by her husband who spends his day sitting in the lezyboy chair watching old classic movies. Her frustration is fulfilled when she tosses the remote and hits him upside the head. Little does she know that this temper tantrum will change her life forever.


From the Author

How often do couples argue?  How often do their fights become physical?  How often do the parties say, I didn't mean to do it?   This is exactly what happens in this story.  Married for many years they have grown bored with each other.  He is in love with the women in his classic movies.  She has given up hope of romance and deals daily with her frustration.  Both have let themselves go and when she throws the remote at him it is just another incident in their saga of anger and monotony.  When she is arrested, she can't believe it.  They will soon release her and send her home.  Or will they?
Francesca's Confession is one of my short stories that dares to stand alone.   It is also found, however, as one of twelve stories in short story anthology titled Social Studies, Book Two - Shattered and Broken which is available in both Kindle and Paperback formats on all Amazon sites.
Cover design by Susan Ruby K.

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