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My Books For Your Reading Pleasure
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Friday, April 24, 2015

Short story "Abundance" is free in the Kindle Store today .......

Ellen is distraught. Financial worry and loneliness are making her frantic. When Jethro Tunkel arrives at her backyard gate she is puzzled and fearful but not for long. Ellen does not realize it but with Jethro comes abundance. If you enjoy this short story you will love my novel titled "Ellen and The Hummingtree"


From the Author

ABUNDANCE is a short story.  It is also an excerpt from one of my novels titled "Ellen and The Hummingtree".    In this story Ellen is struggling both financially and emotionally.   She is even feeling that her spiritual strength is in jeopardy.    Then along comes a great gift in the person of Jethro Tunkel who arrives at Ellen's back gate with his knapsack  on his back and his guitar slung over his shoulder.    Enjoyment of this short story will lead you to want to read "Ellen and The Hummingtree", a novel which is a fictional memoir of a woman of faith.  
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