My Books For Your Reading Pleasure

My Books For Your Reading Pleasure
Proud Indie Author

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Celebrating 65,000 visitors to my blog as of today

This blog, Calling All Writers, is celebrating because as of today I have had 65,000 visitors to this site.

I am also celebrating this summer my eighth creative writing anniversary. 

To date I have published 18 books including poetry, short story anthologies, books for children, novellas and novels.   You could say I've been busy.

I have also written two plays.  One titled Chocolate Cookies  has been produced and presented, and the second titled On The Radio is one that I am currently transforming into a novel.

More recently I have written some song lyrics.  One, Listen To Love, is co-written with John Cal who beautifully performs the song.   The second, I Followed My Heart, is co-written with Kimberly Arnold, who has chosen this song, performed by her, to be a part of her album which was recently recorded in Nashville.  Congratulations Kim!

The third song titled Too Late is a song for which I wrote the lyrics, the melody, and I perform the song accompanied by the talented John Cal who composed the beautiful music.  You will find this song on my Facebook page and also on YouTube.

In addition to all this I've written numerous short stories which dare to stand alone in the Kindle Store while some of them have also found their way into anthologies.

I am, indeed, a proud Indie Author; open to learning, growing, and trying new things.  Life is good and life goes on.

In addition to this blog, Calling All Writers,  I also have Rhymes and Times Remembered; a place where poets come together to share their work and I also offer Small Town Authors, a place for writers, published or unpublished.  There they can promote their  work by sharing their short stories or excerpts from their books.

On Facebook I have individual pages for many of my books and drawing on my background as psychospiritual practitioner,  I have written a book which focuses on emotional healing.  This book is titled Keeping It Simple; Imagine Being Whole.    More recently I have published a book of quotations and sayings in a small book titled Simply Be.   In addition,  I have a page which I've titled Therapy Thursday from which I hope you will receive some benefit.   I also try to remember to post each week on Gratitude Friday.

Creative writing is my passion.

I post often to this blog, mostly to let you know about books that are being offered free in the Kindle Store, but on occasion, when the spirit moves me, I do some actual blogging.

Recently I enjoyed participation in the Elliot Lake Arts & Culture Trade Show.  Thanks to those who purchased a book that day.   I will be participating in the Elliot Lake Trade Show happening the weekend of May 1st at the local arena.  I will be there with my books and hope to see you there.

My current work in progress is titled All Them Houses.   I am often encouraging others to write their memoir and this year I am taking my own advice.  I can truthfully state that my life so far has been nothing, if not interesting, and I am enjoying recording my memories before they decide to fly away.

Thank you for your visits here and for your continuing support and encouragement.

Remember, life is to be lived; and life goes on.  You can take my word for it: It is never too late to start something new.   :-)

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