My Books For Your Reading Pleasure

My Books For Your Reading Pleasure
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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Wynterblue's WynLit 24 Writing Competitions ..........

Today I participated once again in Wynterblue Publishing Canada's Wyn Lit 24 Writing Competition.  As always it was a challenge and a joy.

Check it out at Wynterblue's website.

Perhaps you will be interested in entering future Wynterblue writing competitions.

And now I begin my final editing and put the final changes and touches on what will be my next fiction release titled Ellen and the Hummingtree.

Ellen is a very private woman of faith who allows us glimpses into her life and her conversations with God. 

Throughout the past year I have grown to know and love Ellen.   She has written the stories.  I have done my best to listen to what she has to say and to type the stories with as few grammatical errors as possible.

Amazing cover design is by Susan at Yuneekpix.   Check out Susan's website.

And a big CONGRATULATIONS to my dear friend, Kayt Lackie, whose novella has won first place in Wynterblue Publishing Canada's WynLit 73 Novella Competition.

Well done, Kayt!  (hugs)

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