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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Sara. a Canadian Saga -- free today, April 15th, in the Kindle Store

The time is 1916. Sara is a 10 year old girl in rural Prince Edward Island. Roy is a 10 year old boy in mining town, Nova Scotia. Through their eyes we see, feel and experience their childhood challenges. We follow them through adolescence and their turbulent teen years. We celebrate their courtship and suffer their lost innocence in the wedding ritual. They take us through the Great Depression and share with us the frustrations, dreams and challenges they face in adulthood. As parents they introduce us to their children. This story appeals to all ages because Sara and Roy hold up a mirror and ask the reader to recognize truth about the human condition for many Canadian families through difficult economic times. We witness love that does not come neatly wrapped and experience the quiet, sometimes desperate, drama of lives unfolding.

Sara, a Canadian Saga is my first novel. Based on the harsh reality of life during the days of the Great Depression we follow one family.  The story starts in the Maritime Provinces of Canada.  The struggling economy is the deciding factor for Roy who makes the move to Toronto leaving Sara and their then two children behind in Prince Edward Island.  Once he secures employment Sara and the children join him. More children follow and the Canadian Dream is more elusive than ever

A Review of Sara, a Canadian Saga:

5.0 out of 5 stars Table Talk July 24, 2014
Format:Kindle Edition
I’ve read "Sara" twice now, the second time to my son who thoroughly enjoyed Austin’s portrayal of the early 20th century living conditions. This story is uniquely Canadian and could easily be marketed to students as part of their Canadian education. It is a narrative that figures in the histories of Canadian families everywhere. If you come from generations of Canadians someone in your story has a story just like "Sara."

The line that cracked me up and drew me into the story can be found on page 11:

"Their mother set the steaming bowls of vegetables in the centre of the large, old, wooden table that no amount of wax and polish could dignify."

I won't over-analyze why this struck me as hilarious except to say I laughed out loud when I recognized myself in this character. What sad, sad state Rebecca was in over her table! As you read on you will discover that this table is a silent witness to generations of love, hope, fear, strife, courage, ignorance and finally, understanding. What a beautiful metaphor for an old scratched up, banged around, inescapable history and our fear of endlessly repeating it.

Thank-you for inviting us to the table Ms. Austin.
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