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My Books For Your Reading Pleasure
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Thursday, March 26, 2015

At The Edge of His World -- a short story for children free today in the Kindle Store

AT THE EDGE OF HIS WORLD is a story written for children. Gerald is a chipmunk who quite enjoys living inside the garden wall. One day a big loud tractor arrives and the men start tearing down the wall. Oh dear! Whatever will Gerald do to save his home?

AT THE EDGE OF HIS WORLD is a short story for children.  I was inspired to write this story when my own stone garden retaining wall was being demolished and a new more modern and stable one was being constructed.  My own chipmunk was frantic and I felt very sorry that we were, of necessity, destroying his home.  It was either take the wall down or wait a while longer while it fell down of its own accord.  I was also very relieved once my new wall was built to see the little fellow under the Forsythia bush near a small hole in the ground which I knew was his brand new entrance into his new home ........ so this is a short fictional story for children based on this author's true experience.  
I hope your children enjoy the story and I hope you do too.
Other stories I've written for children include The Last Drop for the very young and Beyond The Blue, a novella for school-aged children.

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