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My Books For Your Reading Pleasure
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Friday, April 17, 2015

Quest for Cammirand - a mystery -- free today in the Kindle Store

Peter Lowenza is an insurance investigator in search of a woman, Cammirand Gauthier, whose husband Jessie Gauthier has died. Cammirand is beneficiary of his estate and stands to inherit millions of dollars. She had been abandoned by her parents at an early age, abused and deceived by her husband, Jessie Gauthier who was known to be a ruthless businessman. Rumour has it he was an abusive husband. Is this why Cammirand has disappeared? It is the insurance investigator's job to find her. What happened to Cammirand Gauthier? Peter sets out on a quest.


From the Author

"Quest for Cammirand" is a story written for a mature audience exploring as it does social issues including spousal abuse; rape; deception; betrayal, murder and other topics of a sensitive nature.  It is not a story for young readers.  I love writing short stories and, as is  often the case, with this story I found that, once I got started, the characters took the lead and it was all I could do to keep up with them. 
Quest for Cammirand  is one of my short stories that dares to stand alone in the Kindle Store and it is free for your reading pleasure today.
Quest for Cammirand is also one of the twelve short stories found in one of my short story anthologies,  Social Studies, Book One - Dying To Be Popular.  
Beautiful cover design of my Social Studies anthology series is Susan Ruby K. of     What a talent!  Check out her site if  you are an author seeking a cover designer.    Her book covers are Amazon and Create Space ready for you to publish, whether you are an individual writer like me or a publishing company.  You will find no one better to meet your design and artistic needs.
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