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My Books For Your Reading Pleasure
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Saturday, May 24, 2014

Two Novels - free today in the Kindle Store

Moose Road - a Canadian Tragedy is currently #1 in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Literature & Fiction > Drama & Plays > Tragedy

This is my fourth novel. Seven families live in farms alongside Moose Road, a country road in northwest Ontario, Canada. A tragic accident takes place involving a school bus and a snowplow just five days before Christmas. Everyone on Moose Road is impacted by this tragedy and all of a sudden the insurance company is looking for someone to blame. The story is divided into five sections: The accident; The Investigation; The Inquiry; The aftermath and then as always Life goes on ....... Characters are down to earth and brought alive in Moose Road but perhaps the one whose story most touches the heart is that of the road itself.

Also free today in Kindle format only is Ellen and The Hummingtree - Ellen is a woman I came to know well during the writing of my third novel Ellen and The Hummingtree. She often puzzled me yet she also had the ability to make me laugh and cry. I grew to love her. And the more I came to know her I began to realize that she truly is a composite of the many caring spiritual women I have known throughout my life. Alzheimer is a dreadful disease and Ellen's victimization is a heartbreak. My writing of Ellen and The Hummingtree comes straight from the heart. I hope you will love her as I do.

Both books are available in Kindle & Print format on all Amazon sites. Check out my author page at

And if you enjoy these or any of my books or short stories thank you for your positive reviews on Amazon & Goodreads.

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