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My Books For Your Reading Pleasure
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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

No Mercy for Magdalena

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Magdalena Macaire lives with her family in Greektown which is in the east end of Toronto, Canada. In her short life she has known nothing but violence. It's time for celebration. With her friend, Katie, she attends A Taste of The Danforth. There the girls meet local hoodlum, Andreas Christakos, and his buddies. Magdalena accepts a ride with these boys. Will she be driven to murder?

Like many young people Magdalena is disillusioned and very angry with her parents.  She carries this anger out into the world and the consequences are deadly.  Being popular; needing to be popular is given too much importance in our world.  Other more important things like getting a good education, maintaining good self-esteem and establishing good strong values are too often made to take a back seat.   To quote from an old song we need to "teach our children well"

No Mercy For Magdalena  is free today in the Kindle Store.

This short story dares to stand alone in the Kindle Store but is also found in paperback format as one of twelve stories in short story anthology Social Studies, Book Two - Shattered and Broken.

Cover design by Susan Ruby K.

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